Strikeforce’s Scott Coker Says Investigation into Brandon Saling’s Background Underway

March 4, 2012
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Brandon SailingThere seemed to be an upsetting discovery during the event at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey on Saturday as undercard fighter Brandon Saling’s background came into question.

Several sources reported Sailing had a criminal background, which included a felony conviction, and also links to being involved as a Neo-Nazi, have brought up the fighter’s colorful history.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker says that a full investigation has been launched into his background and the Ohio State Athletic Commission is on top of the situation.

Here’s what Coker had to say:

  • pooby

    Offensive body art? Did he have a swastika tattoo?

    If a guy had “White Pride” tatted on his chest, would that disqualify him from fighting in the UFC or SF?

    Does this same policy apply to Cain Velasquez?

    • DubstepDIST

      @pooby He has 88 as well as bolts. Say what you want, that’s nazi shit. Not to mentioned you’re defending a fucking child rapist.

      Pooby, are you a child rapist?

      • pooby

        Mr. Dubstep, you are an idiot. I did not defend him. Is he a proven “child rapist”? And, how exactly did what I write make ME a child rapist.

        Obviously you’re Mexican and the hypocrisy that arises if this guy is punished for Nazi tattoos and Cain is left alone bothers you.

        Are you a brown racist?

        • onebad

          philosophically, the minority, can never truely display racism, being that in every way they are the minority, so it is defense. brown pride has been linked to certain street gangs, but is also used by non-gang members as a way of affirming one’s heritage. nazism, however, has from it’s beginning been linked to racism and murder. while he may have never been convicted of murder he has been convicted of child rape. that said, who gives a shit? he is a racist and if you watch his last fight after he gets knocked out he pushes away, very aggressively, the black emt. ohio is notoriously a haven for nazism. by playing devil’s advocate, you implied you defend pedophiles and racism. either way, you’re the idiot. idiot by definition is a simpleton. of lesser intelligence, if you didn’t understand the last part. in reality, you might just be average. america has become so uneducated in the past 50 yrs, that you are the norm. typical.

      • Brown Supremacist Alert! Anti-White Brown Supremacist Alert!

      • Bro, you’ve been in jail, haven’t you? So why point fingers? Anyone who knows what 88 stands for, has done time. Nazi sh*t? Of course you never messed with children, right?

    • MMAwiz0924

      he has “88” tatted on him. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. 2 H’s = HH. HH equals hail hitler. Its neo nazi. it doesn’t say white pride, it says white steel, thats just his dumb nickname.

  • The offending tattoo is the ’88’ surrounded by the two SS style lightning bolts. Neo-Nazis use 88 as shorthand for ‘heil hitler’, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

    So no, it’s not a ‘white pride’ type tattoo, it’s a ‘hate everyone who isn’t white’ type tattoo. Oh, and apparently Salings is also a registered sex offender.

    Still want to draw comparisons to Valesquez?

    • pooby

      Yes. “Brown Pride” is racist.

      • Apparently you can’t tell the difference between racism and being proud of one’s heritage. You should work on that.

      • Ememay

        I don’t think “Brown Pride” is racist. “Irish Pride” or “Italian Pride” or something like that isn’t either. “White Pride”…eh, borderline. “White Power” is a different story and def would be. Just don’t get how people view Cain’s tattoo as racist.

        • philmckracken

          White pride eh!!! All the other are ok?? Exactly you pickle sniffer!!! Dips&%ts like you are why this country will be a slum sooner than later. Who am I kidding, already is. Brown Pride!!!!! People like you are what makes people like this guy put that tattoo on his neck. Ok for one and not the white guy. Re-fkn-diculous!

      • and if we are going to use letters, there are plenty to claim. MM; la eme, recall that prison gang? Who gives a sh*t about some kid’s tattoos? So he has bolts. You go to prison and see what you do, when the local white prison gang wants you to join their club. (that’s an inside joke). The prisons are full of Latino and African American (black) ones (prison gangs). Why can’t the whites have one?

  • joncase

    Um also Mexico is a country.
    Not a race not a color.

    • pooby


    • pooby

      Cain’s tat says “BROWN PRIDE” not “MEXICAN PRIDE”. Brown is a color.

  • markronin

    A person of Mexican descent can have a prominent Brown Pride tattoo across their chest and be champion, and celebrated by the media, but an unknown White fighter with a small tattoo that is offensive to some is being “investigated.” Don’t you love all the freedom we have in America?

    Criminal convictions should be judged by themselves, which I’m sure many of these fighters have some. Look at “War Machine” and his history, but Bellator had no problems employing him.

