Superfight or Not, Frankie Edgar Will Be a UFC Champion Again

March 7, 2015
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LOS ANGELES – Frankie Edgar vs. Urijah Faber doesn’t exactly have the same ring as Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre, but in the eyes of the former UFC lightweight champion it’s just as super of a fight.

When it was announced that Edgar, the one-time 155-pound title holder, would headline a bout with Faber for the UFC’s first trip to the Philippines, it was met with criticism. Much of the blowback on social media had people scoffing at the headlines that referred to the bout as a “superfight.”

But your take on what warrants dubbing something “super” matters not to Edgar.

“None of it matters to me. To me it’s a superfight,” the fighter told “If you look at the two most well-known, lighter-weight fighters in the past five, six years, it’s me, Urijah, [Jose] Aldo, B.J. Penn. If this isn’t a superfight, what is? I don’t get it.”

Frankie-Edgar-231-UFC-125-750Edgar and Faber are scheduled to meet at featherweight at the UFC Fight Night card in Manila. While Edgar held the UFC lightweight title, Faber is a former WEC featherweight champion. Although the latter fighter has fought three times for a UFC belt, he has never held a division crown within the organization.

Fighters from lighter weight divisions, such as lightweight, featherweight and bantamweight, have been known to be smaller draws in the pay-per-view markets, reportedly pulling in anywhere from an estimated 120,000 to 500,000 buys. This combined with Faber and Edgar currently holding no titles likely contributes to the criticisms about superfight status.

“If two champions fought, I guess that would be deemed a superfight. If this is the second best thing,” Edgar said, referring to his upcoming fight with Faber, “I guess that’s what you call it – the second best thing,” he said while shrugging his shoulders.

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Another contributing factor may also be the fighters’ places in the official UFC rankings. As of the time of this writing, Frankie Edgar is the No. 1 ranked featherweight, but Faber lags a bit behind, sitting as the No. 3 bantamweight. While the rankings have been questionable and faced criticisms of their own about integrity and voter ethics, the UFC continues to depend on them as a barometer for identifying the who’s who on its roster.

This isn’t to say that Edgar and Faber aren’t capable of putting on entertaining performances. Both fighters, regardless of the buyrate history, are routinely called upon to be in the co-main and main events of UFC fight cards. Manila, for example, will be Faber’s fourth main event in the organization, while Edgar will tally his seventh. So if that’s any indicator, they must be doing something right in the eyes of UFC President Dana White and other company executives.

And while some might question how “super” the fight is, Faber doesn’t doubt its size in the sport’s landscape. As he told a group of reporters last weekend at UFC 184, he just wants the “big fights” and a tilt with Edgar fits that mold.

“Right now, Frankie is a guy who, in my opinion, is probably one of the best pound-for-pound guys in the sport,” Faber said. “This is just a fight I’m excited for.”

Some fans don’t share Faber’s excitement, especially in an age when UFC fights happen almost every weekend, spawning moans about the oversaturation of the sport with watered down events lacking in name value. It’s a battle that the UFC will continue to endure, much like Edgar and Faber will the criticisms of being branded a superfight. And although the fight isn’t in Las Vegas and for a championship, it could potentially be a showdown that chooses the next contender for a title.

For Edgar, in the end, winning gold belts trumps superfight status.

“I don’t believe I’m the second best,” Edgar said. “When I get my opportunity, I’m going to get that title again.”

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  • Sarge

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      You’ll be seeing it soon

  • Seth

    Not at 145. And not at 155 anymore.

    Could be at 135, maybe. Go for it though.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      “Edgar and Faber are scheduled to meet at featherweight at the UFC Fight Night card in Manila”

      That literally tells you the weight…….

      • Seth

        …I just said there is no way he will be champion at those 2 weights. I didn’t talk about that upcoming awesome fight o:

  • MR

    Edgar almost beat Aldo the first time and has shown he does nothing but get better every single fight. Aldo on the other hand has shown nothing new. The Edgar that shellacked Cub beats Also, no question. I’d say he’s have an even easier time with Connor. Styles make fights and I believe Edgar is the Anti-Connor

    • cheflacsto

      I believe Frankie would give Connor a fit but I am not sure he can beat Aldo. He fights a close fight against Jose and anything can happen. If he could clean up the vulnerability to the leg kick then I like his chance a bit more.

      • MR

        Fair enough. I’ll even retract the ‘no question’. The fact that I live in TR might cause me to dress it up A bit! But I have to say, his constant improvement inspires confidence. He has yet to not do significantly better in every rematch he is in, and I see no reason that trend stops now. Plenty think he lost the first bendo fight( not me!), few believe he lost the second.

        • cheflacsto

          I am also from Ocean County so I may be biased myself. I thought he beat Bendo both times and I thought he could of gotten the nod vs. Aldo. I hope he gets the rematch, that is why I don’t get him fighting Faber, everything to lose and nothing to gain.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            You probably also disagree with EVERY MMA website and all the pros that had Hendricks beating GSP.

