The Bust – Alistair Overeem Drug Test Round-up

April 8, 2012
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UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem, slated to challenge heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 on May, tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone at a surprise drug screen following last week’s UFC 146 kickoff press conference in Las Vegas.

The bust has put the MMA world into a tizzy over what comes next, and there has been multitudes of speculation about how things will play out.

Overeem is now slated to go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to plead his case, so the fallout isn’t likely the come to an end until after that hearing.

But there are a lot of details to the situation, and has lead the way in covering the case. If you missed a hot and heavy week of Alistair Overeem coverage, we’ve got a full round-up below:

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  • bdono554

    You guys do a page of links on this and there’s not a word of Oveeroid’s positive test on the UFC’s site. You think they may want this one to go away!?

    • me vs you

      i noticed that too. they’re pretending it didn’t happen, i guess. but it’s making me lose respect for the ufc. this is a big chance for them to address a problem in this sport and they’re ignoring it. maybe they’re waiting until after the hearing to say something, but i don’t know…they immediately jumped all over nate diaz for his drug test. it would appear that the ufc accepts steroids above medical marijuana…very strange.
      i hope they fire overeem and make an example of him. no tolerance on steroid use. but they won’t, they didn’t fire sonnen or any of the other people that whinny like horses. no instead the ufc will slap offenders on the wrist and let them fight again as soon as they figure out a better way to beat their next test. the ufc is building a culture of acceptance around steroid use.
      its sad to watch the state of professional sports today. it seems totally ok to use preformance enhancing drugs as long as you don’t get caught and i see no way how that will ever stop. i’m afraid that that is the face of sports in the modern world.
      too bad.

  • pooby

    Sooooooo….. Alistair Overeem tested positive for some sort of performance enhancing substance?

    Hmmmmm, I hadn’t heard.

  • z999

    1 year ban for sure. I hope he retires or just fades into obscurity.

  • I just read an article on another site that said he has submitted a request for a license and has not requested for the “B” sample to be tested. That means he intends to explain the test results or refute the validity / legality of the test. He will appear before the commission on April 24th.

    He still plans on fighting at UFC 146!

    • MikeMc1983

      He’s not going to fight it. He’s going to apply for a license, and be rejected. Don’t tell him he can’t reapply for another year.
      He needs to do this ASAP so that he can reapply as soon as possible. if you waited six months to apply they would reject him and make him wait still another year. The sooner he applies the sooner he can reapply. However long he waits to apply he’llhave to wait that much time plus a year.

      I never really believed that the UFC would just have him not apply and fight somewhere else. I don’t think they want to be viewed to be doing something so blatantly wrong. It would be so hard to talk that one away.

      This is just my thoughts. However I think that I’m right.

      • MikeMc1983

        *They’ll tell him he can’t reapply for another year.
        -correction for last sentence first paragraph.

      • I don’t think he’s applying so he can “face the music” and get his punishment underway. He’s most definitely going to fight it and Zuffa is going to back him up 100%. Waaay too much money on the line not to fight this.

        I think we’re going to see him attempt to explain away the test (medical treatment is my guess) or challenge their authority to conduct out of competition testing. Will it work? Who knows.

        One thing that we’ll surely see is a bunch of smoke, mirrors and a lot of guys who names end with “berg” and “stein”.

  • Anthony

    Maybe someone can explain this to me. Nate Marquard tested w/ high levels of testosterone prior to his fight and was not suspended. The powers told him to bring it down before his fight physical or there would be an issue. When he failed to do so, he was pulled from the fight. Granted he was on TRT–Why cant Overeem claim he was also on TRT, his Dr. screwed up his dosage, and he will have it under the required standard prior to his fight physical–I realize 14 to 1 is twice the allowed ratio, but provided its under the allowed amount at his physical, there should not be a problem–Marquard would have been good to fight if he lowered his dosage prior to his fight physical, so why cant Overeem have the same opportunity–He has over a month to bring his levels in check-give the man the opportunity to do so –Everyone wants to see this fight–dont blow this over some B.S technicality–I could give a sh#t if Overeem used a lil bit of test prior to his fight. Despite what all you know it all key board warriors belive EVERYONE is using something to help them perform better.–Im 99% sure JDS is doing the same damn thing–Let them fight!


    i now what Overeem’s excuse will likely be…. is was the horse meat, he was eating horses that pumped full of roids LOL.