T.J. Grant Out, Anthony Pettis In Against Benson Henderson at UFC 164

July 13, 2013
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Henderson vs Pettis 470x260An injury has forced T.J. Grant (21-5) out of the UFC lightweight title bout with Benson Henderson (19-2) scheduled for August 31.  Former WEC lightweight titleholder Anthony Pettis will step in against Henderson on the upcoming pay-per-view fight card.

The news was first reported by MMAJunkie.com and later confirmed by UFC president Dana White via Twitter.

Grant had earned his title shot with a technical knockout win over Gray Maynard at UFC 160 on May 25.  He is currently riding a five-fight winning streak.  The nature of his injury is unknown.

Pettis (16-2) was scheduled to fight for the featherweight title on August 3, but was forced out of the bout with champion Jose Aldo due to a knee injury.

He had previously lobbied for the UFC 164 bout with Henderson because it takes place at the HMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Pettis’ hometown.  White initially shot down the possibility, citing Pettis wouldn’t be ready in time.

That has apparently changed.

Pettis and Henderson have history.  The fight will be a rematch. The two first met in the now defunct WEC on Dec. 16, 2010.  Pettis edged out Henderson by decision to capture the WEC lightweight title.

Pettis took to Twitter in reaction to the news.

U can’t stop destiny !!! Me and Henderson for the belt in my home town!!!!

— Anthony Pettis (@Showtimepettis) July 13, 2013

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  • Christopher Harvey

    How convenient for the UFC and Pettis…I was looking forward to Grant fighting Henderson.

  • Kevin

    Dana does some bitch a$$ stuff, but citing “Pettis would not be ready” who the heck is he to say if someone is ready…but oh as soon as he NEEDS someone he is all about it. Comical!

    • Real

      what’s ridiculous about the whole thing is that Dana relied on doctor’s assessments to say that Pettis would not recover in time…. but now all of a sudden Pettis will be just fine.

  • Timbo_Slice

    looking forward to this fight much more !!!!! then him fighting Grant, should be great !

  • pogodog

    This is the fight that everyone wanted anyway

    • Prince James

      I didn’t, so much for everyone.

      • Real

        tell me about it.

        I actually preferred to see TJ Grant vs Pettis for now, b/c TJ had earned it. Plus, we could’ve still seen Pettis vs Bendo down the road.

        In the meantime, i was MORE intrigued of seeing Pettis drop down to FW and fighting ALDO.

        Korean Zombie will definitely be an underdog to Aldo, but let’s be real, if Aldo walks through Korean Zombie, there’s nobody else that’s very interesting to fight there… rematch w/ Cub? Mendes? A fight w/ Lamas isn’t very intriguing either.

        • Matte

          I would love to see Aldo vs Lamas assuming Zombie does not pull off the upset.

          • Real

            Yeah, that’d be just about the only other fight, but I don’t know. If Aldo runs through Korean Zombie, then I don’t see what Lamas is going to offer Aldo.

            Jung has a long reach and about a 4.5 in reach advantage over Aldo & Lamas (Aldo & Lamas have same reach). Lamas has improved his striking, but it’s still definitely below Aldo’s. But Lamas has weak wrestling, so it’d be difficult for him to take down Aldo if he wanted to.

            But you can’t admit you’d rather see Aldo fight Pettis, should Aldo beat Jung!

          • Matte

            Aldo vs Pettis is ofcourse a really relly interesting fight, make no mistake.

            Then again, so is Pettis vs Bendo.

            I’m also kinda against fighters swapping weigh class and getting an immediate title fight in general. That said I thin Aldo vs Pettis could be the most interesting fight all year should it happen.

          • Real

            but my point is, Pettis vs. Bendo isn’t as urgent, b/c there’s so many other intriguing fights at LW.

            However, assuming Aldo beats Jung, there’s not many appealing options at 145.

            Frankly, Aldo being one of the 4 P4P kings (Bones, Spider, GSP, Aldo)… Aldo vs. Pettis is probably a better fight than Spider vs GSP or Bones (Spider would be heavily favored against GSP, just as Bones would be favored over Spider b/c of Bones’ wrestling).

            Aldo v. Pettis would be awesome to watch, b/c Aldo has looked practically invincible at 145 but Pettis would have the size, reach, and possibly stand-up skills to match (or possibly beat) Aldo. And unlike Jones vs. Silva, Pettis doesn’t have a huge wrestling base to fall back on. This would probably be a stand-up war.

            But yes, Bendo vs. Pettis should be a great fight. Too many people forget that the first was super close. Everyone only remembers the matrix cage kick in the 5th round, but really, the fight was pretty much 2-2 at that point, w/ Bendo leading the 5th rd. until that kick.

  • julian moran

    I thought Pettis was not cleared to fight that early?

    • Real

      exactly, which is why i have no idea how this happened. VERY SHADY.

      • Wildmatt

        Anthony has stated a million times his injury wasn’t severe. It was just babble from Dana White.

        • Served

          it was also confirmed by sanctioned doctors

  • Prince James

    What are the odds. Who didn’t see that coming? I hope we find out the injury that caused this.

    • Supaman

      for Grant? he had a concussion during training.

  • Manuel Lopez

    And DW criticizes boxing.

  • eric

    nice with pettis in milwaukee ticket/ppv sells is way better so paying tj grant would be beneficial for him and zuffa

    • Real

      true, this is going to be huge homecourt advantage for the challenger.

