Tecia Torres and Raquel Pennington Get Engaged!

May 14, 2017

  • TorresNpenningtonSuck

    Who cares!

  • Adam White

    What ever happened to don’t ask don’t tell….. I see this stuff enough as it is, and it makes me sick.

    • al

      I AGREE ADAM, AND Thanks to Oboma they’re coming like flies on Crack

    • Joshua Gustin Grant

      What makes me sick is people begrudging others for being happy. If you don’t want to see people that are different from you, stay off the internet.

  • Johnny_Brento

    I enjoy both of these girls as fighters in the UFC, espcially Rocky cause she’s a real badass. I’ll say this for them, at least they didn’t do a lame in ring proposal. The postfight interview is no place for that kind of thing heterosexual or otherwise in my opinion.

    Marriage certainly isn’t what it was when I was a kid. If it’s legal, it’s legal. That doesn’t mean old timers like myself want the new normal constantly shoved in our face with the tagline, “Take IT!, Take IT!, Take IT!” Nothing againt gay people personally, I just don’t like it constantly presented as something that is supposed to feel like the mainstream norm.

    • Joshua Gustin Grant

      No one asked you what you like. It’s their life. Live and let live.

      • himmler adams

        no son it’s live and let DIE

  • polk14


    • Joshua Gustin Grant

      Your attitude is.

      • polk14

        Another dumbass liberal. Shouldn’t you be at a protest burning and looting?

  • RazMission

    Well, that was awkward

  • al

    ARE YOU SEROIUS, and the girl is Crying her eyes out behind it ! WHO CARES ? Should of stayed in the closet

  • Jon Holden

    Lots of box eaters in women’s mma…

  • Texas Gun Toter

    That’s godda be creepy rolling with them.

  • TheCerealKiller

    My 18 year old nephew said he’d never get married, it’s for gay people now. The majority of Americans now identify as single. As of 2016 it’s up to 50.7%. Each year it has grown a small amount, but that is offset by gays getting married. 2017 is showing 53%, but I can’t find a reputable source for that. Just like calling them gay and lesbian, it’s not the same as straight, so why smear the name of our marriage to make them happy? They should pick a different name for their union.

  • Murdock

    I’m guessing Rocky is the man in the relationship.

  • himmler adams

    Makes me want to vomit scum news like this. Why in the hell would the UFC even print this despicable crap. It is an abomination of God’s laws.

  • himmler adams

    I thought God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve? Satan is involved with this other crap of woman on woman and men with men. Even God is scratching his holy head wondering WTF is happening to these weirdos on Earth who are going to hell?

  • wmmafan

    I would pay at least $300 for a sex tape of these two

  • himmler adams

    Ban both of these disgusting anti God creatures from the UFC immediately. Sickens me tremendously as I know many kids who read this crap. This vile sewage is not to be printed. What’s next for the UFC child rape reporting?

  • Steve Arnold

    The comments on this article are disgusting and disheartening…

  • Smoothlikesilk

    Congrats! Best wishes for a long, happy life together.