Teixeira vs. Bader and Jacare vs. Okami Reported for UFC on Fox Sports 1 #3

June 24, 2013
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Glover Teixeira vs Rampage Jackson at UFC on Fox 6UFC on Fox Sports 1 #3 has yet to be officially announced by promotion officials, but a report from Brazilian website Portal do Vale Tudo says it is a go and revealed two more bouts for the event.

UFC officials have long targeted Sept. 4 for a Fox Sports 1 event in Brazil. The original plan was for Porto Alegre to host the event, but PVT reports the UFC will instead return to Belo Horizonte for the event.

A bout between Joseph Benavidez and Jussier “Formiga” da Silva has already been rumored for Sept. 4, but the two new bouts include Glover Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader in a light heavyweight tilt and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Yushin Okami at middleweight.

Teixeira (21-2) and Bader (15-3) were originally slated to fight at UFC 160, but Bader had to withdraw due to an MCL injury. Teixeira went on to score a first-round submission victory over James Te Huna.

Jacare (18-3) recently made his promotional debut by submitting Chris Camozzi at UFC on FX 8. Okami (29-7) is on a three-fight winning streak, recovering well following a failed attempt to take the middleweight belt from Anderson Silva and then losing to Tim Boetsch in his next bout.

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  • Truth

    2 great fights.

    Gotta go w/ Teixeira over Bader. Bader’s real hope is his wrestling but Teixeira has solid wrestling of his own and hopefully some of that legendary takedown defense of Chxck has rubbed off on Glover.

    Jacare v. Okami is a good one, esp. for true MMA fans. Jacare would be the sexy pick, but smart money is on Okami.

    Jacare has actually been improving his stand-up but Okami’s is still better and has less holes. Jacare would LOVE to take Okami down and in top position but Okami will likely not let this happen as Okami has a decided advantage in wrestling and if Okami decides to take the fight to the ground, he has excellent sub defense and good gnp and top control.

    Okami should have a strength advantage and will likely win a decision and lot of the lay / casual fans will complain that the fight is boring.

    • natpaukar7

      I would have to argue that Jacare will land a nearly quick decision. I believe his striking is actually better than Okami’s in an unorthodox manner, which has proven to be what hurts Okami’s defense anyway.

  • solo

    Great match -ups! TEXEIRA is on fire. Dont think Bader has what it takes to stop his hunt to the title shot, and if Glover can menage to pull another stoppage victory he is close. As for Jacare vs Okami, im looking forward to this fight. A true test for Jacare, everyone is expecting so much from him, and Okami is always dangerous with his style and coming off a good victory that will probably send Lombard to 170.

  • Ian Price

    I can’t believe Texiera is fighting Bader. I mean, Bader has lost to every top fighter so far, except for a washed-up Rampage. Texiera, on the other hand, hasn’t lost since Al Gore invented the Internet. And pants.

    Could we please see Texiera fight a top-5 fighter already? Or is this a gimmie fight to keep his winning streak intact to hype up a future fight for when he challenges for the LHW belt??

    • Advance*

      Lil Nog is hurt, Gustaffson is fighting for the title, Henderson just lost and Shogun is fighting Sonnen. Other than Bader, that only really leaves Rashad and Machida. Who’s to say they weren’t offered the Teixeira fight and turned it down? Or maybe the plan is for them to have a rematch. I’m just saying that matchmaking isn’t always that simple. Especially for someone like Teixeira who is obviously very dangerous but still has the lowest profile of the top 10

      • Ian Price

        Makes sense. But after Bader, it would really be a travesty for him to fight any non top7 or so LHW

      • shakejunt

        don’t forget gegard and phil davis are floating around there too.

        the reality is that glover is on a great streak, but his highest ranked opponent was rampage… after he just lost to bader.

        • julian moran

          Mousasi is out for a while do to surgery.

          • shakejunt

            that is correct, but when he comes back he should be paired up with one of the aforementioned names

  • kbroesq

    I’m sorry, but can they give Texiera someone a little higher on the ladder? Bader is very talented and I’m not trying to disrespect him, but the fight just doesn’t make sense right now. Give Texiera someone like Evans/Machida, or make him wait for someone else.

    This is as much for Bader too. He needs to slow down. If he loses again, it’s really going to set him back and take him out of the minds of people thinking title contender.

    • Zap

      I agree. this Bader fight sucks. Thiago Silva or Rashad Evans are the fights to make.

      • MMA

        Seriously, the UFC and Joe Silva are dropping the ball in making contenders in the LHW division… the whole Sonnen situation was just a big mess and since then they’ve not been building anyone up. As you said above, it should be Teixeira vs. Rashad and Bader vs. Thiago Silva. It’s so simple yet they continue to make bonehead decisions.

    • shakejunt

      they’re biding their time with glover. bader is top 10 for sure. this makes perfect sense for him because jones is fighting gus the same month. it’s about timing.

  • The Best Eva

    Great fights, hopefully Glover and Jacare take the fights so they can get closer to contention.


    So Sick of these gate keeper fights!

    • Served

      you must not know what a “gate keeper” is.

  • julian moran

    Good fights as they could both go either way. Wrestlers of that caliber can always null the action for decision wins.
    It all comes down to if Jacare will be able to force his jiu-jitsu on Okami and If Teixeira will be able to keep it standing with Bader or get back up from under him.

  • drkdisciple

    was hoping to see Glover take on the winner of Henderson vs Evans (therefor Evans)…I just think he will make quick work of Bader.

  • I’ll go with Glover Tex on this, even though Bader has been impressive Glover has the edge. And Jacare and Okami is a treat. To very impressive grapplers with solid striking. I’ll go with Jacare though.

  • octavio

    Texeira easy win. Bad match making again by Joe Silva he sucks.

    • Brazilian Silva

      why are you whining. These are great match-ups by Joe Silva here.

      Texeira may easily win, but Bader is no push-over. It’s a good fight for Texeira b/c he’s fighting a solid name and will have his wrestling tested by a strong grappler. Not to mention that Bader still has KO power in his hands.

      Okami vs Jacare is an awesome fight for MMA purists. For real mma fans, no explanation should be necessary.