          • Sadstrangelittleman

            That literally had nothing to do with the discussion but good attempt to talk trash and start a fight. F-

          • cheflacsto

            Well I didn’t really care about that fight, but since you bring it up. I thought Hendricks won the fight, but I didn’t think it was as big a deal. GSP showed a lot of damage on his face, and looked bad in the middle rounds. He had Hendricks in a submission early in Rd 1 and I thought he won Rd 5. But I really don’t care about a year old fight. Hendricks got his belt anyway and then promptly lost it. He may even lose again to Brown coming up.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Hendricks beat the tar out of GSP and that fight will always be remembered as a total B.S fix job by the two corrupt judges. WOW big deal .5 seconds GSP had a submission hold on that Hendricks easily powered out of. Hendricks elbowed GSP’s brains in round 1 and had him wobbling around the cage in round 2. GSP knows he lost and that is why he refused a rematch and ran for the hills like a coward.

            Talk about me you are crying about Bendo/Edgar fights from years ago. Bendo won those fights where as Hendricks destroyed GSP. Even the ref came forward and said Hendricks got robbed. Hendricks also got robbed against Lawler

          • cheflacsto

            Well I actually wasn’t crying, they were close fights and I was just stating an opinion when you came in with something completely off topic, so I figured I would just get you going. You know Hendricks got beat, why are you so angry about it. He got the belt anyway and held it for a short amount of time. Your boy Hendricks should figure something out soon or he may lose again. For a guy that is supposedly the premier power puncher, you realize he has only got 2 finishes for his last 8 fights.

    • shakejunt

      what frankie did to cub was pressure with takedowns and smother him until he gave up, that doesn’t happen to aldo. even in fights that he got tired towards the end of, he was still defending off his back and trying to get back to his feet.

      in short: aldo’s defensive strengths are cub’s defensive weaknesses and that’s why edgar vs aldo went the way it did.

      side note: anyone with top game is the anti-conor, but frankie tends to get hit early so maybe conor is the anti-edgar?

      • MR

        He could be! But he takes a punch like no one else this side of Big Country.
        And I don’t think Edgar is going to do the same thing he did to Cub to Aldo. I just used him as an example of the fact that every single fight he’s in he seems better than his last.
        like I said below, every rematch he has had, he was leaps and bounds better the second time around. So if the first one was razor thin(clearly I believe it was) The second fight should go in Frankie’s favor. As long As Faber doesn’t screw it up!

    • Stan S

      He has the ‘white belt mentality.’ He never cruises through a round and shows something new every fight. Thats what seperates him from a lot of guys. Edgar and Conor in my opinion, have an excellent outlook on things, they want the big fights and are not afraid of jumping to different weight classes, and I think both are more than capable of holding 2-3 belts in different weight classes. Edgar reminds me of a martial arts student in a japanese anime who constantly progresses, even if he is at some type of disadvantage during a fight in the beginning he somehow changes the entire tide of the battle in his favor as the fight goes on, no matter how much more power, speed, reach or talent the person he is fighting has. He is definitely a once in a lifetime type of fighter man.

  • Tom McElroy

    I can guarantee 1 thing about this fight and that is, THIS fight will have the most total punches thrown in a 3 or 5 round fight…..I don’t think either 1 plans on going for a take-down. They probably signed off on that……No take-downs will be permitted and, they both will agree to eat a steady stream of each others punches as long as the other is willing to stand right in front of them and take their best……You know, like how Wanderlei always did………..Late in the fight, too tired to bob and weave……………I’ll take those but, you eat these!………That type of scenario!

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Yes… I’m sure 2 professional veteran mixed martial artists “signed off” on a literal boxing match. Neither of these fighters is anything like Silva so I have no idea why you felt the need to bring him into this?? I’m sure 2 Division I college wrestlers and high level BJJ practitioners are not going to go for a single take-down. Do you even watch MMA? Serious question man, cause that was just plain stupid.

  • shakejunt

    the label doesn’t matter, but this is still a “superfight” to me. it’s a former champ going up in weight for a one time fight against another former champ and a match that fans have speculated about for some time now. belt or not, this is still a high profile fight that doesn’t really have divisional relevance and that’s what a superfight is to me.

    • TheCerealKiller

      It would be great if they would let Frankie bring his UFC belt and Faber his WEC belt, just for the effect. I agree that any time a champ, past or present, moves to a different division to face a champ(again, past or present) it’s a “superfight”.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        Yes it’s a superfight but why would they need to bring their belts “for effect”? They are not current champions and this isn’t professional wrestling. The only way I could see that working would be if you had 2 current champions fighting. I don’t think either fighter would even give that idea a thought if someone brought it up to them.

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Faber was a FW most of his career and prob still would be if Aldo hadn’t abused him so badly

  • shakejunt

    lots of guys go down in weight after losses to the champ, but very few stay in the top 5 where they dropped to.

  • Sadstrangelittleman

    Go ahead and stick your leg out for one kick from Aldo – You do realize that there is TONS of this residual/day after damage from MMA right? What do you expect when a guy receives blunt force trauma repeatedly to the same area. I love how people try to post pictures of a fighters post fight injuries and act like they are weak for being bruised/cut. It’s a human body, that is what happens.

    • ghost000

      What the f— are you talking about? Nothing at all in his post insinuates that he’s “weak”. He wrote one sentence saying he was “abused” by Aldo (he was) and you act like he completely bashed the guy. Most legs dont look like that a day after either. You just want to be pissy about something