The Great MMA Debate: Rich Franklin Talks Last Fight and Hand-Off to Matt Brown

October 19, 2014
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“I’ll just say this — if I’m passing the torch of Cincinnati to somebody, there’s nobody I’d rather pass it to than Matt (Brown) anyways,” former UFC champion Rich Franklin said on the latest Great MMA Debate podcast. “I’ve trained with the guy and we’re friends.  If I have to hand my city over, I’m going to give it to him.”

Franklin also talked about his final fight and his plans to make it happen.  Currently, Franklin is spending a lot of his time working as an executive for ONE FC, a promotion primarily based in Asia, but he’s looking to make some final decisions about his last fight in the next month or so.

Listen to the podcast to hear the entire interview with Franklin, where he’s joined by Brown, Jeremy Loper, and UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman.

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  • Guest

    I wouldn’t mind see Franklin vs Munoz.

  • onepunch

    This is a very interesting point. Rich Franklin is an executive in One FC, the biggest MMA promotion in Asia. Rich Franklin stated, that he is considering retirement, which means that he might not compete in mixed martial arts anymore. This situation has its pros and cons: he won’t need no longer to cut a massive amount of weight, so he can put weight and additional muscle mass; on the other hand, he will not fight anymore and will lose his speed advantage in the previous weight class. Rich Franklin’s home town, BTW, is Cincinnati: Cincinnati is only 23 hours of flight away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia – where Marat Gafurov submitted Rob Lisita two days ago.

  • mmalive

    “Ace” Franklin has always been a classy guy.

    Both in winning and losing.

    He does not do the trash talking to get his points across.

    Rich respects all his opponents.

    Hopefully, he can enjoy his new chapter as executive and help build OneFC brand.

    BTW, Rich has recently moved to Los Angeles, CA to open his juicing bars.

    Best of luck ” Ace” Ventura. Oops ” Ace” Franklin.