The Great MMA Debate Podcast: Daniel Cormier Requests Title Shot; Jon Jones Responds

March 3, 2014
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Daniel-Cormier-vs-Jon-JonesFresh off his first win at 205 pounds, Daniel Cormier is gunning for a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title and he sends a personalized message to champion Jon Jones on the Great MMA Debate podcast this week.

Cormier’s impassioned plea is sent directly to Jones with a request for a shot at the belt, something he’s wanted ever since he started fighting several years ago.

“Hey Jon, this is Daniel Cormier -€“ bro, brother, would you be willing to give me a title shot?” Cormier asks.  “I’m asking nicely.  I’m not being aggressive.  I’m not trying to be confrontational, Jon, I’m just asking.  Would you be willing to give me a chance to fight? Please, brother, please. Make the decision.”

Luckily, Jones was around to listen to Cormier’s question and respond with a message of his own directly back at the former two-time Olympian.

Will Jones grant Cormier a shot at the belt?  Tune in and listen to this audio to find out.

Also on the podcast, Zach Makovsky stops by to discuss his recent win over Josh Sampo and his hopes of landing a title shot at 125 pounds. With the division still looking for a top contender, Makovsky is ready to put his name in the hat for consideration.

Today’s podcast will also feature debate on the recent decision by the Nevada commission to outlaw testosterone replacement therapy, picks and predictions for the upcoming UFC Fight Night London card as well as reaction to Cormier and Jones’ messages exchanged during the show.

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  • Denny Swain

    Jon will not voluntarily fight anyone who he deems as a challenge. This fight will never happen unless cormier is #1 contender. Jones likes to pick easy fights. Gus will ko jones next fight.

    • Truthcore

      lol, i’m not a fan of Jon Jones, but even i have to lol at this. Jon Jones has been a cocky, fake, brash punk at times, but there is no dismissing the plethora of champions in his weight class.

      He’s sent former champs down to other weight classes

      I don’t think the rematch w/ Gustaffson will likely be more in favor of Jones b/c Jones will be sure to be more aggressive in his wrestling rather trying to strike w/ Gustaffson.

      This fight w/ Cormier would be the most intriguing but Cormier has to beat someone worthy at 205 first. Rashad Evans would’ve definitely qualified but not this nobody. Any top 10 (even top 20) LHW would do, since Cormier has already established himself as a HW, and if Cormier shows that he can handle the weight cut no problem, then he should get the title shot.


      • jeremy

        he needs to beat a top 5 to get a title shot, he talks way to much. he needs to prove himself at lhw

        • Wolf Ticket

          So, who did Glover beat to get the title shot? In ideal world, you would be right, but the UFC seems to be working in a different way nowadays. But I sure hope DC has to fight someone decent first.

          • T1000

            You echoed my thoughts. There just isn’t enough depth in the LHW division to have all these knock each other off before getting a title shot. One or two wins is all you need if you can sell your fight with Jones. Besides Gustaffson or possibly Phil Davis there’s nobody else even close to Jones level right now.

    • uncle

      Gus will destroy him

    • gnodeb

      Jon didn’t wan’t to fight Sonnen. A lot of people said that he is afraid. Then Jon just prove that Sonnen simply should not be with him in the cage. Now, you can read (even here) that Sonnen was picked by Jon as an easy fight.

      Just think of it. What is there for JJ. If he lose, that is because he is bad. If he won, that is because he pick easy fight against nobodies… like Sonnen, Vitor, Matchida, Shogun, Rashad, Rampage…

  • Unimpressed

    Why can’t you just type out what he said, or maybe clip it. That way I don’t have to syphon through an hour of talk, and just read a decent article?

    • Ron Bidelman Jr.

      So your not able to skip ahead like me and skip to the main part???? All I did was tap on the meter and it went ahead.

      • Unimpressed

        No time for it, would rather practice my literacy skills.

  • uncle

    Great show

  • Mark McDowall

    IF and when DC deserves a title shot I think it could be a good fight. But beating a barista doesn’t put you in talks for a title shot in a division where there are at least 4 guys ahead of you that deserve a shot.

