Texas Commission Confirms Nate Marquardt ‘Met All Medical Requirements’ for 2010 Fight with Palhares

June 29, 2011
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Nate Marquardt UFC 102

Nate Marquardt

After disclosing the terms of his hormone replacement therapy on Monday, more information about Nate Marquardt’s fight history over the last few months has come to light.

Marquardt stated that after feeling sluggish and having extreme mood swings that he began a course of medication in August 2010.

The Colorado fighter admits to filing for a medical exemption with the state of New Jersey for his March 2011 bout against Dan Miller, but there were still two more fights that fell into that timeline prior to the fight at UFC 128.

One of the fights, a November 2010 bout against Yushin Okami, took place in Germany and falls under the UFC’s own medical testing run by company vice president Marc Ratner. The other fight was his main event bout against Rousimar Palhares in Austin, Texas, in September 2010.

The timing of the bout would have been approximately a month after Marquardt stated he started the therapy to increase his testosterone levels.

On Wednesday, Susan Stanford of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that Marquardt “met all medical requirements” for his fight with Palhares.

While Texas, much like Pennsylvania, due to HIPPA laws cannot reveal specifics regarding an athlete’s specific medical records, they did confirm that Marquardt filled out and completed a pre-fight screening, and passed all of their medical requirements.

Marquardt’s management team at Alchemist also confirmed that when speaking with MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday.

“There was no issue that I know of with the Texas Commission in September at all. Nate’s levels were within range at that time,” Alchemist representative Kelly Crigger said.

Marquardt did file for a medical exemption for his condition and treatment when applying for a license in New Jersey, and the commission there notified the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, which started the chain of events that culminated with Saturday’s weigh-ins and Marquardt’s eventual release from the promotion.

Marquardt was unable to get his testosterone levels back into acceptable ranges prior to his scheduled fight with Rick Story, and thus the Pennsylvania Commission would not allow him to fight.

Hours later Marquardt was off the card and also out of a job.

This is at least one more piece of the puzzle solved as Marquardt continues to rebuild his name and work towards his future in fighting.

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  • armendo420

    have fun findin a new job sucka head

  • jared499

    Ok do you think that it is possible that Nate, does have a medical reason for the testosterone levels being jacked up.

    First of all, it appears that he has gone through all the proper channels with his previous fights, since being diagnosed with his condition, unlike some in the past, Sonnen. Yet Dana is banning Nate for life, but vocally critizing the CSAC for the Sonnen case, because he was suspended.. Sorry Dana, I think your the best promoter in MMA, but this is a promotional based decision. Lets face it, Sonned has a big money fight with Anderson, Nate has no big money fights, wont fight GSP at WW and not gonna get another Title shot at MW.

    Secondly, it is ludercris to assume the worst in people, especially when they have gone through proper channels. Do any of you realize how difficult it is to maintain and stabablize proper levels of anything in your system, when you are supplimenting the lack of natural build up with perscription drugs. Just ask a diabetic, it takes mulitiple attempts to get the medication correct and even after that it spikes and drops depending on multiple factors. Considering that this is fairly new diagnosis, I would think that Dana and the UFC would give him a little room for error.

    Lastly, I have to wonder if this is the whole story, while I have no doubt that Dana is vidictive enough to ban him for life for just this, it seems with the statements that Dana has made, about Nate being a good guy upfront, but shady in the back, that something else is lurcking in the dark here. I hope for Dana, that all the information comes to light. Because as it is currently, to me Dana looks like a biase promoter. Defending one fighter, by saying the he has paid his dues and does not deserve to be punished for life and then turning around and punishing another fighter for life for pretty much the same thing. Except Nate did not have fraud charges pending against him as well.

    Sorry Dana but if this is the whole story then it is time you take that super ego of yours and check it at the door. Time to treat all fighters as equal and not favor some who are more profitable to you and the UFC. If Nate is banned for life, then so should Sonnen, Barnett, Leben, and the countless others that are to many to name.

  • Duxan1

    I do not believe for a second that there was any medical reason for testosterone intake. Symptoms of testosterone defficiency include loss of muscle weight and increase of body fat. Did anyone notice any fat on this guy’s body? He was juicing, plain and simple.

  • Duxan1

    As far as the Texas Commission goes, there is a reason why Josh Barnett got his license there and not in Nevada or California.