December 12, 2005
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Mirko Cro Cop was not shy about his comments about Mark Hunt this past weekend in Japan at a Press Conference….

Mirko said in Japan quote “Let me say one thing. Today’s announcement took too long. Hunt, wasn’t it you that called me out from the ring last year? What have you been worrying about all this time?

Wasn’t it you that chased me to PRIDE, where the truly strongest fighters gather, to pay me back for Nagoya 2002?

I have no idea what you’ve been doing this year. I’ve been sweating and bleeding in the ring, constantly fighting the strongest me non-stop. I’ll show you the difference between us on December 31st . You will regret calling me out last New Year’s Eve.

I’m sure you still remember what it felt like when my left high-kick hit your neck. That won’t be my only weapon this time, though. Merry Christmas.”

You can read the entire transcript courtesy of Pride’s website at the link below…


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