The Bellator Reboot Begins, as Scott Coker Signs Paul Daley and Melvin Manhoef

July 21, 2014
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Paul Daley and Melvin ManhoefThe shift from Bjorn Rebney to Scott Coker running the show at Bellator MMA is quickly beginning to bear fruit.

Bellator on Monday announced that, under Coker’s guidance, the promotion signed two seasoned veterans: Paul Daley (34-13-2) and Melvin Manhoef (28-22-1).

Daley and Manhoef are fan pleasers with explosive fighting styles – their records combine for a stunning 51 career knockout victories between them – and both fought for Coker under the Strikeforce banner.

Daley returns to the promotion after having knocked out Rudy Bears at Bellator 72 a couple years ago before leaving the promotion when he started to have visa issues because of legal troubles.

“Like always, I’m coming into Bellator to put on a show,” Daley said on Monday. “I loved working for Coker back in Strikeforce, and when I got the call to possibly come back to Bellator, it was a no-brainer. I feel great, I’m fresh, and I’m going after that belt.

“It’s official….I’m coming to America…’s a NEW era at Bellator with Scott Coker (former Strikeforce CEO),” he added via his official Facebook page, “and I’m happy to be part of it, and the Viacom powerhouse family.”

Manhoef last fought for Coker and Strikeforce in 2011, having since amassed a 3-2 record in addition to one no-contest result in his fights since then. He’s also been competing in kickboxing.

Manhoef, like Daley, is known for an explosive striking attack with the ability to put his opponents out with one swing of his fist.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We want Bellator to be a destination for not only the top-tier fighters in the sport, but the first-choice destination for fans to see the most entertaining fights in the sport,” Coker said in announcing the signings.

“Both Paul and Melvin add a level of excitement to the roster that I can’t wait to see inside our cage, and this is just the beginning.”

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  • Hardcore_84

    I like the addition of scott coker, he understands how to provide exciting match-ups and has a better business ethic then rebney.

    • shakejunt

      so far so good, but we’ll see what kind of influence viacom has on his gameplan.

    • Seth

      Rebney wasn’t bad – problem was, he was nothing more than a mouthpiece for Viacom. If Scott can have more to say about MMA-side of this org, they may get better. And have to agree – good start for him so far.

  • julian moran

    I ll watch any Manhoef fight.

  • mmalive


    Why did you sign Daley?

    This guy will cause Bellator issues for sure. Legal ones.

    Daley is a goof KO guy but tends to get into legal trouble very easy.

    UFC has refused to sign Daley after he begged the UFC to come back.

    Now we know why only 2nd tier organizations will take guys like Daley.

    • TRT-rex

      He’s not in the UFC cause he sucker punched Koscheck. And if he gets into legal trouble that has nothing to do with Bellator. Why not sign him?

      • mmalive

        Here’s the problem with Daley.

        Remember this guy was released by Bellator before for being convicted of assault.

        Rebney and crew cut this guy right away after learning of the charge in England.

        Daley has been in legal troubles a few times and has visa issues stemming from the convictions he has.

        Viacom made big mistake and it will backfire on them by signing Daley.

        Daley is just as bad as Paul Harris aka WSOF Welterweight Champ plus worse.

        This guy was convicted for assault in the legal system.

        There is no doubt Daley is a decent fighter, but very risky.

        • TRT-rex

          That’s just the problem you have with Daley. All his legal troubles are cleared up and he was approved for visa. And personally I don’t watch these guys fight to worry about what they do in there free time. Obviously Viacom is a little smarter than you. This is win win. If Daley fight he will bring fans. If he gets in trouble he will be cut, simple as that. It won’t affect Viacom at all. Your overthinking it.

          • mmalive


            You MUST be juicing TRT for a bit.

            You sound very STUPID GUY.

            Where did I mention I have a problem with Daley IDIOT?

            No where.

            I mentioned it will backfire on Viacom when Daley gets into legal trouble dummy.

            No over thinking here. Just facts.

            BTW, I like the way Daley Fights. KO STYLE.

          • TRT-rex

            You wrote a post titled “here is the problem with Daley”. Then went on to list a bunch a facts that no one cares about but obviously you. And how will it backfire on Viacom? So your the one that sounds like a stupid guy! Again your overthinking it. Viacom will not be affected in anyway.

          • mmalive

            TRT-rex, You better quit juicing up on that TRT stuff.

            As your brain/body might start to swell up dummy.

            My facts are correct and nothing more.

            I point this out because Daley was under contract with Bellator BEFORE.

            He got convicted and had visa issues stemming from conviction.

