The Intervention: Joe Rogan Gets Brutally Honest with Brendan Schaub

December 10, 2014
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You can’t say that Joe Rogan isn’t honest, and brutally so at times, especially when it came to talking to his friend and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub about his recent loss to Travis Browne and his career in general. And Rogan believes that Schaub is a good fighter, a good athlete, but he questions whether Schaub can compete at the elite level in the UFC.

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“I don’t see you beating the elite guys,” said Rogan on “The Fighter and The Kid” podcast on Monday night. “I don’t see you beating Cain Velasquez. I don’t see you beating Junior dos Santos. There’s (stuff) that other people can do that you can’t do.”

Rogan praised Schaub for his dedication, determination, and discipline, but did not sugar coat his comments when putting Schaub’s future in perspective.

“There’s a bridge between you and the very best guys in the world, and I don’t know if you can cross that bridge. That’s the reality of life. If you look at your performances inside the Octagon,” Rogan continued. “You’ve had good fights, you’re a very good fighter. That’s not what the issue is.

“The issue is: can you become a champion? If you can’t become a champion, are you comfortable with getting knocked out three or four more times over the next five or six years? You might be okay, but it also might happen. It might happen two fights in a row.”

Check out The Fighter and The Kid podcast above for a very uncomfortable show with special guest Joe Rogan.

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  • Chaosed

    I respect Joe for this. This is what real friends are for right?

    • dgs

      Absolutely, it’s called “tough love,” and Joe is right on the money. Not that Joe needed to state the obvious, as anyone with a modicum of knowledge of MMA would know, that Schaub will NEVER be a champion in this sport in the heavyweight class of the UFC. Who knows what he could do at light heavy however, a move I hope he seriously considers making.

      • Muttley76

        Why shouldn’t Schaub continue? He left the NFL, and kudos for that, but if he can make a living then more peer to him. Who on this board honestly wouldnt??

        • Brendan’s mom


          Again, Brendan is a big boy. He is in the UFC because it is the only way that could support his life style. He is used to driving around in Malibu in an M6 and getting media attention (although very low level media attention). He likes meeting girls and telling them that he is a UFC fighter.

          Let’s be honest. He is not going to get a six figure desk job.

          The only non-UFC job I could see for this guy is being an assistant coach at a high school football team, a personal trainer at a local gym, or a security guard.

          And he is not interested in any of those jobs. He wants to continue fighting, continue his lifestyle, and try to do things on the side such as maybe getting roles in movies or opening up a crossfit gym with his friends.

          • burgerman7

            Schaub needs to face Nelson again and take him out somehow!

          • Joe Dog

            “…take him out”???? For a burger?

          • Roy nelson mandella

            I saw the way Roy Nelson handles low ranking fighters.

            Roy Nelson is an awesome measuring stick. Unless you can beat Roy Nelson, you can’t call yourself a serious fighter.

            Brendan Schaub, Matt Mitrione, Stefan Struve…what do all these men have in common? Why simple. One, they suck. Two, they were each KOed by Roy Nelson.

          • cheflacsto

            Not sure about that comment. While he did knockout the three of them. Struve has put on size since then, and Mitrione is more seasoned fighter now. Roy had a ton of experience over them at the time. Matt Brown lost to Seth Baczinski, and Brian foster, do you think that would happen now?

          • gummy worm

            Not a valid comparison for reasons you are very well aware of.

            Struve is in a worse condition now, if anything, so Roy should still beat him.
            Mitrione got KTFO. I am sure he hasn’t improved enough to crack Roy.
            Brendan will still get KTFO.

          • cheflacsto

            I guess you are right. Roy has also been knocked out since then though. He probably still does beat all three. Maybe Mitrione could give him a fight. These heavyweights though who knows.

        • Brendan’s mom

          He didn’t exactly leave the NFL on his terms.

          He was squeezed out. It was made very clear to him that he will be nothing but a bench warmer for the next 2 years until the contract expires and he is left hanging without a new team to join.

      • Brendan’s mom

        Yeah. “tough love” let’s just go on air and say stuff about your friends.

        Brendan is a big boy. By now he knows exactly where he is in the UFC’s pecking order. Roy Nelson is a gatekeeper. But Roy Nelson destroyed Brendan. So what is Brendan? He is a fighter that is used as a stepping stone for the UFC to make guys like Roy Nelson look good.

        Unless you can beat Roy Nelson, you have no shot of ever being taken seriously in the UFC.

        • hes done

          are you kidding me the pride n these guys makes them think there all number one or a few fights away fighters absolutely need this

          • hes don’s mom

            Naw. That was a couple years ago. By now I am sure Brendan does not think “there all number one” or “a few fights away.”

            We are not dealing with Todd Duffee or Stipe Miosic. Those guys are still new faces and while they have a few losses on their records, I could totally see pride and ego making them believe that they are one of the best in the world.

            But Brendan surely doesn’t believe this. He’s been KOed by pretty much any top 10 guy he faces.

            You need to work on your writing as much as your reasoning abilities.


  • MuayThaiFood

    What Rogan says is true but it’s also true for most of the UFC’s roster.

  • Joseph Reyes

    Never give up, that is all.

    • Brendan’ MOM


      I would say, success in life is know when to give up and know what is right for you.

      Simple. Know when to get in, and known when to pull out.

      • Sir_Roy

        I agree. Some folks get an idea in their heads, and then pursue the wrong path for them while ignoring where their true strengths lie.

        I believe with enough hard work, most can be extremely good at just about anything they invest the hours into perfecting. But to be the best, to be in the top 10%, you have to have that “X” factor to reinforce what it is you’re doing; be it sports, business, cooking or the arts (or “whatever”).

        I firmly believe the world has lost a few Michelangelos (to lend an example) because folks with potentially earth shattering, world moving talent had their hearts set on playing in the NHL, but without the particular set of genes required to go along with it. Ignoring in so doing where it is they can, should, and would excel.

        This is where our modern education system is grossly and most emphatically failing our youth today. No direction whatsoever. Leaving us often as the very last to truly “know ourselves”.

        • illuminated

          a lot of talented and bright kids never make it because they were cursed with poor , disfunctional, or ignorant parents. I believe LUCK is 50% of success.

          • Sir_Roy

            I don’t disagree. Which means 50% of the population should not be reproducing. And that’s a generous estimate. So much bad parenting going on it’s crazy … welcome to the “lost” generation led by lazy enablers. For starters.

  • asd

    Calm down. Brendan wanted to have that converstation on the air. It was all agreed upon.

    • Brendan’s mom

      That’s the weird part.

      So Brendan and Joe Rogan sat down before the show, discussed the topic of Brendan not being good enough to compete at the UFC’s elite level, and agreed to tell the whole world about this?

      UFC monkey + MIC = &$#*($^#*&$(

      Just something that people won’t normally do in other sports.

  • uncle

    He sounds concerned to me Brendan needs a real heart to heart not
    yes men lying to him. Maybe this talk will put fire back into him
    look at Matt Brown he was on a losing streak then he said enough is
    enough made a 180 and he is a top dog now. The truth hurts so he
    needs to turn it around are get comfortable being viewed as b level fighter.

  • danksy

    i like how Joe says that if he cared about some fighters like he does Schaub, he would pull them aside and take them out around some nature 1 on 1 and tell them what he is telling Brandon, but he does it to Brandon with no warning…on his pod cast (#1 podcast on itunes). Maybe he should have done this off the air…

    • Badams

      Did u listen to the whole show? Joe didn’t want to do it on the air, that was Brendan’s choice. They both acknowledged the during the show.


    Rogan equals A-hole