Team Golden Glory Willing to Work with Zuffa; Says Overeem Could Even Be Exclusive to UFC

August 11, 2011
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The ongoing saga between Zuffa officials and Team Golden Glory has continued to unfold over the last couple of weeks as the promotion dropped Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem as well as teammates Marloes Coenen, Valentijn Overeem and Jon Olav Einemo.

UFC President Dana White stated that it was Team Golden Glory’s unwillingness to allow the promotion to pay the fighters directly that spurned the eventual releases of several of their fighters from both the UFC and Strikeforce.

White explained that they only pay the athletes directly and Team Golden Glory insisted on them being paid and that they would then dole out the money to the fighters.

Now, Team Golden Glory leader Bas Boon has responded and explained his team’s situation in all of this, and even goes on to say that they are willing to work with Zuffa again, even under their terms.

Starting with the situation surrounding the release of Golden Glory’s fighters, Boon explains that it began with conversations held in Vancouver around the UFC 131 weekend that Jon Olav Einemo made his Zuffa debut against Dave Herman.

“The Golden Glory management discussed before coming to the U.S. about the payment situation and it was agreed to speak with a Zuffa lawyer about this in Vancouver, to find a solution,” Boon wrote in a release.

“There was a contract in place and Golden Glory and Einemo honored the UFC rules including getting the check on the fighter’s name. Einemo showed his check in the gym as well, which was on his name, and Alistair and Valentijn also confirmed their payment was done by check in their name. The Zuffa lawyer explained that the fighters could open an account at a bank were the UFC did their banking and the check would clear in only two days instead of 6 weeks till 8 weeks. That’s how long it takes to clear a check in a foreign country which was also an issue for some of the fighters, and they could then transfer the amount to the final destination at their choice. They were thankful and did this.”

Boon goes on to give the reasons why Team Golden Glory insists on payment to the management team instead of directly to the fighters.

“The reason that the Golden Glory management company is doing this business for the Golden Glory fighters for over 12 years with payment directly to the management company is for the benefit of the fighters, coaches and trainers are paid on time and the management company will take care of bookkeeper and taxes and exchange rates and legal help for the fighters,” Boon stated.

“We have many fighters from many different parts of the world and also have gyms in Berlin, Germany, Liverpool, England, Pattaya, Thailand, California, Bucharest, Romania, Moscow, Russia and three gyms in Holland. Golden Glory is growing on an international level and we are working with one management company to coordinate these businesses.

“Fighters only sign agreements with promoters if coaches, trainers, management and the fighter agree with the terms, regardless to whom the payment will be done.”

According to Boon, the situation with Strikeforce was different when they first signed their deal to the time when Zuffa took over the promotion earlier in 2011.

Boon explains that he and then Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker were in discussions for a potential TV deal as well as other business dealings, and at that point Team Golden Glory got involved with the San Jose based promotion.

That all changed when a few months later Strikeforce sold to Zuffa, and all business shifted directions at that point.

Boon says that under the previous Strikeforce deal, the promotion paid money directly to the management company without issue, but once Zuffa took over the policy changed. He also spoke about the sponsorship policy changes under the Zuffa umbrella of leadership.

“The fighters were paid in the previous Strikeforce bouts to an account of the management without any problems, yet UFC claimed this was impossible,” said Boon. “Then the fighters were losing sponsors as the UFC took over Strikeforce as they implemented their new rules.

“If you can sponsor the fighter you should sponsor the organization first. I understand this from a business point of few, but some companies can’t effort to pay 100K or more to an organization. And some fighters getting 5 or 10K in sponsorship is where they actually can make some good money. We just wanted the things as they were before, but it was far from what it was before. The payment was done how the UFC wanted and again we agreed and did the same as in Vancouver, so that matter was solved , so I do not understand why Dana claims we did not agree?

“We did not have a choice and never said we would not fight in the future or that we would refuse to work like this in the future (we worked out that problem with the Zuffa lawyer in the Vancouver and even agreed with their new sponsor policies). Maybe there is a miscommunication and Dana was not well informed that the direct payment issue was solved and no longer an issue as I myself have been in and out hospital for two weeks because of heath issues.”

With four fighters from Golden Glory now released from Zuffa because of the strained relationship between the two parties, Boon is hopeful to sit down and hammer out a new deal to get his competitors back in the cage again soon.

Boon even states that Alistair Overeem could come to the UFC under an exclusive deal, if the right terms are offered.