            Viacom will try to cover their A$$ when Daley gets in trouble again.

            Daley is a decent KO guy but has yet yo be tested me BBJ guys.

          • TRT-rex

            Your facts are correct. But so are mine. You keep saying that this will backfire on Viacom yet give no examples of how? That’s because it won’t affect Viacom. It will only affect Daley. That’s like saying if I got in trouble legally, it would backfire on my employer. Unless you can explain how it would affect Viacom I’m done talking to you since all you do is ramble on and not prove your point. You like to hurl insults a lot to. Which must mean you know I’m right and it’s getting to you.

          • mmalive

            TRT -rex , Stop juicing on that stuff.

            Your brain and body are fried to a crisp.

            On the contrary, Let me explain so you can get it through you pea brain.

            Daley will get in trouble legally ( assault, beatdowns, domestic violence, etc… )

            Vaicom will cut him immediately because it reflects on their company with a good image with sponsors, general public, etc…

            Bellator did the same thing to cover their A$$.

            We can always go back to UFC and Thaigo Silva a PERFECT example.

            Ooh, on the issue if you got into legal trouble and how it would affect employer.

            If your convicted on any serious charge like assault, robbery, rape, etc….

            Your employer would FIRE YOUR A$$ without question.

            The employer would not want to be anywhere near or associated with you.

            Again, you are juicing up with too much of that TRT stuff CLOWN.

            Hope that answers your question.

          • TRT-rex

            Your pretty ignorant. I said that Viacom would release Daley if he gets in legal trouble, just like I would be fired if I got in trouble. But again. How does that affect Viacom? It doesn’t, it affects Daley. Maybe you don’t understand employee to employer relations. When a company fires someone, it hurts the person fired not the company. So if Viacom fires Daley, they move on like they have been. Literally nothing will change or backfire. But I’m sure you’ll post another, response that rambles on with no true argument. And no you didn’t answer my question. You didn’t even try to you just said the same thing you have been in every response. Your only answer was they would look bad to spinster and general public! No they won’t. Paul Daley isn’t that influential.

          • mmalive


            Are you still juicing and frying your brain and body?

            Your a clown and loser.

            Why was Daley released by Bellator before? Felony Conviction

            Will Bellator/Viacom do it again? Yes.

            Was Bellator affected when Daley was released? Yes

            If Bellator did not care or be affected they would have kept Daley on roster PERIOD.

            Then we can use UFC and Thiago Silva incident.

            Pretty much same scenario on a much bigger platform.

            As UFC learned about Silva arrest they TERMINATED his contract right away.

            So TRT-rex, affects of fighters actions reflect companies IDIOT.

            Nothing is ignorant when facts hurt and pure reality.

            Stop juicing as your brain and body are being fried TRT-rex

          • TRT-rex

            And why do you keep saying I’m juicing on TRT. My name TRT-rex is my play on words for when the TRT induced Belfort refered to himself as the young dinosaur. Sorry if that flew way over your head. I’m sure your not the only one

    • Seth

      2nd tier? WSOF didn’t sign him o: I’m sure you meant 3rd tier orgs, since he was signed by Viacom MMA, right

      And that’s why we have them – those are for guys that aren’t good enough yet, or they are past their primes – or like in this case – guys that just can’t fight in the UFC to fight and make some coin. I don’t see why they shouldn’t sign him – he may not be top star, but sure he’s known around MMA world. And that’s what Viacom needs now.

      • mmalive

        Nothing against Scott Coker. He ran Strikeforce well.

        Here’s the problem with Daley.

        Remember this guy was released by Bellator before for being convicted of assault.

        Rebney and crew cut this guy right away after learning of the charge in England.

        Daley has been in legal troubles a few times and has visa issues stemming from the convictions he has.

        Viacom made big mistake and it will backfire on them by signing Daley.

        Daley is just as bad as Paul Harris aka WSOF Welterweight Champ plus worse.

        This guy was convicted for assault in the legal system.

        There is no doubt Daley is a decent fighter, but very risky.

        • Seth

          But I guess Viacom knows it. Since he did that once when he was under contract with them, they are already aware. I wouldn’t be suprised if there is special clause for that in his contract, like “If you get in legal troubles, contract is terminated right away” or something like that.

          And no matter how weird and stupid decision they make, guys up there aren’t idiots, so my guess is they know ehat they are doing. If not, it will hurt them even more than last time. Time will show

      • TRT- rex

        And WSOF lost my respect when they put on that disgusting freak show of a fight. They are not second tier and haven’t put on a good show since wsof1. Newell should have never been in there with Gaethje. That was disgusting display mma, to have literally an unarmed man fight a champ. Especially when Newell never fought anyone.

