Strikeforce Video: Tyron Woodley “Wants a Belt”

January 9, 2012
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Tyron Woodley knew heading into Saturday night’s Strikeforce showdown with Jordan Mein that there was more than the usual win or lose scenario on the line. That fight, as well as it’s counterpart, Tarec Saffiedine vs. Tyler Stinson, had title implications written all over it. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker hasn’t been shy about discussing it.

Now that the fight has come and gone, with Woodley scoring a victory over Mein, he wants nothing less than a shot at the Strikeforce welterweight title vacated by Nick Diaz’s migration to the UFC.

Check out what Woodley had to say at Saturday night’s Strikeforce post-fight press conference…

  • Iamrozylo

    I’m honestly glad one judge gave mein the win. Taking someone down and doing nothing but lying on them isn’t winning a fight, it’s neutralizing a fight. At least mein was striking from the bottom. Woodley looked nothing but unimpressive. Too bad for SF that this is there #1 contender.

    • RonnieV

      I hear you! I’ve been a fan of Woodleys the last couple years, but better the competition the more boring he gets. He showed better striking against lesser competition, but I was very dissapointed with Saturday’s fight. I would ike to see Mein fight again soon, his striking was neautralized by the lay & pray technique. Shoot they both should be able to go again next week, considering the only damage was to the tip of Mein’s elbow, and the back of Woodley’s head.

      • fitefan

        So true!
        The announcer said something about taking a beating or being more damaged.
        I was looking at them both thinking, neither one even looks like they were in a fight. You can’t tell who won by looking at them.

        speaking of announcers Pat Militich is great. I love how he doesn’t hold back and corrects Frank. Frank seems alright, certainly knows the sport, but sometimes is watching a different fight it seems, and the other guy just talks to be talking, at least he’s better than ‘The Voice’ wish he’d stfu.

  • TKD

    I’d like a belt too!

  • KBEsq

    I have to chime in on this guy. I can’t stand watching him. I actually get angry watching him. I think I remember Joe Rogan, in response to the crowd booing a fighter certain for “lay and pray,” [I forget what fight] say, “tough balls! If a guy can hold you down, then it’s your job to get up, do something, etc.”

    I totally disagree with Rogan and anyone who thinks it’s okay to fight like Woodley. Let’s face it, most wrestlers are stronger and better at cutting weight than the average fighter. Therefore, if they want to hold someone down and take few chances to do damage, they most likely will be able to do that. The guy on the bottom’s ability to get up is somewhat dependent upon the guy on top taking risks and trying to win the fight.

    Woodley does NONE of that. He holds guys down and throws the occasional blow, more for the purpose of keeping the fight on the ground than doing damage. I’ve heard Woodley’s position on this in interviews. The cliche: “why would I abandon what I am good at and risk losing.”

    No one expects Woodley to stand with someone who’s better than him on the feet. However, this IS a fight, and the bottom line is that if every fighter fought like Woodley, there would be no UFC and no MMA. At least an MMA that is popular. Woodley takes advantage of the fighters who actually take chances and try to inspire the fans. Without those guys, Woodley wouldn’t be able to lay on his opponent and collect a check.

    I have absolutely no problem with denying guys like this (including Fitch) a title shot, unless and until there are literally no other fighters to choose from in the division.