The Biggest Fish in the Alaskan Pond, Nic Herron-Webb Ready to Move Up

February 11, 2015
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While he’s managed to build a successful career over the past seven years in his native Alaska, Nic Herron-Webb knows it’s time to move on.

Undefeated over the last year and a half, Herron-Webb knows there’s not much more for him to accomplish on his home turf.

“I won my last three fights now, so I have a good streak going for me,” he told “I’m trying to be as active as I can be. I’ve been training hard. I moved down to lightweight from welterweight. I feel like lightweight is a good place for me.

“I was a big fish in Alaska and I felt like 170 pounds wasn’t going to be an issue for me up here, but going down to the lower 48 (states) and saw some of the competition down there that 155 pounds was where I needed to go in order to compete at a higher level.”

Herron-Webb (15-5) will look to impress the local crowd one last time as he headlines Wednesday’s AFC 133 in Anchorage, Alaska, against Cody Rice (10-8) in an event that will be live streamed on

“Cody is a former teammate of mine and I know he’s a tough guy who is kind of a scrapper,” said Herron-Webb. “I’ve got to keep my head on right and attack him with smart, tactical stand-up, and when it comes time to take him down, I’ve got better jiu-jitsu acumen than him, so I can look for the finish.”

Should Herron-Webb have a good showing on Wednesday night, he feels it can be the last step he needs towards getting a shot at a national promotion.

“It’s all about racking up wins,” said Herron-Webb. “Cody’s a game opponent and has fought many times up here, so a win is just one more right step in the direction of where I want to be and where I want to go.

“I’d definitely like to be able to compete in a higher level outside of Alaska. I want to keep moving forward and get into bigger shows and push my career to where it can be.”

(Photo courtesy of Nic Herron-Webb)

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