The Green Power Ranger Wants In… Wants to Fight CM Punk in the UFC

December 9, 2014
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Okay, so many of the MMA collective lost their minds when they heard that the UFC really did sign “fake” wrestler CM Punk. No opponent, event, or timeline was given for the former WWE champion’s Octagon debut, but several potential opponents came out of the woodwork when Joe Rogan dropped the Punk bomb.

Michael Bisiping, Al Iaquinta, Derek Brunson and numerous others opted into the CM Punk sweepstakes, but hey, we already know the UFC is thinking outside the box here, so why not go way outside the box?

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Why not get CM Punk to fight a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? Why not the Green Ranger?

No, we’re not making this up. Jason David Frank (aka the Green Ranger) took to social media to throw his name in the hat as well.

Although it’s rather unlikely that the UFC would go to such lengths, Frank isn’t without a basis for his pitch. He is a seventh degree black belt in Karate, and also holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Plus, Frank is 4-0 in mixed martial arts.

It may be unlikely, but many thought that the signing of Punk was just as unlikely… stranger things have happened. Does, um, Kimbo Slice ring a bell?

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  • TKDGuy

    so he has a 4-0 mma record, but has he fought in the UFC yet?

    • TKDmom

      yes you dumb Tai kwan do guy.

      It is very common for people to not get a shot in the UFC until 10-0.

      God you are dumb.

      Go back to following Kimbo Slice and Brock Lesnar! Yes, Kimbo and Brock fought in the UFC after winning 5 or less fights outside the UFC. Therefore, everyone should be in the UFC after winning a few backyard brawls.

      • Seth

        Butthurt detected.

  • Straight Talk

    In all likelihood, this would be the perfect fight to promote for CM Punk’s debut.

    To simply put: It’s money.

    CM Punk will bring in fans due to his WWE involvement. JDF will bring in fans due his Green Ranger involvement (and his legit martial arts background). And finally, the mainstream media will bring in fans due to this being such a newsworthy story.

    Put this on PPV as a ‘special attraction’, along with a hot title fight and co-main, and you could easily approach 1 million buys.


    It’ll never happen but i’d certainly tune in