  • victory assured

    Hopefully pettis puts an end to benson.dont let it go to the cards, just ask frankie. Frankie beat this man twice and judges didn’t give victory to frankie.
    Also, krogers has ointment on sale for all you butt hurt silva fans. Ive never seen such delusions as a silva fan making up all kinds of believed lies. Its astounding. Wonder what they will come up with when weidman ko ‘s silva again? Props to weidman for not getting discouraged when the theatrics started.most fighters would’ve fell apart, but weidman kept chugging away like the little choo choo train that could. He kept throwing punches as he should’ve regardless what silva was doing. Silva himself said he trained four months for weidman bout.weidman just started training because of shoulder surgery.weidman will be twice as strong and twice as confident in rematch.condolences are certainly in order for a great performance by weidman, he is certainly an inspiration and a role model for children

    • wally

      You speak truth!!!

      • Real

        lol, another crackhead.

    • Cjay Omar


    • Guest

      I’ve always said BH has never won a fight. All handed to him.

      • Real

        Nothing has been handed to the guy, he’s earned everything. The 2nd Frankie and the Gilbert fights were the only ones that were even close.

      • Your Mom

        Really? Do you remember him fighting Jim Miller? You fool. It astounds me how stupid “real fans” can be. What an idiot!!

      • KingLettuce

        You’re a buffoon.

    • Darin

      Edgar only got robbed on the second fight. Also, I’d say it is YOU that is obsessed over Silva. This page has nothing to do with him and look how much you just wrote on the subject.

      • Real

        Edgar didn’t get robbed in any fight. but yeah, you right about the rest.

        • Fried_Chicken

          You probably think you could beat Frankie.

      • victory assured

        Make sure you use your kroger card and get you some of that ointment you butt hurt ho!!! Lol

    • Real

      lol, what’re you smoking.

      Frankie got SMOKED in the first fight w/ Bendo… Frankie looked like his face went through a blender, while Bendo didn’t have a scratch.

      The 2nd fight was closer, but FAR from a robbery. IMO, Bendo still outpointed Edgar closely, and all judges agreed.

      You probably gonna say that Frankie beat Aldo too, but gimme a break.

      Frankie has no reason to complain, as he’s gotten some dubious decisions as well, most glaringly his earlier fight w/ Tyson Griffin.

      But instead of b!tching about close decisions, let’s just stick to the present as he did have a nice win over Oliveira.

    • Your Mom

      You idiot! Do you really think that this could have happened if Silva wasn’t clowning around at all? I love Weidman, but he is going to get smoked in the rematch. It’s going to be a great card to end the year, especially since we’re going to see the GOAT back on top in the division.

      And it’s a shame to see you’re on the Frankie Edgar bandwagon. He’s a runner, not a fighter. The Dominic Cruz of the Featherweight/Lightweight divisions. It’s too bad these “real fans” are so stupid and delusional. But oh well, I guess these comment forums allow the idiots to come together and speak nonsense. I feel sorry for you.

      • victory assured

        Make sure you get you some of that ointment you butt hurt biiitch

      • Baller31

        Edgar is a runner? WTF you smoking? Edgar has fought everyone put in front of him, and has never been beat down, has only lost by razor thin decisions that could have gone either way. You are the king of idiots in this forum.

  • bro

    Pettis is 18-2

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Eh the fate, Bendo-Pettis in Milwaukee … lol!

    I’m against conspirancy theories but really they are making all the efforts to make this fight looking like a work … Grant suffered a concussion …

  • Finally the real title fight everyone’s been wanting to see. Both guys are on fire right now. Pettis got hugged by Guida, no big deal, it happens. This rematch is way more interesting then T.J Grant. I mean the guy earned a title shot by stopping Gray Maynard but I would have liked to see him against one more top guy. He doesn’t seem to me to marketable as well but this fight here is exciting.

    • Lucas Freire

      He may not be marketable but dude, he destroyed every single guy he faced on LW.
      He dominated Evan Dunham, obliterated Wiman, and hell…he bulied the bully. I think Gray Maynard is as top opposition as someone may face other than the Champion.

      • That is true. I just wonder what position he will be in when he comes back. Hope this doesn’t set him back to much.

      • Fried_Chicken

        If Tiesto can be marketed, or Ronda Rousey for that matter, then so can TJ Grant.

        • Lucas Freire

          Not even close to Pettis, though.

          • Fried_Chicken

            You obviously know nothing about marketing.

          • Lucas Freire

            I had hopes you wouldn’t notice it.

          • Fried_Chicken

            Lets just agree to disagree and go get some ice cold beers!

  • David Luu

    Its Showtime baby!!

  • KingLettuce

    Benson’s going to show that the first fight was a fluke.

    • Cecil Peoples

      first fight was actually really close decision. people just remember that crazy kick, but decision could’ve easily gone the other way.

  • Sindre

    Grant suffers concusion from BJJ aperently….

  • ace72

    the ufc has some good writers,almost as good as the wwe

  • The Best Eva

    Crazy stuff, at least there are some good guys available to jump into these title fights.

  • Spider Aragon


    • Fried_Chicken

      You stop bitching.

      • Spider Aragon

        kiss my ass kfc

        • Fried_Chicken

          Cry baby.

    • Served

      get Pettis cock out your mouth and stop yelling.

      • Spider Aragon

        OR WHAT TOUGH GUY .???