The Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Brawl Video

August 4, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a brawl during the UFC 178 Media Tour on Monday in Las Vegas.  Here’s the video of the incident.  As the fighters squared off for the customary face-off, things escalated quickly.

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  • Usmc8408

    No hype building there…

  • JD

    Eye witness said Cormier was flailing his legs like a little fat kid who got shoved down at the playground.

    • earlsimmons

      not true.

  • riverdawg

    Poor Dave Sholler lol! Jones tossed him aside like he was nothing.

    • Usmc8408

      Haha there was a pic freeze framed with the most awkward look on his face…..right before he got tossed into the sign, haha. Poor guy never had a chance.

      • put me in the sauna coach

        there was def quite a few bodies slipping around

    • Guest

      Would you do better if you we’re there? Only Dana could prevent this to happen, but he wasnt there.

  • TheCerealKiller

    How dare you put your hands on the champ!

  • SandboxQuint

    Cormier threw his shoe haha!

    • TheCerealKiller

      Oh my, I missed that! Haha, what a pansy.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Maybe he’s Muslim.

  • shakejunt

    cormier is such a chump. show some class, you clown.

    • Say What

      Wut? Did you watch the video?

      • shakejunt

        … cormier grabbed him by the neck and pushed. not warranted by a touching of foreheads.

  • HarryBallzOnYa

    That’s why they need Rogan…Rogan would roundhouse kick them both in the face, and then put them to sleep.

    • Seth

      Or share a joint to calm things down xD

    • Baller31

      Rogan is a little b&$ch with a big mouth, and he’s ridiculously biased in most of the fights he calls

  • jdjs

    If this is allowed to happen, bring back the guy who was cut for pushing the ref.

    • JustSaying

      Jason High is his name. Agreed

    • cvaio

      Pushing a ref is a completely different matter. The ref is supposed to be the ultimate authority inside a ring or cage, if someone disrespects the ref it would be the same as going back to real vale-tudo.

  • Darin

    Cut Jones.

    He made first contact. Cormier’s shove is something we’ve seen a thousand times at weigh ins when their opponent does the forehead touch thing.

    Jones dropping his belt and turning it into a fight is uncalled for. Cut him, Dana.

    • Shame

      Cut them both.


    • MMA’er

      Guess you live in la-la land.

    • Danise Dagooru Robbins

      I guess you were watching something totally different than me because clearly DC shoved first! Nick Diaz has touch foreheads with plenty of people during weigh ins. Hell, both the Diaz brothers have….

    • valakos

      you should be cut from these forums

  • Baller31

    Can’t wait until Cormier destroys that unprofessional punk

    • HBee

      good luck with that

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Cormier will manhandle Bones.

    • Rumle

      Cormier will die.. Bones is a God where Cormier is but a man.

  • Matt Reeber


    • Supercrazy

      Tuned in for next week to see Jones vs Comier – Ladder match! First person to climb the ladder to get the belt…. WIN!!!

  • Seth

    As much as I don’t want to believe that…it looked so fake…they came up and right away started to fight…come on…at least make it look like they were talking and Jones said something to piss DC off. It wasn’t first time where fighters touched their foreheads during weigh ins/face offs, but DC’s immiedate reaction was that push…come on…

    • solo

      You’ ve got to be kidding me!!! FAKE??? Why he needed to say something to him? DC got his hand on his neck and immediately Jones swing at him like he wanted to kill him. And did you see Jones afterwards, he was fulfilled with adrenaline! C’mon man, we saw alot of hype building staff, but this wasnt one of them. How can you think this is fake is beyond me. Jeeeez!

      • Seth

        No need to get so worked up. It just looked fake to me, why are you so angry because of that? .-. It’s just my opinion, calm down .-.

        • solo

          No anger here dude. That was the view of things from my perspective, and i couldnt comprehend how can you think something like that is fake! That is all.

          • Dereck85

            I’m a training partner of Jones and I can confirm it was for real. These guys really hate each other.

  • Lasha

    Wow, it is crazy

  • Dana is a Piglet

    Finally something somewhat exciting in this boring-ass UFC. Dana, you’re a pig, a fat piglet!

  • jpgagne

    Can someone give a medal to the guy that tries to stop John Jones!!!

  • julian moran

    Jon Jones is such a b1tch. He’s going to be on his back the whole fight.

    • Rumle

      You are a bitch. BITCH
      Little Hoe…

  • eddie eagle

    Jones got stitches in his eye. This was all for show so more idiots will buy the PPV?? DUH??

  • Chris Delani

    Roid Rage

  • tony

    Ok what fight starts off with a push in the face? If you are going to hi someone, then hit him, if not go back to your dressing and hug it out

  • Marc Gannon

    JJ is a lil bitch….the end

  • Charles Stevens

    Jon Jones will 13!TCH Slap this chump as Stupid as the JJ haters

  • Boriana Williams