Strikeforce’s Paul Daley Done With Decisions

March 2, 2012
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Paul Daley is done with decisions and he’s done dealing with referees.

The hard hitting British bomber heads into his next challenge at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey this Saturday night against former Pride fighter Kazuo Misaki and he wants to make it clear, the judges won’t be involved.

Daley is actually hopeful the referee doesn’t even have to get too involved after a couple of tough losses he suffered in 2011.

“I’m starting to get a little disheartened. I never really saw the biasness with TV networks and the refereeing and I’m not trying to be in anyway towards the U.S. fans or anything, but you hear a lot ‘I don’t want to box in Germany. It’s hard to get a decision. I don’t want to box here.’ And I’m looking back at the fight I had against Tyron Woodley and the fight against Nick Diaz, and there’s a stoppage against Nick Diaz, which was three seconds from the end and I was kicking away at his legs,” Daley explained while a guest on MMAWeekly Radio.

“There wasn’t even a blink in John McCarthy’s eye when I face planted him. Then there’s inactivity for three whole minutes against Tyron Woodley on the floor, where he was doing nothing and I was shutting him down, but there was just no action. But he chose to stand it up like a minute from the end. Just stupid little things I’m becoming aware of.”

It’s no secret that fans and fighters alike – and UFC president Dana White – have taken judging and refereeing in MMA to task over the last few years. From painfully inconsistent scoring to referee’s being scrutinized for stand-ups happening too quickly or not quickly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a happy medium in the world of MMA.

While it is frustrating to Daley as well, he’s quick to point out that his problems with referees and judges are just that, frustrations. He’s not saying that he shouldn’t have lost the fights and he’s not making any excuses, Daley just wants to understand why there’s no consistency.

“I don’t want to look at it from that point of view and be a guy who sounds like he’s looking for excuses because Burt Watson always says take it out of the judges’ hands and stop the fight, which you should, which is what I always do,” Daley said.

“When I go to the U.S. now, I really have to go out and stop guys cause the network’s not going to do me no favors, the referees aren’t going to do me no favors, that’s how I feel right now.”

So as he heads into his fight this weekend with Kazuo Misaki in Strikeforce, he wants to make one thing perfectly clear.

The judges can take the night off because there’s not going to be a decision.

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  • KBEsq

    Very attractive photo that was used for this story.

  • MikeMc1983

    I think Paul is confused. The refs are not suppose to be doing him any “favors.”
    The way things should be done is this….
    Two guys are suppose to get into a cage and win a fight by ko, or submission. If in the given time limit a finish does not occur then judges should determine 2 of the following things. Who was closest in the fight to finishing, and who is closest to finishing the fight. If the answer to both those questions is the same guy, then he wins. If not. It’s a draw.
    No stand ups. If a guy gets into a position and stalls. It should be held against him.
    Any time a guy is obviously not trying to finish, but stall. He should be considered to be loseing the fight for however long he stalls. Reguardless of how “dominate” his position is.

    Sorry, just doing stupid venting. I was watching Gsp career highlights. 😉

    • TKD

      Your argument is idiotic, at best! If I am an MMA fighter, and a guy can “stall” while on top of me, then I must not be a very good fighter. It is a stupid argument, and an argument that has little validity.

      And your GSP comment says a lot about you too. He is a well trained world champ, and you are a keyboard warrior. And not very good at that either.

      • fitefan

        He’s just not a fan of Canadians, wrestling, or a lack of dominant KO power.

      • frumps

        What do you mean idiotic? Maybe you’re the type of MMA fighter that’s been hit in the head too many times and your logic is all wrangled to hell now. Argument makes perfect sense.

        Too many guys just lay on top op their opponents to eek out decisions. A prime example is Pettis vs Guida. Guida knew he was no where near as dynamic as Pettis, so he held him down and got the victory. Guida would get killed in a BJJ or kickboxing match with Pettis, but in MMA he can just become a human blanket and win.


        • TKD

          Another cry baby that bitches and moans when his favorite fighter gets manhandled and beaten. GSP and Anderson Silva are two of the greatest fighters in the history of this sport. One finishes most fights, and the other doesn’t. So, what?! Here’s an idea…Don’t get taken down and allow someone to become a “human blanket” on you, and you might win. It’s called fight strategy. Carlos Condit is being called a p*ssy just because he constantly kept moving away from Diaz’s strengths. I say he was smart, but little bitches like you don’t agree. Who cares what you think? They are still winners!

          • MikeMc1983

            I don’t cry about Gsp winning. I just don’t hold him in the same esteem as I do others. Not because he doesn’t finish fights, but because it seems that he doesn’t usually intend to try.

            I started watching the UFC from the very beginning. I don’t bring that up to validate myself, but to offer a perspective.
            When they decided to put in the time clock a fight was considered a draw if it wasn’t finished in the allotted time. Now obviously a lot has changed. However, I was trained as a viewer from the start to view a true win as a guy finishing. Guys didn’t get credit for “dominating” if they didn’t seal the deal.
            I hear people refer to Gsp as a “dominate” fighter, and I think it’s quite silly. I don’t view any decision win as dominate. It’s damn near an oxymoron.
            Gsp is a dominate champion, but that’s because he’s held the belt for a long time.
            He and others do well with the rules they’re given. I don’t hate on them for that. (I joke around, and tease)
            What I do hate on is the rules they’re playing by.

