Strikeforce Results: Ronda Rousey Does It Again; Calls Out Cris Cyborg After the Win

August 19, 2012

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman - StrikeforceIt’s an unbelievable feat that names like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre haven’t even matched, but Ronda Rousey continued her first round path of destruction on Saturday night putting away former champion Sarah Kaufman in less than a minute’s time.

You could say that weather is unpredictable, but when a tornado is right in front of your eyes, it’s a safe bet to get out of its way. In women’s MMA that tornado has a name and it’s Ronda Rousey, and as of yet nobody has been able to avoid her cyclone of terror.

Within moments of the opening bell, Rousey closed the distance on her opponent Sarah Kaufman and clinched her against the fence. It took a moment, but the effort paid off as Rousey tackled Kaufman to the mat and with lightning fast accuracy she once again had an opponent caught in her signature armbar.

Kaufman rolled and tried to stack Rousey up from the top, but the former Olympic bronze medalist was just too fast with her transitions and power to let go of the move.

Finally, Rousey was able to extend her hips and Kaufman’s arm was going nowhere except to the hospital if she didn’t submit. Quickly, Kaufman tapped out and like that, in only 54 seconds, Ronda Rousey had done it again.

A broken-hearted Kaufman gave no excuse for why she couldn’t counter Rousey’s joint-stretching submission, but was obviously dejected after losing only the second fight of her career.

“Ronda put on a great performance, I’m embarrassed by my performance. I don’t really know what else to say, Ronda did a great job, she got the armbar, I defended it, she continued with it, I defended it, she continued with it, she ended up getting it,” Kaufman said after the fight.

“I’m really disappointed.”

Rousey gave credit to Kaufman for the fight, and how much she respected her as a competitor. Before she could even compliment her latest opponent, Rousey had already turned her sights on her next rival.

As soon as Showtime commentator Mauro Ranallo gave Rousey the chance to speak, the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion released a venomous tirade aimed directly at former women’s featherweight champion Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos.

“First of all I need to send out a challenge to Miss Cy-Roid out there – people want to see you have the first fair fight of your life, I’m the champ now, the champ doesn’t go to you, you come to the champ. Come down to 135 and let’s settle this,” Rousey shouted.

The ‘Cy-Roid’ comment is in reference to Santos’ positive drug test for steroids following her last fight in Strikeforce, which cost her the 145lb title as well as a year-long suspension for the infraction.

The two women have engaged in a war of words over the last few months, especially lately as Rousey was headed into her title fight on Saturday night.

Santos’ suspension doesn’t end until December, and even then there’s no telling if she could even attempt to make 135lbs, and it doesn’t appear Rousey is willing to go back up to her old weight class to face the Brazilian.

Potentially the biggest fight in women’s mixed martial arts history may or may not happen based on a compromise of the weight class or catch weight that the two competitors involved agree upon.

Regardless of that match-up, Ronda Rousey stands alone as the top fighter in the women’s division, and no one seems even close to her right now.

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(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Showtime)


  1. Well they might as well crown her grappling champion of the world that way she can retire. other then being pretty theres no suprise to her game .I like a good fight so what’s the point of watching her fights but she is getting paid for it but sucks for the people watching it I understand it’s mma but with out submissions she would get killed haters welcome’d 🙂

    • What is your evidence that she would get killed without submissions?

      If she KOd all her opponents in the first rounds, would you say “without striking she would get killed”?

      You’re the hater, and an ignorant one at that.

      • Check & mate!

    • You are a horrible writer. It’s “other than” not “other then.”

      Go look up run on sentences.

      Uneducated = poor grammar = not intelligent = samflchr.

    • it’s always interesting when haters like you spew your garbage, and then say something like “comments from haters welcome”, as if you’re the rational one and those who oppose you are the haters. Just the opposite of what is true. There’s no other person, male of female, at 135 that could have submitted sarah kaufman in 54 seconds. I’m not sure there’s another 135 lb female that can beat kaufman period! And yet, kaufman trained to stop one move; and couldn’t! She had greg jackson in her corner, working on solely stopping that move, and couldn’t!

      Ronda rousey’ skills and abilities are so far above any other female mma fighter (including cyroid) that she truly is in a league of her own. And because of that, haters like you rag on her, because she is so proficient at what she does!

      Instead of appreciating her for the incredible level of skills she brings to the cage, you hate on her because nobody can stop her, and you don’t like it.

      Sure sounds like you’re the hater to me!

  2. Keep preaching the truth, this one note joke is sad.

  3. I would love to see Cyborg shut this girl up.

  4. Cyborg got balls that’s a given they are tucked up in there somewhere. Cyborg is a man and will beat Ronda.

  5. A deroided, malnurished Santos would probably get arm-barred like the rest, but it’s the only fight with Rousey I’m interested in seeing. Unless she starts fighting dudes.

