The King is Coming, but Even Conor McGregor Toasted Aldo vs. Mendes

October 26, 2014
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— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) October 26, 2014

Conor McGregor has quickly garnered a reputation not only for his prowess in the Octagon, but also for his artistry when it comes to language.

But even the brash Irishman couldn’t help but show a dash of respect for a tremendous UFC 179 main event battle between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes… but ONLY a dash!

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  • JP

    Anyone else getting tired of McGregor running his trap? I have to admit that it was cute at first, but now he has morphed into annoying.

    • riverdawg

      Nope. There wasn’t a lot of personality on the 179 Card. He added some entertainment. Weather you want to see him get his ass kicked or you want him to win it doesn’t matter. He is a polarizing character. The UFC knows this. People talk and post about him weather they love him or hate him. I personally don’t care if he wins or loses but either way its fun to watch. If a guy talks shit and wins thats great. If he talks shit and gets his ass kicked thats great to! Its win win.

    • Steve Wilson

      Im fine with him. A talker and a walker.

  • Diverjoe

    Aldo will destroy him, Mendes would beat him, He’s just a big talker

    • Larry O’Connor

      That is exactly what they said about Dustin Porier. They both looked amazing yesterday. Maybe they will beat him. You cant really tell how good someone is until they face equal or better competition. I haven’t seen Conor pushed yet. Maybe he is as good as he says. Maybe he has maxed out. It will be fun to find out.

      • Steve Wilson

        See? An adult reply to a fair statement IS possible. Well said.

    • riverdawg

      We really have no idea how good McGregor is. He has run through everyone he’s fought so far. Granted they weren’t in the same class as Aldo or Mendes but he’s made all his fights look easy and if Aldo or Mendes fought those guys they’d make it look easy to. If he gets past Siver we’ll definitely see him fight Chad or Aldo next. Win or lose I think he is adding a lot of fun to the featherweight division!

      • johnnywrong

        I doubt beating Siver merits a shot at Aldo. Maybe Mendes…

        • Cracka-lackin

          I concur whole heartedly

        • Patoban1985

          it does if he ranked 5th before the Siver fight

  • Eagle one

    Well Conner has got the talking part done. Now let’s see him against world class competition. I’m
    Irish and he has started annoying me with his shit talking.

  • John

    Listen conor has com

  • Jon Holden

    Either of those guys would smash McGregor…

  • Cracka-lackin

    I guess all it takes to impress Dana Douchebag these days is some PRESTO! Title shot. That lucky charms eating little ball washin Leprechaun has had what FOUR fights in the UFC and Dana’s gonna give em a title shot? He must swallow to. lolo *&!$%*& D bags Aldo or Mendez would DISMANTLE that little Mc. Bastard

  • Joe Mc Geehand

    Mendes is a Gey punk Mcgregor should take his time and bust him up and send him back to the street draining Ball sacks

  • Steve Wilson

    Good on Conor for fessing up. It was a great fight and both men deserved praise. Conor managed to surprise us once again.
    Look,we all know Dana is setting up a Memorial Weekend or July 4th
    wild one with Jose and Conor. Lets go!