Strikeforce’s Nick Diaz: “People Think GSP’s Better Than Me and It’s BS”

January 20, 2011
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Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre

Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre

There are a lot of fighters who will take exception to many of the rankings in the world of MMA. One person who is more than happy to let his feelings be known is Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, who keeps calling out Georges St-Pierre because everyone tries to tell him that St-Pierre is the best fighter at 170 pounds.

Well if that’s what everyone is saying, he is tired of listening to it.

Diaz, who spent several years with the UFC early in his career, has spent the last few working for different organizations including EliteXC and Strikeforce. During that time he’s established himself as one of the toughest competitors at 170 pounds, and thinks it’s high time people recognized his work.

“I think I got here and started fighting before most of them, including Georges St-Pierre in the UFC. I was really mad because they were getting fights and recognition when I was here first. I thought it was first come, first serve. I was working harder and I was here first,” Diaz commented on Thursday.

Diaz also brought up St-Pierre’s last opponent, Josh Koscheck, who he believes deserves no place among the top fighters in the welterweight division.

“Josh Koscheck, I cornered a guy to fight Josh Koscheck, he probably had two fights in his life, and this fight he was set up to fight Josh Koscheck. They made easy fights for those guys. This guy’s got like six or seven fights, all easy guys. I never fought anybody like that guy that’s fought against Josh Koscheck,” Diaz explained.

“We’ve got some guy who doesn’t even fight, he drinks at a bar, and we took him to fight Josh Koscheck one day. He didn’t even know who he was fighting. I’ve never had fights like that. So when you bring up guys like that to me and tell me they’re the best fighters in the world, it’s a (expletive) joke.”

While it’s true that Diaz is in a different promotion than St-Pierre or Koscheck, he believes that the organizations could work together to make the fights happen that the fans and critics want to see.

“Straight up, people think this guy’s better than me and it’s (expletive),” Diaz said about St-Pierre. “He just fought Josh Koscheck for (expletive) five rounds, I just told you about Josh Koscheck. Why are you saying he’s the best? What is that (expletive)? Because we fight for different companies?

“I think it’s big enough to where they can get enough money involved where they can organize that show.”

It’s obvious Diaz is more than willing to face anybody that steps in to fight him, but if there is a consolation prize it’s the fact that he believes his teammate will take the crown off of St-Pierre’s head come April 30 at UFC 129 in Toronto.

“Right now, what do you want? You guys rank that guy above me. I want to fight GSP, but I think my partner (Jake Shields) will take him out regardless,” said Diaz.

He also named UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva among his dream fights, but ultimately he wants to prove he’s the best whether it’s against St-Pierre or someone in Strikeforce. He’s ready for the test.

“It’s a joke to me. This guy may be a good fighter now, but these guys that are ranked up there, I was here first and that’s fine,” Diaz shouted. “Let’s fight then and make it happen.”

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  • kanienkeha009

    First off Nick Diaz is one of my favourite fighters but his statements are a complete joke. Why call out GSP or Silva? He knows for a complete certainty that those fights will never happen unless Dana brings him back! Same with Milendez calling out Alvarez? Just because Diaz was “working harder and was here first” he believes he should get more recognition and be ranked above alot of the current guys at the top of the division? Sounds like he is still upset about not being in the UFC. The reality is that Diaz has a history of losing against strong grapplers (same with nate as displayed in his recent loss to dong hyun kim). And last time i checked the ww top 10 is filled with great grapplers. With losses to, Sherk, Sanchez, Parisyan and fighting no notable grapplers since leaving the UFC it would be hard to believe he has gotten any better. GSP would outclass him in all aspects.

  • ShockednAwed

    Agreed. I like Diaz, but really? Really?! Better than GSP?

    There’s no good reason for Dana to want to do a co-promotion, and surely Diaz understands that. He can’t think he’s a better draw than Fedor, and if they weren’t going to enter into co-promotion to get Fedor on a card, they ain’t doin’ it for Diaz!!

    The UFC stand to gain nothing from co-promotion, but could lose their status if their champ was to drop a match to someone from “the bushleagues”.

    I also think Nick’s comments sound a bit like, “Man, it was so cool the day after I won this title, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m the Strikeforce champ’, but now, it’s like, ‘Bummer, I’m only the Strikeforce champ…'”

    • BigGuy

      Perfect analysis!

  • FLyMiSeSs

    It doesn’t matter who was here first DIAZZZZ. You were there first and others are ranked above you because they are BETTER than you. That’s what happened there. I like you fighting style Diaz but you are not on GSP’s level. Everyone wants to fight GSP mannnn

  • Duxan1

    That “prescription” marijuana is taking its toll on Diaz…

  • sedtwisty

    You gotta be kidding me!?! If Diaz thinks that Shields, don’t get me wrong he’s an excellent fighter, is going to beat GSP then I guess he didn’t see that Kampman fight. Almost everyone I spoke to says that Kampman should have won that decision, incluse myself. Come back to where the big boys fight in the UFC and then settle it!

  • BigGuy

    Diaz thinks being angry gets you the top spot in the world. This guy would look like a real asshole if GSP stepped into the ring with him. He also KNOWS it will never happen, so why all the fuss? He isn’t getting enough attention, so he starts poutting. Whatever!
    Diaz isn’t good enough, or he would be in the UFC with the best. That’s why Fedor stays with Strikeforce. He knows he wouldn’t be as great if he tried to make it in the UFC.
    Like it or not, the UFC has the best talent on the planet.

  • aragon28

    ya right diaz you suck. fight mayham

  • collideoverme

    This is why I think the Diaz Bros. are a joke. They bs their way through almost everything. If he was good enough to be in the UFC he would be there and wouldn’t have resigned to SF. He had no offer from them, Sorry Nick, All you have is a mouth full of diarrhea. Complain all you want, but you just set yourself up to be knocked down again.

  • bdono554

    haha nick that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! your such a kidder.

  • bdono554

    And one more thing! Sanchez beat your ass and then lost to KOZ! I cant wait until the Diaz sisters are out of this sport, that will be a good day!

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    Nick Diaz knows Dana will never let him fight in the UFC because of the trouble he is always in and he also knows GSP will never be 2nd rate enough to appear on Strikeforce. Its easy to run your mouth about a fight that will never happen. So that being said I would kick Nick Diaz so hard in the face that him and his brother would lose their wispy lispy gay voices if Strikeforce would sign me. Fuck Nick Diaz right in his punk ass!