    It doesn’t mean you hate all non-Whites, the Nazis were allied with non-White Japanese.

    • And of course someone has to step up and defend the poor oppressed neo-nazi faction.

      Yet another person who doesn’t seem to understand that freedom doesn’t mean you get a free pass on the repercussions of that freedom.

      • pooby

        I don’t see people defending the Nazi. I see people defending the Mexican racist. Don’t twist this around.

      • mmaforever

        Dan nobody is defending the nazi faction as you put it. If you would rather argue semantics rather than clearly look at the point he’s making, I suggest you stop wasting everyones time reading your worthless posts.

        • Ah, I see what the problem is…whenever you see Cain’s tattoo, all you really see is “Kill all people who aren’t brown”.

          But it doesn’t actually say that – it says “Brown Pride”. Pride in your own heritage doesn’t mean you automatically hate everyone who doesn’t share it.

          I suggest both you and pooby break out the dictionary and get a handle on definitions so you can spot the difference between a hate group (neo-nazis) and someone who’s proud of their ethnicity. It’ll help stop you from sounding stupid.

          • philmckracken

            Every state… Every state has a brown pride gang.. I repeat gang.. filled with violence and getting bigger and making problems for everyone. You need to read a dictionary so you dont sound stupid or simple google search. Smart brown pride guy.

          • “Every state has a brown pride gang.. I repeat gang”

            Here’s the thing – “brown pride” can and does mean different things to different people. A simple google search would have made this abundantly clear to you. A neo-nazi tattoo on the other hand is directly representative of a hate group.

            But keep whining about Cain’s tattoo…I’m sure it’ll get you somewhere.

          • (Dan) Bro, you are not a Mexican, either. You obviously do not know too many Mexican gang members, do you? 90% of them have brown pride tattoed on them. Go hit the jails some time and see what you are missing.

          • ds

            Every state does not have a Brown Pride gang. Arizona has three different gangs that use Brown Pride in their name (Brown Pride Locos, Mexican Brown Pride 21st, and Brown Pride Chicanos, with no affiliation and even competing for the same territory in some places) but the tattoo existed before the gangs.

            And La Raza is not a gang. La Raza means the people and refers to people of European and Mestizo ancestry.

            I am firm believer in people’s right to free speech, but the right to speak freely does not preclude a penalty for doing so depending on time and place and manner. Yell fire when there isn’t in a theater and you go to jail. Inciting riots or violence is a criminal offense. None of that is what this guy is doing. BUT, Strikeforce and UFC, and Zuffa, like pretty much every company involved with public entertainment has a clause that lets them fire you based on actions and statements determined to be against the company’s best interests. 88 and SS tattoos are definitely different than white or brown pride. Gang tattoos are not really what is at issue here. He could have had Vagos, Hell’s Angels, or even the Warlocks and no one would have batted an eye.

  • Maybe he just really likes Marvin Harrison.

    • Anthony

      have to admit that was funny–adds a little levity to a real ugly topic

  • There is no background checks for fighters? for employees?

  • philmckracken

    Prohbiit tattoos and duck tape their mouthes shut. Say what you want. I dont like cain’s Brown Pride tattoo either but if thats what the idiot wants on him both of them can go for it. They’re fighting not Sunday school teachers. I dont like some of your points of view on here but I’m not calling the editor. Waaaaaaaa.. his tattoo….waaaaaaa. stupid

    • pooby

      I agree. I don’t mind if Cain is a racist and I don’t mind if the crowd is full of “La Raza” when he fights. But lets keep if fair. No Nazis? Then no La Raza either.

      Personally, I think we should let them all fight.

  • phrankthetank

    Having a tattoo that says “white pride” is disconcerting because of the association with neo nazis. Having a tattoo that says “brown pride” has no such associations, and as such is more acceptable. It’s all about public perception. If you take away the history neither seems better or worse than the other. As for the 88 and bolts, that is a known neo nazi marking. However, not everyone who fights for a living is going to be a saint.

    • Anthony

      Brown Pride is a southern Az street gang that has a reputation for drug dealing and murder(I live in the area)–Phrank, I have to assume you didnt know this-lets hope not

      • phrankthetank

        I did not know that, nor do I think that the general population outside of southern AZ knows that, though I must plead ignorance as to how accurate that assessment may be.

        • collideoverme

          Yup, Anthony is correct. Brown Pride is a very violent Mexican gang. They wear the same tat as Cain does. Little unnerving.