    • uncle

      I heard that he should fight the winner of Johnson vs Davis

      • Mark McDowall

        I could see that…but I think either of those would be boring. Davis and Cormier are great wrestlers and would cancel each other out, but I think with Davis’ cardio he would wear DC out within a round. And Cormier would be afraid of Johnsons power so he would lay on him for 15 minutes.

        • archaictext

          Cancel each other out because of wrestling?! Yeah, that’s why we love to watch Cormier fight…because of how much he relies on his wrestling. His last opponent “the barista” was a wrestler too, and we saw how much they cancelled each other out with wrestling. Some wrestling match that was. And when has he been afraid of anyone’s power?

          • Mark McDowall

            Maybe you missed the Roy Nelson fight….where he leaned on him for 15 minutes…oh and the Frank Mir fight too…where he did exactly the same thing.

  • anggie enez

    hey, daniel cormier, you dont make your own fights bro. Dana White does ok? like the rock says know your role. p.s Daniel you are my favorite fighter and you will beat Jones.

    • fuzznarf

      actually Lorenzo makes the fights bro. and like the rock says, “nobody cares what you think”

      • T1000

        Actually Joe Silva makes the fight and Dana approves…

  • Daniel Loy

    i think Dana Whites the one that decides who fighting who,so all this s–t is s–t doesnt mean anything.

  • drak

    Asking a bit ahead of time…since Glover is up next. Maybe asking the wrong guy for a shot.

    • dgs

      Thank you, you’re the only person in this thread even acknowledging Glover as a VERY legitimate threat. It is amazing to me that everyone (apparently including Cormier) has written off Glover and declared Jones the winner before they’ve even fought; ridiculous!

      Glover is the real deal, and apparently there are only two people (you and I) who feel he has a very good chance of beating Jones. There will be a lot of surprised mofo’s on this – and probably – other MMA message boards should Glover win, that is except you and I, we won’t be surprised in the least.

      • deepgrim

        well glover wont be short of motivation. I still think jones will beat glover in fairness, i think his speed will be the difference, glover has alot of power and good bjj, but jones will have the reach adv and speed advantage again. but at least jones has real challenges now after the sonnen and vitor fights. glover, dc and gus are all legit and capable of doing the job, and maybe a whil phil davis will become championship level

        • dgs

          Yes, I agree, ultimately I feel Jones will win. But, to write Glover off and make it appear as though he has no chance of beating Jones is assine.

          With the exception of Gustafsson, I think Glover will be Jone’s biggest test to date.

          • deepgrim

            yes i agree glover will be one of the toughest test jones has had too, but in fairness he has destroyed all in his path bar having a tricky first round against machida. a year ago dc would have got a title fight almost straight away but now there is real competition for jones he will have to earn it. Alot of plans are ruined if glover causes the upset- best not be left to the judges

      • Drewjitsu

        Can you remind me who glover beat in the top 10 ???? I seem to not be able to remember who he fought who was an actual contender ..

        • dgs

          Glover has not lost a fight since the beginning of 2005. In that time, according to Wikipedia he has fought 20 times. Granted he hasn’t fought the best of the best, but he has beaten some very tough opponents (e.g., Ryan Bader, James Te Huna, Rampage Jackson etc.).

          Like I said, ultimately I believe Jones will win, but I still don’t understand why everyone has written Glover off . It’s somewhat understandable that MMA fans would write him off, but for another pro fighter to do so – Cormier – is pretty disrespectful.

          Lots of people are going to have egg on their face if Glover wins.

          • DREW JITSU

            U still haven’t answered my question … At when he fought page,bader, te huna, what was their rankings I doubt any one of them were in the top ten of the lhw division…. My point is if he hasn’t beaten a top ten what makes u think he can beat jj.. Sure he beat those guys who were or now r ranked in the top ten but when he beat them they weren’t … That’s my point

          • Alex

            You’re dumb, Bader was top 10, other 3 were top 15.

            Cummins is #199 LOL

  • haters

    this is crazy guy a top five heavy weight no one cried this crap about franky edger when dropped in got tittle shot or when randy fought chuck but now he has something to prove…. he will beat jones only guy in at 205 that can in gus got beat the last fight in he loose the rematch…

    • Alex

      LW and FW are divisions, where fighters show actual skill, technique, speed, cardio.
      Same with LHW.
      HW, on the other hand, is a bunch of sloppy brawlers relying on minimum technique and eventual 1 punch KO, that works out simply because guys are big. No brainer.
      There are only 2-3 REAL athletes in the HW division, and Black Teletubby sure isn’t one of them.