“We regret the response from Zuffa and the releases, but it is their company and they can do what they want, we would like to keep working in the future with the UFC and with this statement I clearly say that direct payment to any of our fighter was not a problem and will not be a problem in the future,” Boon stated.

“We just want to be able to produce great fighters and create great fights for the fans, we have no intention for co-promotion deals and are even willing to make an exclusive deal for Alistair Overeem to fight in the UFC, if the terms are right.”

Will Team Golden Glory fighters end up back in the UFC and Strikeforce? Only time will tell now.

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  • bajafox

    LOL, what makes them think the UFC would want him?

    • Beaver

      Exactly…the amount of money he would want to fight once or twice a year wouldn’t be worth it. Plus they’d have to put up with his chronic hang nails and toe injuries so who knows how often he would fight!!

      • clizzark

        Jesus, you people are retarded. Overeem fights more than pretty all other HWs in the top 10, and if you didn’t have your head up your ass or Dana’s ass, then you’d know that Overeem’s injuries were legit.

  • j-k-martin

    I’m glad they are willing to work it out. I want to see Overeem in the UFC.

  • WGF_Daniel

    Overeem would need to get his wrestling game in order be4 coming to the ufc.

    • Cptmats

      And his everything else game !

  • I’m over it, let me know if they work things out. Until then I don’t need to hear anymore details, possibilities, what if’s, could have been’s or anymore he said she said bullshit.

  • “We don’t need you, Zuffa!”

    *look around at other promotions*

    “We might be able to work this out…”

    • Sinalag

      That sounds like a whole lot of guys when they leave the UFC.

      • wonggfan

        Not really.

        Vast majority of the fighters released from the UFC are released for performance reasons.

        Only few fighters are released for other reasons. Tim Sylvia, Arlovski, Werdum, Hendo…etc..

        For those few fighters, they really leave the UFC instead of getting dragged out.

  • mmaworld

    okay we all know there is really no compet out there anywhere for alistair so he has to come to ufc to get good fights

    • bajafox

      He had good fights lined up for him in Strikeforce, why on earth do people think he deserves to be in the UFC?

      He fkt up, listening to your management can sometimes cost you dearly (i.e. Fedor + M1)

      • wonggfan

        Are you serious??

        (1) Overeem, skill-wise, definitely deserves to be in the UFC. But so does everyone else left standing in the SF tourney. I would pick Brett Rogers over Tim Hague or Dave Herman or Chris Tuchereere (Brock’s slave).

        (2) Your UFC worshipping as the only major league needs to stop. YES, they are the best organization. But there are cans in the UFC too. In fact, there are more cans in the UFC than good fighters.

        (3) Fedor made so much money through his M-1 deal. Contrary to what some of you ignorant rednecks think, Fedor is a partner in M-1. And with Vadim, he has made money that some fighters can only dream about. CAIN, JON JONES, SILVA, GSP, AND EDGAR COMBINED MAKE LESS THAN FEDOR PER FIGHT.

        • afk

          i don’t know about all those figures exactly, but for the record, what you’re saying is that as a promoter he makes more money per fight than any of those guys do. as a fighter, he’s probably making less than silva and gsp, not to mention locker room bonuses etc that the ufc does not report to the athletic commissions.

          who wouldn’t expect that? there’s a reason de la hoya makes 40 million a fight: golden boy promotions.

    • Cptmats

      Are you kidding, he would have compitition in a retirement home !

  • devine22

    Face it the Reem didnt want to fight Bigfoot!!! Bigfoot is on another level right now an that was his only way out! Reem vs Kongo sounds good

    • clizzark

      Man, why do people turn into retards when Overeem’s name comes up? It’s like you idiots forget you have a brain when his name is mentioned. Overeem just beat the guy who beat Bigfoot.

      • wonggfan

        Oh please, some of these UFC fanboys will always say such stupid thing.

        Why would the Reem be afraid of Bigfoot when he has fought Werdum?

        Clizzark was one of the dudes that said that Todd Duffee would kill Overeem.

        Then after the match he said that Duffee could have won had the fight been in a cage instead of a ring.

        When he realized how stupid he sounded, he started saying that Todd Duffee sucks and beating him doesn’t count.

        • clizzark

          When I realized I stupid I sound? Maybe you should realize how stupid you sound. When the hell did I ever say Duffee would beat Overeem? I’ve been an Overeem fan for a long time and I would pick him over pretty much any HW while giving his fight with Velasquez 50/50 odds.

