The Great MMA Debate: Which UFC Champ is Most Likely to Lose the Belt?

October 14, 2014
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Almost every UFC title is up for grabs between now and the first month of 2015, but which champion stands the greatest chance of losing his or her belt in the next year?

We debate that very topic on the latest Great MMA Debate podcast along with the man who might settle the discussion with his next fight at UFC 179.

Chad Mendes drops by to talk about his title fight rematch with Jose Aldo, what’s different in this second fight for the belt and a few choice words for Irish bad boy Conor McGregor.

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  • Timothy Malone

    While I think Jones has the most difficult title defense coming up in Daniel Cormier, I still think I would pick Dillashaw as the most likely to lose their belt as I see him as the weakest champion (relatively speaking obviously as none of them are weak).

    • triplem

      You seriously think DC is going to be the most difficult title defense, for Jones DC hasn’t even come close to fighting the competition that Jon Jones has.

      • Everything you say is amongst the dumbest s— unimaginable. Ever seen an mma fight before?

        • shakejunt

          he didn’t say anything obtuse…

          dc has a shot for sure, but his resume is lacking.

  • Darin

    Aldo seems to look worse with each fight, his number is coming up. Hendricks barely beat Lawler last time, I think he’ll lose the rematch. Pettis can hang on to the belt if he can stay healthy. Cain is going no where anytime soon. I hope Jones loses, but it’s a toss up. I think Dillashaw vs. Cruz will be very interesting, but Cruz has more tricks and will likely win. Weidman will hold it a while longer.

    • jack

      you do know Hendricks tore his bicep early in the fight right? any idea how painful that is? cause i dont lol. but he fact he beat lawler with a torn muscle makes him that much more nasty. between condit, gsp, and lawler he has shown he is a beast as a champ. he should of beaten gsp

      • James Brian Tambakis

        Hendriks in good health will destroy them for a couple years..

      • Jthor

        Hendricks always has some excuse why he didn’t fight better, even when he wins. If he’s always at 70%, then that is actually his 100%. The only champions not in serious jeopardy of losing their belts in their next fights are Johnson, Weidman, and Cain

        • jack

          as known as setting very high standards for yourself. guy was a championship wrestler. he wasnt a champion in the ufc for a long time. when you used to being on top and your not, your going to critique yourself a hell of a lot more. he knows how to fight like a champion… do agree on johnson and cain never losing, but i think someone might be able to conquer Weidman. Guy is a beast dont get me wrong, just feel like the only thing he is lacking is experience. Could make a mistake at some point during the fight, that lets say someone like Jacare, might take advantage of enough to squeak a win. Although the more title fights he has the more that goes away and hes unstoppable and we finally have a white anderson silva

  • TrentSki

    Let hope Cain and Jones are next to lose

    • triplem

      Due Your stupid to think Cain is going to lose in his next fight and the same with Jon bones jones

      • UndeadZero

        Was the beginning of that even english?

      • TrentSki

        Yeah well, stupid comeback kid
        Hoping and having it happen are two different things
        Dumb ass

  • Mma_Fan_For_Life

    I’m pretty sure it is going to be Johnny Hendricks and Cain. (a lot of people is underestimating Fabricio Werdum). I wanna say Jose Aldo as well but boy he is dangerous even tho he haven’t been showing it lately. Chade Mendes think just because Tj dillashaw got Barao in that fight (dehydration!!!) He think he’s going to do the same to Aldo …YEA RIGHT!!

  • shakejunt

    almost all champs have big tests coming up, really hard to say who is most likely. my guess would be dillashaw or aldo.

  • uncle

    Aldo should lose the belt he has become a point fighter ,that coast through the later rounds now
    and it will backfire. Werdum has a chance his stand up has came along way, and I don’t see
    Cain get on the ground with a top notch grappler.


    Hendricks… he barely defeated Lawler

  • Natural

    How about the one who hasn’t gought in over a year and hasnt defended his belt ever

  • Jo Joanisse

    dillashaw and hendrix


    Pettis. That’s if he ever defends. I really think he’ll be stripped of the belt before ever making a defense.
    I’m a fan of Pettis. He has very exciting flights. But at the same time I don’t think that he’s the best lightweight in the world. The clay guida fight was very telling. Subbing Bendo was huge but I don’t see him doing it again.