Strikeforce Results: Tyron Woodley Tops Jordan Mein

January 7, 2012
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Tyrone Woodley defeated Jordan Mein in their main card fight at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine.

Woodley didn’t do much for fan enjoyment, however, as the crowd booed him for not providing much offense while in Mein’s guard.

Woodley gave up an obvious size advantage in this fight and did well to avoid the longer fighter’s strikes. Woodley stayed on Mein and looked to clinch, getting the fight to the ground in the first round. From there, “T-Wood” worked the ground-and-pound. The fight went back to the feet for a majority of the final minute, but neither fighter landed anything effective.

Woodley landed a clean right hand early in the second round and used that to lead into a clinch against the cage and get the fight to the ground. Woodley stayed active for a short period, but didn’t do much for offense thereafter. The round ended to jeers from the crowd for the lack of action on the ground.

Round three started with Woodley shooting for a takedown and almost eating a Mein knee. The fight went to the ground and Woodley, once again, did little to improve position or provide offense. Mein tried to do a kimura, but the referee stood them up at that point. Woodley shot in and kept a bodylock for the remainder of the round to the dislike of the crowd.

Woodley won by split decision with scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 30-27.

“I wish I would have been a little more offensive with my strikes,” he said following the win.

With the win, Woodley puts himself in place to fight for the vacant Strikeforce welterweight title.

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  • fitefan

    Some crazy damn judging tonight.

  • MikeMc1983

    There was some crazy judging. It was actually a bit closer as to how I’d like to see judging go, but with their current instructions, the judges were boarder line nuts tonight. Refing was crazy to. King mo got stood up being quite active where as the fight before I actually believe I saw Woolley fluff his opponents chest, and use it as a pillow for a few minutes.

  • MikeMc1983

    I have to admit that I haven’t seen much of Woodley before, but he’s like the black Gsp. I would highly suggest Gsp’s next opponent bring t wood in for training. He’s seems a bit heavier than Gsp, and it would be good practice having dead weight laying on top of you for long extended periods of time. It even seems like the ref’s get lulled to sleep and are not conscious enough to stand either Woodley or Gsp up. Perfect guy to bring in to prepare.

    • RonnieV

      No kidding, I’ve seen most of Woodley’s fights, and the better the competition the more boring and conservative he gets. Last night was a sleeper, and I was amped to see him and Mein go at it. The one judge that gave the fight to Mein was probably as bored as I was. Woodley has the skillz to be good, but that lay & pray crap is bad for the sport.

  • fitefan

    Atleast GSP does body body head to look busy, even though none of those shots are damaging. Whoodley just stayed tight and went on the defensive from the top trying to hold Mein’s arms down.
    But yeah, a definate candidate for the perfect sparring partner in preperation for a GSP ground game.