  6. Cyborg got cough once using winstrol V, she would have gotten cough way before that since Winstrol V stays in the body for a year and a half after usage. Not sure if they tested prior to that.

    Winstrol V is not the best steroid to take either it does not build any muscle mass or strenght, that was all hers.

    I don’t care what people say about Rousey, she is for real, and she takes down people. I was very suprised how easly she submited kaufthman (kauftman is not a joke she can bang).

    I want to see that fight with Cyborg, that will be great fight. But props need to be given to Rousey she is beautiful and talented.

    We need more women in mma maybe with theses girls paving the way and putting on great fights we will get more quality women mma.

    I am all for that.

    • Cyborg never got coughed anything, she got caught. She didn’t get caught for Windstrol V. She was caught with Stanozolol (look it up). And that is a high level steroid. The rest I agree with, Ronda is an awesome fighter, and is a real legitimate threat to Cyborg. Not saying she’ll win, but she can win.

      • yannickmessaoud = poor grammar = unintelligent = uneducated = st*pid.

  7. Anyone that doubts RR is a complete moron.

  8. Possible future fights for Rousey?
    A. Cyborg
    B. Barao
    C. Cruz
    D. Aldo

  9. Cyborg vs. Rousey is pointless to think about because Cyborg barely makes 145. 135 would be impossible for her. He already asked Rhonda to come up to 145. So, if Cyborg wins, Rhonda goes down and continues dominance at 135. Super fights make a lot of money, people want to see them, like GSP Anderson but unless Anderson drops to 170, it shows nothing!!! If Rousey happens to win at 145, she’s pretty much the greatest, but Cyborg isn’t exactly your typical female fighter. I’ve even made some of the jokes. She’s just too big for Rhonda.

  10. “He” was actually a typo, by the way. Completely unintentional! LOL

  11. Cyborg got testicles deal with it. and a prostrate. and will beat Rousey.

  12. Pooby shut the hell up if she ko’d every opponent then it would be different if I wanted to watch a girls arm shoved up another girls but I’d watch porn I like fun fan fights she should stay in the Olympics

  13. LoL calling out cyborg, in the parking lot?
    Don’t this “Phnom” ha ha ha know that if
    you try an armbar on the street you’ll get a
    Giant football kick in the face or a stomp too
    The throat or face. Well she is showing her
    Maturity, what is with sho getting behind these
    Fighters and being like thier the next great thing
    Ahem—- kimbo….Gina.. Don’t call her great till she is.
    Well see when some one puts a gameplan like
    Smashing her legs out a good kicker & defensive person
    Will smash her out with strikes in my opinion only
    because if she could strike she would not just strike for
    A take down.

  14. lol do research before u talk, cyborg told ronda she will be waiting for her in the parking lot in an earlier interview this wk! and if u on the ground and i put u in a armbar u r not standing up to stomp me lol. to defend u either brute strength a pick slam (and that only works if the submissionae doesnt wrap up your leg with their arm to stop u from.standing) or u get close as possible to there body, u dont want to try to create space cause that makes u weaker and gives the subber more leverage and power. wow some should really train n fight before they comment. u will not kick someone in the head if they have u on the ground in armbar lol. ronda is a beast, and cyborg is a cheater. and to the dude who thinks she got caught for winstrol lol, even if that was the case winstrol is a cutting agent which would help her get shredded and cut weight “cheating” plus it is a strengthener too. i use to do winstrol and test, plz once again know what your talking about. oh and i did it long time ago befor i ever started training cause i was tires of being lil, but know i train naturally and glady fight at 155. god bless

    • You could stomp/or head kick, although i don’t know how effective that would be.

      And slams on a concrete could be deadly.

      Come on…give Cyborg the credit due. Although she got caught for steroids, in her past performances where she didn’t get caught, she was still impressive. I know not getting caught is not the same thing as not using roids. But, she hits like a man.

  15. I would rather see Rousey fight Sara McMann or if they could get to a common weight, Kyra Gracie. I would have to think Cyborg would be smart enough to have a tune up fight before facing Ronda, and at that point we will see if she has any chops without steroids. It would also be interesting to see Rousey fight an MMA man – at her weight or lighter – since there are so few female opponents for her.

  16. I have never enjoyed women’s MMA, ever…but I must say that I can watch Rousey fight and get into it. Like her or not, you have to admit she is making a name for women’s MMA. There are 21 posts on this thread already (and counting). When would there ever be 20+ posts tied to an article about a women fighter on this site?

  17. Cyroids trains with her husband and i bet she beats him up when they spare. Rousey would have to get her striking game good before cyborg rips her head off. I would want rousey to break cyborgs arm but its gunna take more then a few jabs to close the distance on a chick that eats roids for breakfeast. Lets go Rousey!