  • madona

    Overeem is considered by most to be the number 1 hw in the world. Why would the ufc not want him.

    At the end of the day it s just Dana being a douche again..

    • jared499

      Not sure where you are getting that information, but by the way people post on this and other websites, I do not think most people have him ranked as #1HW, that for the most part belongs to Cain right now with JDS solid at #2. Most rankings have him around 3 or 4.

    • Cptmats

      Not sure where you came up with that ? Most true mma fans think he’s a joke who like to fight 100 lb. japs !

      • clizzark

        Most people, actually everybody on the planet, thinks you’re a retard because you are indeed one.

    • MrAdidas

      Who are these “most people” that consider Overeem to be the #1 HW? I thought everyone claimed Fedor was the #1 HW? If you want to be the #1 fighter in whatever division, then you best be figthing in the UFC or else that #1 is just a number.

      Why do you need to be in the UFc to be #1?!? b/C thats where the majority of the best fighters are located. Overeem might be… might be top 8, but he’s definately not top 3 in anyones HW rankings… well not anyone who knows the basics about MMA.

      I’m not sure how anyone could consider Overeem in the top 5, let alone #1 HW after seeing his list of opponents & not to mention his last fight Vs. Werdum (ZZZzzzZZZ). All I have to say is Cain, JDS, Carwin, Brock & Mir would have beaten up on Overeem had he fought them like he did Werdum. Like, was his last fight a hint of what we can expect from Overeem when he fights top competition, b/c he wouldnt last very long in the UFC with performances like that, for TWO reasons. ONE: The UFC/Dana would terminate his contract in a heart beat if he EVER performed like he did Vs. Werdum in the UFC. TWO: He would get OWNED & KTFO if he ever tried that shit he pulled with Werdum, against any of the UFC’s top 5 HW’s. He wouldnt make it out of the 1st round if he fought Cain like he fought Werdum.

      • wonggfan

        Overeem would destroy Carwin or Mir at this stage of their careers. JDS or Cain is a different story. Brock vs Overeem would be interesting.

        I could totally see Carwin being released from the UFC and fighting the Reem in Japan. Carwin would be Brett Rogersed or Todd Duffee-ed.

        • MrAdidas

          I completely disagree that Overeem could beat Carwin or Mir. Carwin went 3 rounds Vs Jr. Dos Santos & survived everything Jr threw at him. Overeem would eventually get tagged & thats all Carwin would need. As for Mir I think he could win a decision or possibly surprise Overeem on the feet setting up a takedown, if that happens – if Mir gets him to the ground its OVER! The only reason I’m not giving Overeem any credit is b/c of his last fight, I think this is what you can expect from OVereem when he fights world class fighters. I could be wrong, but I doubt It – who knows?

          P.S I’d love to see Overeem fight Stefan Stroove or Big Country, that would be a nice test for Overeem!

          • wonggfan

            Then what about Mir?

            I think the Reem could beat the Carwin that showed up at JDS fight.

            What about Frank Mir of today?

      • clizzark

        Mr Adidas, you are pretty damn stupid. Anyone with any actual MMA knowledge (which obviously excludes you) knows Overeem is a top 3 HW. It’s funny how you want to give Overeem crap for his fight against Werdum when he won the fight and that it was Werdum’s fault the fight wasn’t very good. Oh and then you want to mention Carwin, Brock and Mir? Man, you Zuffa Zombies are braindead. Hello, did you see Brock against either Carwin or Velasquez? Did you see Mir’s fights against Brock and Carwin? Hell, his fights against Fatboy Nelson and Overthehill Cop weren’t very good either. Did you see Carwin against Brock and JDS? Pitiful fights, but no, you somehow want to look down on just Overeem while he beat the #2 HW?

  • blaiwai

    I think its a little late on GG’s side. It seems the MMA community is not overly depressed not to see Overeem in UFC/SF. Personally I would love to see him fight in the UFC but im not gonna cry about it if he goes to Japan or somewhere else to fight bums

  • Darren2112

    i just want to see him fight

  • Unador

    Plenty of bums in the UFC HW division for Overeem to fight if all he is good for is fighting bums.
    Other than that, make him fight someone good, lose it up three times and he gets sent home for good.
    end of debate.

    I’d like to see any proclaimed top ten fighter enter the ufc so we can that worked out for good. To heck with just saying ‘ah, Fedor’s no good, he aint fought nobody’. Let’s get him in here and have him fight a couple of somebodies and settle the debate once and for all.

