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Dana White Can Book ‘The Hulk vs. Mot...

Oct 20, 20162 Comments923 Views

Dana White can book all the fights except one for Georges St-Pierre.

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You Can Bet on Which Organization Georges S...

Oct 20, 2016No Comments903 Views

You can wager on if Georges St-Pierre fights for the UFC on somewhere else.

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Carlos Condit UFC 154 Pre-Fight Press Confe...

Nov 14, 2012Comments off921 Views

Carlos Condit is no stranger to taking tough fights in other people's hometowns, but he has some bad news for the Montreal faithful come Saturday

Round 5 Releases Special George St-Pierre U...

Apr 25, 2011Comments off1539 Views

A longtime leader in the mixed martial arts collectible community, Round 5 has announced the release of the Georges “Rush” St-Pierre UFC Fan Expo Toronto

Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre

Silva vs. Okami at UFC Rio, but Manager Sti...

Apr 14, 2011Comments off776 Views

While Anderson Silva's focus is now on his August fight against Yushin Okami, that doesn't mean there still isn't a super fight with Georges St-Pierre

Sure He Can Fight, but Can GSP Surf? George...

Mar 28, 2011Comments off872 Views

Sure he can fight, but can UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre surf? GSP met the surfing challenge head on.

St-Pierre Finishes Penn With 4th Round Stop...

Feb 01, 2009Comments off781 Views

Boxing had Muhammad Ali. Basketball had Michael Jordan. Baseball had Babe Ruth. And mixed martial arts has Georges St. Pierre, who on

Live UFC 56 Results Tonight

Nov 19, 2005Comments off659 Views

All three prelims are in the books and we have breaking news at the top of the hour....