        • Seth

          That “unarmed man” won 10 straight MMA fights. He shouldn’t even be fighting, yet he won 10 straight. At least show some respect towards him, because I highly doubt many people in his situation would decide same thing. He deserves respect and by no mean he should be called “freak fighter”.

        • TheCerealKiller

          That “unarmed man” would kick both of our asses at the same time! Like Seth said, ten guys before that champ couldn’t beat him.

          • mmalive

            Newell is a JOKE and FREAK. WSOF Champ did not gain much from beating this guy.

            Dana white knows Newell will get hurt badly in UFC hence Uncle Dana will not sign him.

          • TheCerealKiller

            MMAWeekly, go ahead and punish me…. mmalive you are a f—ing a$$hole! You call Newell a joke? He beat 10 (TEN) guys to EARN that title shot. What have you earned in life? A spot in your moms basement? An anonymous post because you are scared to post from something that holds you accountable? He’s not a freak, he’s a guy that worked his ass off and is better than a lot of guys that have two full arms. He’s an inspiration to a lot of people and a guy I would buy a ticket to go see. You need to shut your ignorant mouth and show some respect to real fighters. May your god have mercy on your soul.

          • mmalive


            You horse BUTT licking Jack A$$.

            You keep bringing up ” may god have mercy on your soul”

            FU*K that. I could care less AHOLE.

            I have earned a lot unlike you LOW LIFE.

            Here’s a few of my accomplishments:

            Bachelor Of Science in Mechanical Engineering Design

            Master Of Science in Mechanical Engineering Design.

            I have a few rental properties

            I have a few girlfriends,

            l live close to beach.

            Get laid every day.

            I would say I am doing quite well.

            TheCerealKiller, you need to get LAID man. Stop using your right and left hands to pleasure yourself.

            The anxiety of not releasing natural sexual pleasure is getting you man

            Now back to subject of Newell IDIOT.

            If Newell was so good then why did Uncle Dana NOT SIGN him?

            Newell campaigned and pleaded with Dana and UFC numerous times.

            Newell is a JOKE and Freak

            He will get hurt badly. Then people will start bashing MMA for allowing 1 armed man compete and get hurt.

            The experience of Newell hurt will not look good to sponsors, TV media, national viewers.

            Now you know why Dana will not sign him DUMMY.

            Nothing is ignorant when facts are correct.

            Get LAID and get a life TheCerealKiller.

          • TheCerealKiller

            He is not a joke or a freak, but you are both. May your god have mercy on you.

          • mmalive

            Nah, God is not my religion. So I can care less about your statement.

            Put Newell against any UFC lightweight in top 10 and hew will GET CRUSHED

            Nothing gained by beating a one armed man.

            Also, injuring a one armed man on national tv will not sit well majority of sponsors.

            Hence, Uncle Dana will not sign him.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Sooooooooooooooo closed minded. Nick is not at a UFC level, but he has whooped a bunch of a$$ in the minor leagues and I take my hat off to that. HE IS A GOOD FIGHTER! He is a clean, good fighter, why do you bash him?

          • mmalive

            Nah, Not closed minded but merely common sense.

            Newell will never be UFC level.

            He will only get hurt during the process.

            Then everyone will jump the gun.

            Saying MMA is barbaric especially a guy with 1 arm getting KOed.

          • TRT-Rex

            He beat nobody’s. Never fought one striker till Gaethje. And no he wouldn’t beat my ass. Maybe submit me but that’s different. He got his ass beat.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You are competing with mmalive for the biggest troll on this website.

          • TRT-rex

            Coming from you that’s a complement, your the troll master.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You’re, retard.

            Now get back in line, slave troll.

          • TRT-rex

            Yes Master. I am retard. So did you come up with any fighters that Newell beat that were any good? I didn’t think so Froto. I’m gonna call you Froto baggins from now on.

          • TheCerealKiller

            He is fighting in the C league and has beat everyone they threw at him. Technically he is a nobody, but he rose to the top of the nobody’s. I don’t understand the bashing of a guy that has risen above most guys with a handicap that he uses to his advantage. Everyone has to beat a bunch of nobody’s to become somebody. Crapping on a genuine good guy for living his dream and doing more with his life than posting on a forum is outside of my understanding. May your god have mercy on you.

          • TRT-rex

            For one I never bashed him. He is awesome. I bashed WSOF for putting on a one sided freak show. Which it was. And I don’t buy into religion so may your god, whoever that may be, have mercy on you. Master Froto.

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    Manhoef, cool!