    • MrAdidas

      The “debate” about Fedor being #1 went out the window 3 fights ago when he got submitted, then it was finalized after he got SPANKED by BIG Foot & then Henderson was the final nail in Fedors’ coffin.

      I still dont understand or even know how people could justify Fedor being the #1 HW in the world by simply figthing Tomato Cans, having never steped foot in the UFC, nor has he fought or beaten a top 10 in quite some years. Make any sense? HELL NO!!!

      Yeah, Fedor should be considered “JEBUS” for the list of oponents he has fought & beaten….. Tsuyoshi Kohsaka – Mirko Filipović – Wagner Martins – Mark Coleman – Mark Hunt – Matt Lindland – Hong-Man Choi – Tim Sylvia – Andrei Arlovski – Brett Rogers. These are his last 10 fights in which he won, so if this list jsutify’s Fedor being the #1 HW in the world, then I guess GSP’s list makes him KING of the Universe. Seing that GSP isnt “king of the universe”, Fedor WAS NOT, IS NOT & NEVER will be #1 HW in the world, let alone the #1 P4P fighter. Now thats a good joke!

      • wonggfan

        Let me ask you a question. Who in 2008 and early 2009 should Fedor have fought to retain in #1 status?

        In 2008, the HW ranking was:

        1. Fedor
        2. Nog
        3. Barnett
        4. Randy
        5. Tim Sylvia
        6. Andre Arlovski
        7. Werdum
        8. Gonzaga
        9. Frank Mir
        10. Cro Cop

        So who, in your opinion, should Fedor have fought?

  • bajafox

    His management wants him to fight UFC’s top 3, at least that’s 3 straight losses that will prove he doesn’t belong

    • Unador

      The money may be a problem, but if they aren’t going to pay him any less than what they pay the other fighters I fail to see the problem.
      For the fighter, it should be about the fight. If he really thinks he’s the best, then he should be confident in a single performance against a top 3 ranked guy. If he performs well, then perhaps an increase in pay is warranted.
      If he loses, then the whole GG can stfu about demanding so much money, and then schedule this guy against a top 8-3 guy. If he loses again? release him or fight him a guy from 10 – 20 and release him.
      When you come in as a head hunter, you set yourself up for a short career. If you take the top, you stay, if you lose the top, you go, and don’t come back.
      If you come in from the bottom and work your way up, you can fall back down, and still maintain employment.

  • wonggfan

    Let’s try to clear things up before some of you go around killing each other.

    (1) Overeem does belong in the UFC in terms of his skill level. Pretty much except for the top 4 or 5 guys, UFC has a lot of cans, e.g., Dave Herman, Tim Hague, Chris Tuchererererer (Brock’s boy).

    (2) However, it is debatable whether Overeem is worth $200k ~ $300k to the UFC. Heavyweight fighters are expensive. And UFC has pretty good contracts with guys at Overeem’s level. For example JDS probably gets paid 1/2 of what Overeem gets paid. This is the same reason why the UFC wouldn’t go crazy after Barnett.

    (3) The UFC doesn’t care whether fighters get paid directly from them or through intermediaries. The UFC doesn’t want the collective bargaining that GG has. In that sense GG functions exactly like M-1 global.

    (4) I think Overeem could make money by participating in K-1 and Dream and one other up and coming organization who is willing to invest in the Reem.

  • wonggfan

    This is what happens when one organization has a monopoly over the industry.

    The UFC wants to deal with fighters individually instead of collectively. GG could practice collective bargaining.

    Collective bargaining is one of the ways in which fighters could alleviate the one-sided leverage the UFC has over them.

    The fighters need unions, pensions, insurance…etc.

  • bajafox

    Unions fk everything up.

  • devine22

    clizzark!!! Are you serious?? An that means what? Styles make fights!! Just because bigfoot lost to Werdum does mean he cant beat Reem!!

    • clizzark

      Bigfoot nearly got knocked out by a LHW 2 fights ago, and he didn’t look that good against Arlovski 3 fights ago (needed a decision to beat a guy everyone else has been KO’ing in the 1st round). Also, his win over Fedor doesn’t look so good now. Hell, if the doctor didn’t stop it there, then I could see him losing in the 3rd round.

  • clizzark

    For you UFC nuthuggers, why are you talking crap about Fedor’s wins? Who has JDS and Velasquez beaten? Their resumes aren’t that great, and you’d know that if you had a clue about the sport.