The Great MMA Debate Podcast: Is Jon Jones the GOAT? Plus Benson Henderson and Tecia Torres

April 29, 2014
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Jon JonesJon Jones put on another impressive performance last Saturday night to successfully defend his UFC light heavyweight title for a seventh time, but is he already entering the conversation for the greatest mixed martial artist of all time?

Arguably, Jones is still undefeated as a fighter (his one loss came by way of disqualification in a fight he was dominating) and he’s been running roughshod over the best of the best in the 205-pound division for the past few years.

Following his decimation of top contender Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, Jones is starting to land on the radar for the best of all time discussions alongside names like Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko.

But is he already the greatest?

That’s what we discuss on today’s Great MMA Debate podcast while also dissecting the rest of the hot topics from UFC 172 including Anthony Johnson’s entry into title discussion while simultaneously ending Phil Davis’ run at the gold.

Plus on today’s show we welcome in former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson, as well as Ultimate Fighter 20 participant Tecia Torres.

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  • Raphael Mastro

    Well, he’s deff. on his way… He’s basically undefeated…Beat more former champions i think then anyone else. He needs to get through Gus again(which i see why) DC maybe Hendo and i think i would like to see him and Evans go at it again. Then move up to heavyweight and see how he does. I don’t think the move up will hurt his chances to be the GOAT but if he was successful there it would cement him as the GOAT

    • Corporate Entity

      Hendo is past his prime. If it wasn’t for that comeback KO over Shogun it would have been 4 straight losses. I wish that fight happened when it was first scheduled, but Hendo’s chin is getting weaker with each fight. Not to mention he isn’t athletically on par with Jones (or any of the other remaining contenders)

  • Corporate Entity

    He’s qualified for the conversation, but not there yet. With a decisive win over Gustaffson, followed by wins over Cormier and Anthony Johnson (assuming they both continue to win and climb the rankings) would leave no other true contenders in the division. Once he gets to 10 title defenses at LHW (and I think he can and will do it), without question he is the best in my mind.

    • Sir_Roy

      I get what you’re saying, he has not been around nearly as long as a Fedor, Anderson or GSP, but I see the quality of opponent he’s defeated (matched by GSP in the always stacked welterweight division perhaps), and in the fashion with which he’s done so (very Anderson like but even more diverse with the wrestling pedigree to boot), and I can’t think of a single other fighter who surpasses here and now. Can you? Sure, Fedor’s win streak is remarkable. But quality over quantity I say.

      • Corporate Entity

        I think Jones also stands out because of the way he wins fights. Outside of Gus and the armbar threat from Vitor, he has absolutely dominated and dictated almost every minute of his fights. Anderson saved himself from a beatdown by Sonnen with a last round armbar in their first matchup and was KO’d by Weidman a couple fights later. Fedor lost his last three fights in the most visible promotion (Strikeforce) he fought in. GSP has two UFC losses & a bunch of boring decision victories with few memorable finishes. Jones’ resume isn’t nearly as long as any of these fighters, but he’s been as much if not more exciting and dynamic fighter than all of them.

        • Sir_Roy


          Bones is in a division as rife with talent as GSP’s (something Anderson lacked in his long and impressive resumé IMHO), and like GSP dominates his fights but unlike GSP does so in spectacular fashion.

          That said, I found GSP’s fights entertaining on a whole … despite the decision grind. Not a highlight reel finish junkie (nothing against them) and enjoy the ground/grapple game so …

  • Dave Roberts

    Jon Jones is the greatest period I could tell from the Bonnar fight that he was going to be the most dominate fighter in the UFC one day. Nobody has destroyed more high level former champions than this guy. Look at Fedors resume, it is FILLED WITH CANS!!! Anderson fought in a generally weak 185 pound division (at 205 patrick cote, tales letis ect would NEVER get a title shot) and GSP fought a lot of strikers who just had no answer for his grappling. Jon Jones routinely takes the fight exactly where his opponent wants it and dominates. Who’s ever thrown Chael sonnen around like a child or just thrashed shogun rua in the standup?

  • Michael Smith

    Jones has to be part of the discussion among people who know what they’re talking about. He’s ruled a division that has only ever had 2 others stay for more than 2 fights (Chuck and Tito). No one else has been able to defend that belt more than once. He’s done it 7 times in a row? I personally don’t think he owes Gus another shot for that matter but I understand how beating him again eliminates any and all doubts about who is the better fighter. It’s always been the hardest division in my opinion because every single guy in it can put you to sleep with one shot. That being the case there’s no way he’s not in the conversation.

    • deepgrim

      for the reason that you can be put to sleep at any moment, would you not say that HW is the hardiest division? No fighter has defended more than twice. Having said that Jones is in the top 3 for me and he has years ahead of him, he certainly is the most well rounded martial artist of all time. For me its hard to look past fedor.