The Great MMA Debate Podcast: Matt Brown Joins Show, Guarantees He Can KO Johny Hendricks

May 14, 2014
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Matt Brown managed to put on yet another classic performance on Saturday night when he finished Erick Silva in the third round of their main event match-up in Cincinnati to win his seventh fight in a row and sixth by knockout or TKO.

Brown joined The Great MMA Debate this week and declared that he’s ready for his title shot, guaranteeing that he can knock out UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks.

In addition to Brown’s appearance, top rated bantamweight contender TJ Dillashaw also stops by the show to discuss his fight next weekend against Renan Barao, the pressure of accepting the fight on short notice, and what it would mean to be the first fighter to bring a belt home to his camp at Team Alpha Male.

All this plus debate topics surrounding Brown’s win in Cincinnati and who is in the biggest must win situation at next weekend’s UFC 173 card in Las Vegas.

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  • Shred Man

    Brown needs to beat a top 5 fighter before he gets a title shot. He just beat #14, that does not equal a title shot. If he were to beat a top 5 guy and get a title shot, Hendrix would destroy him. At this point, he is just trying to talk his way to the title. There is a line, and he needs to earn his place in it, which he has not done at this point.

    • deepgrim

      i agree, erick silva is good, but he hasnt reached his peak yet or near it imo, i think a top contender match up would suit him well, say versues woodley or lawler

      • Bill Ganer

        Read my post, above. I agree that Brown should have a top-5 fight, but who is available? Hendricks is back to training; Brown just won. That pairs them up in terms of “time-frame”. The other top guys are all fighting each other, soon. That’s bad; but it will bring a clear contender. In the meantime, let the guy with the 7-fight win streak be the first title defense for Hendricks. It won’t be a boring fight. They both like to bang, and the odds of Hendricks trying to wrestle his way to victory are pretty low.

        • Sir_Roy

          I’d like to see that fight. But while Hendricks likes to “bang” he also likes to control the fight and throw a superior striker on his arse when the going gets tough (i.e. Condit). I see wrestling coming into play. Hopefully not too much. I can’t be the only one who wants to see Hendricks get KO’d can I?

        • deepgrim

          yes you make a good case for brown and im sure it would be entertaining but until you really see someone against a highly ranked fighter sometimes its very hard to judge if they are a credible contender to beat the champ. Off course none of that really matters in the ufc, if there are enough people like yourself that want to see a fight, they will book it so it remains to be seen- its the same reason that nick diaz expects to get a title fight

  • uncle

    Matt should get a title shot who did Hardy beat to get 1?
    and Woodley want to convince us he beat Condit we
    all know it was the injury not him and got beat by Sheilds
    which was lackluster and there is Rory he beat Maia
    and Ellenberger and both lackluster so Brown will bring
    chaos so I RATHER SEE brown vs Hendricks and not
    have to worry about buying a PPV with a lackluster performance

  • julian moran

    Give Brown, Lawler.

  • Bill Ganer

    I don’t disagree that a contender should have a top-5 win, order to secure a title shot. HOWEVER, in this instance:

    1. Brown is on a 7-fight win streak. That is a longer streak than any other welterweight, and they were all “UFC” wins.

    2. Hendricks started training again, this month. His bicep surgery and recovery is over, and he is back to training in the same month that Brown beat Silva. That puts them both in the same time-frame for availability.

    3. There is a “mini-tournament” about to happen in the welterweight division. Woodley-MacDonald and Lawler-Ellenberger are already booked. Seeing as none of those fighters is on more than a 2-fight streak, having the winners of those fights meet in a #1 contender fight in a few months makes sense. The losers can face each other, or fight Lombard or Condit (when he returns).

    It would be great if one of the above-mentioned fighters had a better win-streak; or was not currently booked for a fight, then the division would be in a better position. As it stands, Brown can be sold as a contender based on his “7-fight streak” and his habit of knocking people out. As someone mentioned, others have gotten title shots with far less.

    Hendricks – Brown for the title

    Woodley-MacDonald / Lawler-Ellenberger winners face each other for next shot

    That would give a clear contender, as well as a pool for a few #1 contender fights, later (losers of the tourney fight each other or Lombard, or Condit).

    Just my thoughts. As I stated, Brown is not the perfect choice, but he’s not a bad choice at the moment.

  • Dragon Kid

    Matt Brown has no ground game.