          • fitefan

            I agree. GSP and Silva are two of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport. Anderson is a talented striker and skilled submission artist, and finishes his fights with those skills.
            GSP is a brilliant strategist and supremely disciplined fighter that beats his opponents in their weakest area, usually by unanimous decision that is not even remotely considered controversial. I wish he was a bit more aggressive, but I don’t consider him less of a fighter because of it. He doesn’t seem to have the mean streak necessary for it.
            Condit fought a smart fight, nothing p*ssy about it. He didn’t get himself trapped against the cage, and he initiated strikes in the center. Diaz lost that fight by looking to counter punch only, not initiating effective strikes in the center and failed to catch Condit with a knee/kick/punch when Condit ducked and moved laterally away from the cage.
            Many people don’t see it that way, but you have the right of it. They are all winners.

          • frumps

            TKD, you need to get laid.

          • frumps

            Who said Pettis was my favorite fighter?

            Sorry if I like action… Don’t really like watching a guy hump his way to victory for 15-25 minutes. Especially when Clay likes to bang with everyone, why not Pettis? Sure it’s his gameplan to win, but did he really “WIN”? In my eyes, that would be a DRAW because at no time was he near finishing Pettis. He just patty-caked Pettis with crappy punches and elbows, and got his hair slingin around to make it look like a supreme struggle, but in reality he knew he couldn’t finish him with any method.

            I’d watch to see your reply, TKD, but you’ve displayed enough FAIL for me to move on. Rest assured, I’m sure I’ll accidentally read some more of your dumb angles/ideas, and brazenly idiotic replys to nice people on this site that will piss me off again. Keep getting hit in the head. Maybe Cornell will be pounding on your door for a fellowship.

        • fitefan

          I’m not in agreement with your statement. If Pettis was more dynamic than Guida then he would have had better take down defense, superior ground game from the bottom with subs, sweeps, strikes or getting back to the feet. And his stand up should have stopped Guida before he could secure a takedown.
          Guida showed he was more of a dynamic fighter with superior stand up defense, take down offense and a top ground and pound game. He didn’t lay and pray, he stayed busy with strikes.
          I would have liked to have seen Guida do some passes and attempt some top game subs, but he exploited Pettis’ lack of dynamic fighting ability by exposing and capitalizing on the hole in Pettis’ game.

          • frumps

            Dumb, very sophmore post. Nice try though.

          • fitefan


            You tell TKD to get laid, respond to my disagreement of your comment with nothing more than ‘dumb’ and then call my post ‘very sophmore’.

            how very middle school of you

          • frumps

            The proof is in what you wrote. You just made me dumber for reading that, you know…

          • fitefan


            You getting dumber is quite impossible.

            You said in a straight BJJ match or a straight kickboxing match Pettis would win. Where that may very well be true, it certainly isn’t proof of being more DYNAMIC.

          • frumps

            You pretty much lose all credibility as soon as you say Guida is more dynamic than Pettis. Sorry that the truth makes sense.

          • fitefan

            the truth is he lost
            but you argue he is the more dynamic fighter
            and lost to a guy he can beat kickboxing or in jujitsu, just so long as it’s confined to one or the other and not both together.
            and I’m the one that loses credibility?
            the truth does make sense
            you, do not.

          • frumps

            fitefan, your explanation (if you call it that) has really taken me for a turd-whirl. I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore… LOL

            Like I said, YOU saying Guida is more dynamic than Pettis is really, really not well thought out… I can’t really take anything you say seriously after that. The only thing Guida did that was more dynamic in that fight was stimy Anthony’s talents – AKA STALLING – by laying on him. It’s unfortunate the way the judges are awarding that behavior. FIGHTING and STALLING are different.

            Who cares I guess. Guida will be Kenny Shamrocking his way out of the sport here soon. One less lay-n-pray specialist – good riddance.

            fitefan, just go back to giving TKD bro jobs for his sage-like, Jedi-insight.

      • MikeMc1983

        Out of all the stuff I said that could be considered silly, you bring up the one thing that was certainly not.
        Do you not understand how grappling works?
        Take any fighter with basic position knowlage, put him in his oppositions half guard, and tell him to stay there. He could maintain that position forever. Reguardless of who’s on bottom. Guys are only able to sweep, or perform submissions when the guy on top is in motion. That’s the case with all guard positions. Of your on bottom, you need something to counter.

        Example. If you take Gsp and put him in Maia’s half guard. Tell him he gets $100 for every 30 seconds he maintains that position. Gsp could retire a wealthy man, only loseing when he falls asleep. I guess you could argue that Maia’s ground game is just too weak….

        Btw fitefan, I wish I could argue with your comments about what I’m a fan of, but I can’t. I started to respond. Then I realized you were not wrong.
        Except about wrestling. I like wrestling. I even like it in mma when it’s used by a guy to help him finish a fight. Just don’t like it used to prevent a fight from being finished.

        • fitefan

          I wasn’t trying to be antagonistic. It was just an observation of mine. The wrestling thing I kinda took a chance on. GSP basically embodies all that you personally don’t enjoy in MMA. So you beat him up a bit on the boards here from time to time.
          Mainly, I was just trying to let TKD know your comment wasn’t as malicious as he may have taken it to be.

  • fitefan

    I’m not a fan of Daley, but he does have a tendency to finish his fights.

    I’d say Diaz beat him fairly. A stoppage that close to the bell is tough to accept. But saved by the bell, is saved by the bell, which means you were about to get finished. No reason not to assume Diaz would have continued to beat him down. That’s an honest loss.

    The Woodley lay and nap thing is a problem, but regardless, until they put an active time limit on ground work after a take down, these fighters need to developing dominant sweeping skills and stand up, or employ some overpowering submissions.

  • mmachoman

    In my mind, Daley will NEVER live down the wilfull sucker punch to Koscheck after the fight ended. I don’t care what he says & who he beats.

  • fsunoles09

    that diaz daley fight live was crazy but id say it was a fair stoppage he clearly had no equalibrium or however u spell it by the way he went tumbling across the cage.and if the ref didnt stop it daley would of ended up gassing at some point in the 2nd with the pace they were fighting at.