Ten Years in the Making, Ian Freeman vs. Ken Shamrock Set for July in England

March 31, 2013
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Ian Freeman vs Ken ShamrockA fight 10 years in the making is on the verge of finally happening this summer in England. Ian Freeman and Ken Shamrock, two pioneering figures in mixed martial arts, have agreed to fight for Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships on July 27 in Doncaster.

“I’ve managed to get a long awaited fight with Ken Shamrock,” Freeman told MMAWeekly.com, confirming an earlier report by Sherdog.com that cited the event’s promoter, David Mangham.

The two wear originally slated to fight a decade ago in the Octagon at UFC 43, but that fight never happened. Shamrock pulled out of the fight in the final weeks leading up to the event, leaving Freeman to fight Shamrock’s student, Vernon White, to a draw.

Freeman, in a recent interview with GrappleTalk.com, said that Shamrock avoided another proposed fight with him several years ago under the Cage Rage banner, and was surprised when Shamrock recently called him out.

Neither fighter has been very active in mixed martial arts competition lately.

Shamrock (28-15-2) last fought in a losing effort to Mike Bourke in a King of the Cage event in late 2010. He’s fought 10 times in the 10 years since pulling out of the UFC 43 bout with Freeman, winning just three of those fights.

Freeman (19-7-1) hasn’t fought MMA since 2008, when he defeated Paul Cahoon, winning the Cage Rage British light heavyweight championship. He fought MMA just six times after drawing with White at UFC 43, amassing a 5-1 record during that span. Freeman does have a K-1 rules kickboxing victory over Andy Geer in May 2012 to his credit as well.

Returning after five years out of active competition in MMA, Freeman hasn’t yet decided if this is a comeback, but he also hasn’t declared this to be a one-and-done opportunity either.

“I will take one fight at a time,” he told MMAWeekly.com. “If I feel good I will no doubt have another.”

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  • b-soc

    Just what I always wanted to see! A fight at the seniors home

    • battle ready

      Pointless indeed. Buy I guess it may sell tickets. Who really cares?

  • Maddawgmar

    Great two geriatrics fighting. Hopefully someone brings the depends.

  • upindatazz

    They will be wearing “Depends” over their cups.

  • Cameron Merryman

    First death in the cage…Heart Attack Rd 2

  • Logical

    What is the ruling on stopping the fight if one of these guys crap themselves in the ring…….

  • Gary Fredericks

    No reason why this can’t be fun to watch with two old guys from the same era’s facing off. Heck, I would LOVE IT if the UFC put a legends division of say 40-50 yr olds together instead of the mockery that some of these old guys returning against young studs ala Hughes vs Royce Gracie or the 2,492 x we saw Shamrock vs Ortiz, or any of the post pride Sakuraba fights.

    Think about it….it’d give them an outlet and the fans better quality fights for when/if they do come back and it could satiate us old guys that watched the sport evolve from the beginning.

  • Edgar211

    Good for Shamrock… He badly needs the money, I guess his old “call a fighter” job wasn’t doing too well

  • dgs

    I vote this most irrelevant fight of the past decade.

  • bob coy

    Wow total waste of time writing this article huh ken pishna?
    Seriously who cares. Most wojldnt watch for free unless it was at the retirement center and YOU were just visiting grandma.

  • Nice to see both fighters getting a payday. Despite the fact that their both at the ends of their careers its a good styles match up.

  • Ian is still in great shape. Older or not, it’s a fight id still like to see

  • George S Anderson

    My prediction… Ian goes in for the shoot and breaks his hip… Ken gets taken down in the process and separates his shoulder… No contest

  • james j

    Absolutely insignificant. Poor Shamrock must need cash