      • Anthony

        I cant believe Cains a member of this or any other street gang–im sure he had no idea he was branding himself with that kind of logo–scary thing is, I wonder what would happen ,if god forbid ,cain went to jail ,or was around gang members where they saw the tatoo? Ive heard if you have their tat and arent a member they cut it off, burn it off, or just kill you–scary thought–I wonder if he regrets getting that now? Cains an educated man–hes too smart and has too much going for him to want to be a part of that kinda thing–If your not from the area, how can you know in phranks defense–I get that–but Cain is from that area–strange

    • And you, Mr. Phrank, are a victim of “associative conditioning”. The anti-White kind.

      Billions of dollars have been spent to create “associations” between the term “nazi” and all sorts of crap that’s just made up by movie script writers and anti-White defamation orgs like the ADL and the $PLC.

      Only children, silly people and idiots actually BELIEVE all those movie myths in WW2 movies, wartime propaganda, and holocaust porn.

      It’s all been created for one purpose only: to get you to have an emotional reaction and use that emotional reaction to control you.

      THAT is what “associative conditioning’ is all about. Controlling you by putting you in a fear-based consensus trance. Idiots who actually believe this stuff also believe that the German people are “evil” just because they say a movie that “told them so”. This stuff is for militant idiots and anti-White losers. Which fits you quite nicely, I think.

      • phrankthetank

        First off, I gave no opinion as to whether or not I agree with the Association or not. I will not turn this into anything but my opinion on why I think the two phrases get different responses, and while I think you might need a bit of serious help, I’m in no position to provide that for you.

    • Brown Pride has no known associations? try prison gangs and street gangs. More than the white 88s. I’ve done research papers on the very subject.

  • philmckracken

    Child molester.. now thats different

    • pooby

      Of course it is. If Saling is a kid toucher he’s a worthless piece of crap and deserves to rot. That’s not what I heard from Coker, though. He talked about offensive body art.

      My point was simply that if white guys can’t have racist tats, the same rule should apply to fighters of other races.

      Very simple and sensible, too bad it’s too complicated for a few retards here to grasp.

      • philmckracken


      • I know. Sad, but true.

  • Booker T

    Cain’s a racist pig. I usually pick USA over Brazil, but I was glad that Dos Santos knocked that brown pride pig out.

  • wtf187

    Brandon Saling is listed as a member of Team Gurgel. Why would Zoila and Jorge allow this scum on their team?!

    • Maybe he is not scum. Ever think of that? I could use the Internet and make anybody look bad. That doesn’t mean it’s true, though.

  • philmckracken

    Does anyone else think Cocker looks like N. korea’s Dictator Kim jong-un?

  • Poelteo

    No one says that a Black interested in Black rights is being a “Mugabe.” No one says that an Asian interested in Asian rights is being a “Pol Pot.” But there are many well-funded mainstream organizations whose sole purpose is to call White people interested in White rights “Hitlers” or a bunch of naziswhowanttokillsixmillionje­ws. Only White people are called racist if they don’t want to marry non-Whites. That’s why I can say anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.

    • Booker T

      Right on Poelteo.

    • You seem like one of the few here who are able to THINK, Poelteo.

      This world is way too full of militant idiots who believed all the crap their teachers and Mommy Professors told them.

      Since Mommy Professor told them that any white man with an opinion is a “nazi”, they believe that, and go around calling normal whites “nazis” or “neo-nazis” if they happen to have an opinion a jew doesn’t like.

      Who the hell put the jewish narrative in the middle of the room and declared it off limits to critical thinking? Talk about supremacy! No normal white man can have an opinion or he’s called a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      Something is wrong with a “free society” that allows this claim of supremacy over white normal opinion.

    • how true it is.

  • surviveclub

    Where I live is now minority White. It is dangerous for Whites to walk the streets now as there is so much HATRED against us. Blacks and Browns are loving jumping on the GeNOcide of White Folk bandwagon. We should never have let our gaurd down. Black Pride and Brown Pride is fine around here, it is on T shirts and tattoos. You try and have the same attitude here about being a pround White and you will get smashed. Hypocrite anti-Whites are protected by the establishment. Anti-racist is a code-Word for anti-White.

  • In all honesty…The “white pride” or “brown pride” or SS tattoos and/or his criminal background don’t bother me one bit (and I’m a jew living in Mexico)…This isn’t girl scout sht, it’s fighting……BUT I can see why Zuffa would want to keep these kinds of guys off thier TV platform…what confuses me is why they didn’t notice these tattoos prior to the bout, like in photo sessions and weigh-ins…if those things are against Zuffa policy, they should’ve scratched the fight right there and then.

