The Great MMA Debate Podcast: Dan Henderson and Chris Holdsworth, Plus is Barão No. 1 P4P?

May 19, 2014
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UFC 173 fighters Dan Henderson and Chris Holdsworth stopped by the recent episode of The Great MMA Debate Podcast with Damon Martin and Jeff Cain for interviews, plus the guys debate the biggest topics around this weekend’s card including the question: is Renan Barão truly the best pound-for-pound fighter in all of MMA?

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  • Gareth Hudgins

    Barao is undoubtedly the best pound for pound. He’s on a thirty-plus win streak, and he is the only man to stop Uriah Faber. It was an early stoppage, but there have been worse. He also consistently fights people his own size. Put away all the affection you may have for Jon Jones, and look at this topic with some objectivity. Hasn’t Jon Jones caught a couple of lucky breaks? Explain Belfort vs Jones and Sonnen vs Jones. You don’t see Barao defending his title against flyweights. Jones is number 3 pound for pound, in my opinion. He is behind Barao and Aldo.

    • laleggenda27

      Barao is a huge BW. He’s probably bigger for his division than Jones is. The fact that Jones is tall and long doesn’t mean that he’s bigger than his opposition. He has zero problem making weight and there are plenty of guys at 205 who cut more weight than him. Hell, Gus is bigger than Jones but you don’t hear anyone complaining about him being a HW.

      Yes, Jones fought Sonnen, Vitor, and Machida, who are now fighting at MW. But you don’t seem to realize that a number of the guys that Barao fought are now at 125.

      I’m not a Jones fan, but you’re obviously letting your dislike for him cloud your judgement.

      • deepgrim

        well i think there definately is a case for barao but for me jones is higher up the list, but its a close call. for me its because the heavier the weight class the harder it is to go on a big win streak. at HW you can be superior to a fighter and still get beat due to the power they carry in the hands for example the title hasnt been defended more than twice at the minute, the lighter divisions typically carry less power to end a fight in a flash. but both fighters are masters with very little weaknesses.