Strikeforce Working “Really Hard” to Make Fedor vs. Hendo Happen

April 23, 2011
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It’s a fight that everybody wants to see.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson, which has been heavily rumored for the upcoming Strikeforce show in July, but it’s not a done deal just yet.

This according to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, who says the promotion is in negotiations with Emelianenko’s camp at M-1 Global and Henderson’s management as well, but it’s not a foregone conclusion that the fight is just going to happen.

“That fight is not confirmed, it’s not by any means,” Coker said recently on MMAWeekly Radio. “I would say let’s be cautious on how we frame that up. If that’s the $25 million dollar question, I would say until it’s finished, it’s never done.

“You know how many things can possibly go wrong in trying to get that fight together. We’re doing our best, but the devil’s in the details. When you have a fight of that quality at that catchweight, it’s like I said, the details are always the challenges in that.”

Several sources close to the negotiations confirm that the sticking point is what weight the fight will take place at. Fedor Emelianenko’s side has proposed a catchweight fight around 220 pounds, while Henderson’s camp has simply asked for a heavyweight fight.

One thing that seems to be completely off the table is Emelianenko testing the waters at 205 pounds, at least for this fight. Henderson is currently Strikeforce’s light heavyweight champion.

Whether it’s a title fight or a catchweight bout or simply a heavyweight main event, Emelianenko vs. Henderson would surely draw both a huge live crowd and a sizeable viewing audience at home.

Coker agrees that it’s a fight everyone would get behind, and they are working hard to put it together.

“How could anybody not want to see that fight? You’ve got Dan who’s just going to bring it, and you’ve got Fedor who’s just going to bring it,” Coker said.

“I’m working really hard to try to make that happen.”

A few other bouts have also been rumored for the July Strikeforce card including a light heavyweight bout between former champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and grappling guru Roger Gracie. Sources have indicated that the fight is likely to become official any time in the next few days.

As far as Emelianenko vs. Henderson, it looks like a fight that’s bound to happen, but nothing is ever finished until the ink is dry on the contracts.

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  • ShockednAwed

    “You’ve got Dan who’s just going to bring it, and you’ve got Fedor who’s just going to bring it,” Coker said.

    While the UFC has Dana and Rogan able to make jobbers on the undercard sound like they could put on an exciting bout, here you have a prime example of the ‘B’ version showing us how it’s not done once again. What a soundbyte! Yes, this sounds thrilling – two guys, bringing it…

    What will they be bringing, Scott? Beer? Good wishes? You’re being handed all this hype, for a fight you admittedly can’t even get signed off (there’s no way Fedor takes this risk), and you can’t even capitalize on that with some good promotional verbage?

    You suck Coker, and your days at the top of Strikeforce are numbered – and not the high numbers, either…

  • panik

    Its not a fight everyone wants to see at all, its a good idea but its being made out to be a super fight.

    Henderson hasnt beaten an A level fighter in some time as the last one he fought was jake shields and he got his ass handed to him. Fedor may be an A level fighter but its probably coming to the end of his career and he’s on a two fight losing streak.

    If henderson wins hes beat a retiring fedor which doesnt do anything for henderson, but if fedor wins it reinvigorates this portion of his career.

    Im not a henderson fan in the slightest and fedor has been sliding out of my favourites for a while, and if this fight does happen it is by no means a super fight that we can look back on and think “2 of the best fighters in the world went in there, and the best fighter that night won” coz one of them is a gatekeeper and the other is far from what he once was.

  • wonggfan

    Hendo has never beaten a A level fighter in prime. Over-the-hill Wandy. Lukewarm Vitor.

    He lost to Lil Nog and Arona in Pride.

    I want Fedor to retire for good. He is a legend of the legends. He has no reason to stick around like Chuck, Randy, Wandy, or Cro Cop. Those guys all have something to prove whereas Fedor is clearly a notch above those guys.

    Clearly, no one is going to stick around like Saku and get hospitalized in every other fight. But retire as a legend Fedor!