Surprise! Brazilian Commission Reverses Postion, Changes ‘Ridiculous’ Drew Dober Result

March 26, 2015
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The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission on Thursday made a surprising move and overturned the outcome of the controversial UFC Fight Night 62 bout between Leandro Silva and Drew Dober. The bout was originally a submission victory for Silva, but has been changed to a no contest, following an appeal by Dober’s camp.

Silva attempted a guillotine choke midway through the second round of the lightweight bout, but was not in proper position to execute the submission. Dober was not in any danger of being finished and did not tap out, but referee Eduardo Herdy mistakenly thought Dober had lost consciousness and stopped the fight.

Herdy’s decision outraged many, including UFC president Dana White, who called it ridiculous and said Herdy should never be allowed to referee another fight again.

Cristiano Sampaio, COO of the CABMMA, released a statement on Monday indicating that the result of the bout will remain unchanged because there was no rule in place to overturn a referee’s error in judgment.

drew-dober-ufn62-750That stance changed dramatically – and surprisingly – on Thursday when CABMMA released a statement noting that, after discussions with Herdy, the outcome of the fight would be changed to a no contest.

“After receiving a detailed technical report from Mr. Eduardo Herdy, referee in charge of the bout mentioned in the case, which in the end clearly states that his stoppage was to preserve the fighter’s integrity, being that is his highest responsibility when it comes to the duty of a referee, he has admitted his professional mistake and is willingly in favor to forgo his authority in the bout,” read the statement.

“Consequently, after reviewing the case, the Executive Committee presided by Mr. Rafael Favetti (Chairman & CEO) and Mr. Cristiano Sampaio (COO), has decided to overturn the result of the Leandro Silva vs. Andrew Dober bout and is officially determining it as a no contest.”

Upon making the determination to change the outcome of the Silva vs. Dober bout, CABMMA also revealed that it has added a new provision to its regulations that allow it to review the facts surrounding the outcome of a bout and potentially overturn that outcome if a referee or official admits to making a mistake or if there is a “self-evident error.”

As of the time of publication, there had been no word from UFC officials on the possibility of a rematch between Silva and Dober.

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  • no i wanna see that douchy dance silva attempted again … good decision ..

  • Little John McCarthy

    Wow, justice? Actually good to see they’ve at least overturned this. Maybe keep that ref away from the big league fights for a while to brush up on his abilities too.

  • Justice

    Good on the ref for admitting his obvious error. Good on the commission for doing the right thing. Bad on Silva for actually believing he won.

  • Cory Hurrle

    HUGE respect for this man admitting his error.

  • Seth

    “After receiving a detailed technical report from Mr. Eduardo Herdy” <— Basically means "We are to dumb to make right decision after seeing one of our fellow brazilians getting a W". You have a footage from a few angles – including the one we all saw, where it's clear what happened. Yet you needed someone to tell you that you f'd up. Good job.

    It's the same fn stupid s**t that goes on here in Poland – if you are foreign fighter, by god you HAVE to win by stoppage or you will get f'd. I hate when judges, ref and authority favors their fellow countryman like that. I really hope UFC will ask Nevada or someone to control the event in Poland, because even if we had any type of goverment body to control it, they would do same stupid thing as brazilians did before and tried to pull out here.

  • Sarge

    Wow, that’s surprising. Good for Dober!

  • Verypleased


  • TheCerealKiller

    This is a unicorn. Don’t expect to see it again.

  • jimmy777

    Finally, some justice!

  • TrentSki

    Wonder how Silva feels about lying in the cage and doing his embarrassing celebration crap now