Strikeforce Results: King Mo Crowns Larkin With Vicious Ground and Pound

January 7, 2012
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They call Mark Coleman the ‘Godfather of Ground and Pound’. Tito Ortiz helped redefine ground and pound with his work in the UFC.

Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal may soon get his own ‘ground and pound’ nickname after battering and eventually knockout out previously undefeated Lorenz Larkin with a slew of hard and heavy punches to finish their fight in Strikeforce.

Coming from Oklahoma State’s wrestling program, it’s no secret that Lawal had the chops to put Larkin on his back, but his real domination started once the fight was on the canvas.

Lawal peppered away at Larkin’s head and body throughout the first round, as the striker simply could not find any way to get back to his feet.

As the second round started, Larkin tried to land a bomb while Lawal again looked for the takedown, but it was a futile effort because a few seconds later he was on his back again.

It was there that Lawal unloaded with an absolutely, unrelenting attack of right hands that started to slip through Larkin’s defense. With each punch, Larkin started to defend less and less, and Lawal just punished him with shots.

One final punch landed and Larkin went limp and referee Kim Winslow mercifully stopped the fight. Lawal seemed perturbed after the fight that maybe it went on too long, but after a brief conversation with Winslow, he agreed with the referee’s decision.

“She explained to me that she wants to give us a fair chance to keep on continuing, and I respect that,” Lawal said. “Cause if that was me, I’d rather be put to sleep than her jump in and me still be awake.”

Now with back to back wins in devastating fashion, it would appear Lawal is on the verge of possibly fighting for a title he once held. Fights are out there with Gegard Mousasi or Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante, both of which Lawal has faced in the past.

It doesn’t matter much to the King, he just knows whoever it is, they’re going to be hurting.
“That’s the next stop,” Lawal commented about getting a title shot. “Next person is taking a beating like this too.”

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  • fitefan

    I think King Mo just beat Larkin into the middleweight division. He really got manhandled at will.

    As for a late stoppage. Not at all. It was about 13 right hands from a kneeling position not 20 as one of the announcers tried to proclaim. One was deflected and another missed it’s mark. You can see Larkin quite lucid trying to squirm away until the last 2 strikes, and it was stopped right away.

    It was by no means a relentless beating like Jardine took before Dean finally stepped in and stoped it. Kieth got dropped twice, and blasted with several more shots. I’m not happy about that at all. It was nearly an exact replay of the Alexander fight.

  • BlackDog2009

    The thing is, Jardine never went limp until that last moment, he was taking shots, but seemed to still be in it. I for one think the referee did fine, there’s been too many cases of early stoppages.

    As for Mo, I’m glad he proved that he’s no joke. King Mo is a pretty smart fighter, he has also evolved very well. Larkin is a young prospect and this experience will serve him right as it only can make him work on his take down defense and his ground game.

    • fitefan

      Clearly not an easy call. And Jardine is tough as nails. I did get to see it in slow motion. But when he went limp and fell back to the ground there at the end, I still feel like he ate several shots too many. Especially, since it was the second time inside of 4 seconds he got dropped.
      But it was a title shot, maybe I’m being over critical. Maybe Jardine told Dean not to stop unless he was sleeping. I dunno.
      There was one premature stopage earlier in the night too. That could have been on his mind as well.

      /agreed on the King Mo comment and Larkin comment.