Thanks to Matt Hamill, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Now Wants to Break His Will More Than Ever

May 19, 2011
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Matt Hamill vs Quinton Rampage Jackson - UFC 130

Matt Hamill vs Quinton Rampage Jackson

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson isn’t particularly excited to face Matt Hamill at UFC 130, but that’s not a slight on his opponent, he’s just not excited to face anyone in particular.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion spoke on Thursday about recent comments he had made expressing that he didn’t find a lot of excitement in his fight coming up on May 28.

It wasn’t necessarily anything against Hamill, but according to Jackson, fighting is his job and how he puts food on the table. That’s it.

“If they get to know me, I’m not really excited about anybody I fight,” Jackson stated. “It’s my job to me; it’s my career. I don’t get excited no more. I’ve got almost 40 fights. I don’t get excited about anybody I fight. I just go in and do it.”

If Jackson takes any heat for such statements, it doesn’t really bother him because while he’s out to perform and win every fight he’s involved in, his deepest concern lies with taking care of his family.

Jackson loves the fans that support him, but ultimately he answers only to the family that relies on him every single day.

“That stuff don’t bother me at all what they say or what they think. It’s my life, it’s my family I take care of, and I have my goals and my plans, things I’m going to do to make me happy. That’s all I really care about, me and my family,” Jackson said.

“The fans I’m just here to entertain them, but do I care about them the way I do my family? Hell no.”

Excitement is different than motivation, however, when it comes to Jackson’s feelings towards facing Hamill at UFC 130.

Hamill had made some comments about how he was approaching the fight with Rampage, and how he believed he could break the former light heavyweight champion’s will when they step into the Octagon together.

Unwittingly, Hamill may have actually provided Jackson with just the ammunition he needed to push those extra hours of preparation in the gym to make sure he was really ready for their bout.

“I think Matt made a mistake when he actually said he’s going to break my will, and that I’m going to overlook him,” Rampage commented.

“That actually lit a fire up under my ass, and actually made me train a little bit harder just so I could break his will. So I could make sure I could outclass him.”

Jackson will try to prove that fatal error on Hamill’s part when the square off in the main event of UFC 130 next weekend in Las Vegas.

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  • T876543

    Quinton Jackson fought some of the best fights I have ever seen (Pride,mainly). I can almost guarantee that the super explosive, body slamming, and at times, a pissed off ain’t nothing gonna stop me badass, is past us.
    He is a family man now and I am sure he is at peace and happy for him… Thanks for the wars, Quinton!

  • Ya_Veo

    Translated that’s “he’s washed up”…I totally disagree. He’s just got to find his motivation again. It changes as we get older.

  • MrAdidas

    Rampage is “DONE”, he doesnt have the mental aspect to compete with the best of the best anymore, especially to be champ again, but he doesnt have the skill to be champ either, not with Jon Jones as Champ! I think Rampage fights for the $ now, rather than the love of it, like he did in Pride. He even talked about retiring in a year or two I think, he might as well retire now b/c if Matt Hamill beats Rampage or even goes the distance with Rampage, thats pretty much a loss. I’d love to see the Rampage of old, of a few yrs ago, but I’d be kidding my-self if I really thought it were possible.