Strikeforce Video: ‘King Mo’ Lawal Analyzes Jon Jones, Lorenz Larkin

January 6, 2012
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Muhammed King Mo Lawal - StrikeforceLAS VEGAS – Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Mohammed “King Mo” Lawal doesn’t watch fights like the typical fan. When observing a bout, Lawal analyzes the fighters to see where they’re making mistakes and standing out. Even Jon Jones can’t avoid Lawal’s microscope.

This weekend at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine, King Mo will take on a young up-and-comer in Lorenz Larkin. He’s already taken the time to analyze Larkin, and knows what the Riverside, Calif., resident is capable of.

In this exclusive one-on-one interview, Lawal talks to about where his opposition is strongest, and also pokes fun at Larkin’s apparent old “Zack Morris” cell phone.

Check out the video below…

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  • D-rail

    Pure comedy. King genius!

  • J-Mac

    Comedy? What did he actually say in 4:36 that he couldn’t have said in 30 seconds? Yunowatumsayin’?

    • Lesnardo

      Some white folks think that finding black comedy to be funny makes them look cool even though such black comedy is garbage.

    • thai plum sauce

      Because he’s not well-spoken, Yunowatumsayin’? he doesn’t want to “talk white” because he’d be a sell out otherwise. ya gotta keep it real daawg.

      • J-Mac

        Talk white? All he has to do is talk and maybe try to make sense instead of BSing and coming up with nothing. My comment has nothing to do with him being black. Its a useless 5 minutes of video. Maybe I should be directing my frustration at because in all likelyhood they are the ones who told this guy to “say something funny about Jones and Larkin”.

        The article says “Even Jon Jones can’t avoid Lawal’s microscope”. That’s a pretty out-of-focus microscope! Yunowatumsayin’ “dawg”??

  • mmaacupuncture

    King Mo really wants to move up in the UFC

    • mmaacupuncture

      I meant to the UFC.

      • Lesnardo


        That was a low blow from Rampage. Clearly Rampage knows that Mo, Mousasi and Feijao belong in the UFC.

        It’s like Frank Mir telling Barnett to “move up” to the UFC before thinking about “challenging” him.

    • thai plum sauce

      There’s are reasons why D1 universities only compete with other D1 schools; Ivy League schools are much harder to get accepted to than your typical state college; why UFC sometimes admits fighters from “lower tiered” organizations…only to reject them after 1 or 2 fights because they couldn’t hang.

      UFC is the Division 1, Ivy League, etc. of MMA.

  • thai plum sauce

    Sorry man, but your self-promo is weak. This guy’s speech is pathetic too. “You wat im sayin’?” Hey homie, MMA isn’t about auditioning for rap studio try outs. You cuss too much too; it’s very crass and ghetto. But “ya gotta keep it real” right? Rampage talks all ebonically, but he gets away with it because he pulls it off smooth and with humor. This guy on the other hand, is too verbose and stutters often. And why is he hatin’? Watching 2 videos is enough to figure them out huh? Yeah, that’s why Cavalcante dropped you daawg. You obviously didn’t “watch 2 videos” of him prior to the fight.

    • thai plum sauce

      Plus, elite freestyle/Greco ain’t enough to win in the MMA game. You got to put more eggs in the striking/submission baskets. Ask Mark Kerr, Mark Coleman if “takedowns and pins” were enough to dominate in MMA. As a matter of fact, ask gold medalist freestyler Kevin Jackson what happened when he faced Frank Shamrock. “ya wat im saying?”

      • bigdog333187

        umm…. actually Mark Coleman did dominate the sport for a while. And if you honestly don’t think fighters from other organizations aren’t UFC tier, you obviously don’t watch anything outside of UFC. Henderson, and Nick Diaz were UFC calibur and then some, and Melendez, Mousasi, Barnett and others are more than good enough to compete in the UFC. Know what I mean?

        • thai plum sauce

          No dawg, I dont know what you mean. Mark Coleman got exposed after meeting Maurice Smith. Yes, he dominated for a little while. But the game evolved. I been watching MMA since 95 when it was called NHB, ya wat I mean? u prolly don’t.
          Melendez ain’t UFC-caliber; he’s a b-level fighter. Mousasi went to a Japanese show…Japanese shows are c-level, since anything below UFC is B-level. Barnett has drug test issues.

        • thai plum sauce

          Plus, hendo has/had contract (money disputes) issues with top brass at UFC. that’s why he left for a year or so. Hendo is getting long in the tooth. He was a top tier fighter, but an A-level fighter named da Spida aka A Silva tapped that fool out, ya wat I mean?

  • onehitwonder

    i’ve been watching since 1993, and still don’t know about the NHB

  • fitefan

    I read the comments first and then watched the video. Some of you guys must have seen a different video than I.
    There wasn’t anything funny in it, and I don’t recall any swearing.
    He certainly has trouble articulating, and he may talk in what some describe as a ‘ghetto’ rhythm. But he dind’t engage in ‘ghetto’ smack talk. He might have veered from the subject matter some, but he didn’t talk endless nonsense like I’ve heard before.
    In fact he failed to engage in any kind of self hype ghetto slang cheap cliche` rhetoric.
    The phone thing wasn’t serious. You’d have to be a little sensitive for that to be considered offensive.
    I can see how some people could be put off by this guy, but believe me, he isn’t portraying himself as the ‘ghetto’ type some may be percieving him as. I’m not a fan of the flash and style he uses. But he’s not being offensive with it. He ain’t all attitude and self rightous anger. He seems equally realistic as Larkin, just from two different perspectives.