      Cormier doesn’t deserve crap in the LHW division, he deserves the right to keep the mouth shut.
      He got lucky that they gave him a can to beat, instead of Rashad, who would’ve wrecked him (him, or other top 10 light heavies).

      • Drewjitsu

        Share a little racism why don’t ya … Black teletubby Sure sounds racist .. Even though I don’t like ur derogatory remark I would agree that dc should not get a title shot after his first outing at 205 against a guy who know one knew of one week before the fight …he simply hasn’t done enough to warrant a title shot ..

        • Austin, TX

          So when Joe Rogan says “Thats a crazy white dude…” in describing a fighter or a figher’s demeanor or ko or something as he has several times in the past few years- is he being racist?

          Or are you just a little touchy and ridiculous.

          • DREW JITSU

            I’m not saying joe rogan isn’t a lil racist but was i responding to anything he said? No I was referring to the guy who thinks it’s ok to display his lack of character in a forum where I personally believe its unacceptable to do so .. And touchy on the subject would be reporting his comment and I didn’t do that so ..

        • Alex

          Had he been green, I’d have called him a Green Teletubby because he looks like one LOL

    • gnodeb

      Frankie was LW UFC champ who defended his belt three times before he lost it to Ben. Also, some says that he didn’t cut weight and that he was undersized for LW division.

      With that said, I was and still am against “instant” title shots. Try to imagine. If I thought that Edgar should not fight for FW title, how ridiculous would be if DC got shot at LHW? Maybe DC is next champ, who knows. But let him destroy few serious opponents before fighting for title. I would like to watch that…

  • scott k

    Earn it

  • gnodeb

    “Who else is there?” 🙁

    Well, if there is serious ladder at UFC LHW, I would say that every LHW fighter with one win against other UFC LHW who has one win against UFC LHW is more deserving then DC.

    Yes, we don’t know what JJ can do at HW just like we have no idea what DC can do at LHW. But we know that DC decided that is easier to fight Rashad then JDS, so he goes down to LHW. That is OK. JDS looks scary…

  • lowlb

    He’s 34 years old.. That’s why he’s asking.. It will be hard to get a title shot again if he loses..
    I would rather see him fight Rashad and I’d rather see Jones fight Gus again..
    But, once again, nobody asked me..

    • lowlb

      It’s interesting to note that Cormier has been undefeated as a pro fight since he joined STRikeforce in 2009..
      That’s formidable..

      • Ron Bidelman Jr.

        Only if you have fought somebody ranked. Which he hasn’t. Rashad would have been a good test.

        • Alex

          Inb4 someone stupid mentions the totally irrelevtn rankings of the SlowFatWeight division, in which Cormier fought before.

          • TheCerealKiller


  • arm bar to the liver lol

    jones is sitting on a pedistool right now because he knows he lost to gus. corm would be a good challange, but then again gus is the real champion. jones vs gus 2

    • eye test

      just rewatched that fight in thought jones won rounds 2,3 n 5 in round one was a toss up could of went either way


    IF either Glover or Jones is injured before they fight then DC would be a good replacement for both. If not & I hope they both stay healthy & fight! DC should still have to fight someone! If you want to do a fight soon then maybe Lil Nog if healthy? Ryan Bader, Ryan Jimmo? None of those guys have anything signed coming up so they’re available. Maybe Vitor will move back up to LHW & fight DC , Lol

    • to bad

      same problem if he did fight those guys everyone would say he didnt beat anyone anygood


        At least those fighters are top 20. Unlike DC’s last opponent Pat Cummins *(not ranked, not even top 250 in some of the sites that rank that many fighters)*

  • otto

    I think Dc is a good fighter, but I really would like to see him fight once or twice before getting a shot at JBJ, its just not fair to all the other contenders…..I hate this new approach to title fights, where as if you squack enough you get a shot at the title……what happened to climbing the ladder…..bottom line, DC HAS to beat one or 2 top ten fighters before he gets a shot…..period