  • Perhaps this is all just a big misunderstanding and the tattoo was simply a tribute to his favorite football player Kris Wilson when he was playing for the San Diego Chargers. He doesn’t hate black people, he loves them. So much so, he adorns his body with permanent ink.

    Crisis averted!

  • surviveclub

    If I hated a race, I might campaign to flood all of their countries with millions of people that are not their race, and tell everyone to “mix in”, until no people of that kind were left. If anyone objected, I would scream R-word! at them and get them fired from their jobs.
    If I hated a certain race, I might do that. But I am not doing that. Anti-whites are doing it to White people in all White countries and only White countries.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • fitefan

    I don’t condone his actions. But unless he’s a fugitive of this sex crime with a warrant for his arrest, he’s paid his dues, surved his time, and recieved his label.

    As long as SF doesn’t hire him to manage a day care facility what does it matter if he’s in the cage fighting grown men in a combat sport?

    As for the tatoos. Tough subject considering what everone has complained about so far with Cain. But can easily be censored if it really comes down to it with some body paint.

    I can’t see any reason to ban him from MMA. He wasn’t hired to head an ethics committee.

  • sc_59a096cfc9e225b55a8ee9378768985d

    People should be afforded the chance to change their lives & earn a living. Im not a fan of white supremist as a black person or any other type of separtist groups as they are usual full of shit but you van nelive what you want as long as you dont harm others going forward.

  • Prodigy815

    Damn where is the love people?

  • RonnieV

    Hmmmm. touchy subject. I Tivo’d the fight, and just watched it last night. I noticed at first he had a big black guy in his corner, then I realized it was the Strikforce appointed “Cut man”. Not to blow anything out of proportion, but I am the only person that noticed him slap the “cut man’s” hand away when he was trying to clean-up Saling at the end of the fight. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Who know’s maybe this guy had an “American History X” epiphany? (probably not) I will say this about the guy, he has one hell of a chin. That first round was one of the best of the year in MMA, those guys were both throwing and landing non-stop haymakers.

    As far as the race thing, white people in this country have severely oppressed a few races. So we (Yes I’m a whitey) still have some explaining to do. Comparing Brown or Black Pride vs. White Pride is kind of dumb. Latino’s & African Americans are not spewing hate, and telling white people to get out of our country. The White Pride message is more of a Hate message, and is basically telling other races to get out of America.

    I hate reverse discrimination as much as anybody. But hating Cain Velasquez, because of a Tattoo is ridiculous. I hate to say it folks, but over a third of our country is latino, and in another 10 years they will probably be the majority race in the United States. If you have a problem with this, blame the government for not locking down the borders, there are 11.2 Million illegals in America that don’t pay taxes.

    • Do you know how many fighters do that? Mostly ones who have lost their fight, but there are plenty of fighters who will remove someone’s hands from their face. It happens often. Start watching for that and you will see I am not lying to you. It happens a lot.

  • scarlisle17

    Here is a novel thought, Brown Pride may actually have more than one meaning depending on context. To label Cain Velasquez racist or a gang member is stupidity at its highest IMHO.

    • RonnieV

      Totally Agree

    • Well I guess white pride can mean nicer things than what has been suggested. Proud of being white? Does that sound racist? Proud of being brown? How about that one? Who gives a sh*t? Obviously all the drama queens do. Until you live as a Mexican, you will never know how a Mexican thinks. Yet you sound judgmental.

  • wiiliamstanley

    i don care about cain’s “brown Pride” tattoo, im a firm believer he is proud of his culture. However, if any white guy has “white pride” across thier chest, it would cause a shit storm. People would call him a racist. Its just a bull shit double standard.

  • Despite the law regarding one doing his time, crimes still follow criminals. Saling may have done this and that, but to drop all that drama and train like he does, that means a whole lot. Any of you who are still pointing fingers, why don’t you go train and then fight in the cage? Then you’ll see the ultimate sacrifices these guys (and females) make. I don’t care what he did. Just the fact that he trains the way he does, that shows a whole lot about who he truly is and not the bad influence he may have been subjected to.

    • philmckracken

      You can type till your fingers bleed but wont do any good. Dont matter about the bolts or 88. If it simply said white pride you would get the same response only with it that plain he woulda never got on the scales at weigh ins. Cains father came here illegally 6 times before marriage to a legal American woman to reap the benefits of my country and flies his mexican flag and has brown pride tattooed on his chest but the white guy is a baby killer!!! If you have so much pride in Mexico, go back to your amazing country!! If you like it here, come here legal and have pride in mine. Let the white guy have his freedom of expression same as the illegal Mexican’s son!!!!