Suck It: Jon Jones Throws the ‘DX’ Sign After Beating Daniel Cormier

January 4, 2015
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Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 and he let DC know that he can suck it.

Following some after-the-bell punches from Cormier, Jones channeled his inner Shawn Michaels, Xpac and Triple H by throwing up the DX sign. Break it down, champ. Props to Tim Burke and his Vine for this one. Extra kudos for syncing the Degeneration X theme music.

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  • Lucas Freire

    Best of 2015

  • sociopath

    This is what the UFC wants to say to Jon Finch

    • TheCerealKiller

      12 comments in 12 hours that have nothing to do with any of the articles.

      • sociopath

        Good thing you are here! No one else cared! Guess you hate me because of our names? We are both adequate psychos, don’t be mad at me!

  • Maj76

    The real side of JJ appears!!! LOL

  • LocalBoy808

    A great fighter with no class and poor sportsmanship. A great talent, but also a well documented fake. We root for those that mirror our values and who we strive to be. Just need to see people and ourselves for what we are as a reflection of our society.