Strikeforce Results: Josh Barnett Wins And Tells Heavyweight “Cowards” to Run and Hide

January 12, 2013
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Josh Barnett StrikeforceJosh Barnett walked into Strikeforce as one of the heaviest favorites on the card against relative unknown Nandor Guelmino, and he treated him as such.

For weeks leading up to the fight, Barnett has been dealing with the flu and just couldn’t seem to shake it, saying after the fight was over that he only got in about 2 days of really solid training for his whole camp.

But in classic Barnett form, he wasn’t looking to make excuses and he certainly didn’t show any signs of illness in the cage.

“You don’t sit around, bitching and complaining and throwing excuses around. You get in there and either you die like a man or you leave your opponent dead, and you stand victorious,” said Barnett.

Well, Barnett’s post fight speech may have lasted longer than his fight because he just walked through Guelmino in the brief time they spent together in the cage.

Barnett charged across the cage and took Guelmino to the ground, but actually missed on his first submission attempt when he went for an ankle lock in the opening moments.

Obviously Barnett wasn’t deterred because just seconds later he had Guelmino back on the mat again, this time in the mount and it didn’t long for the “Warmaster” to go to work.

A confused and panicked Guelmino put up an arm to either block Barnett or just give him the submission because in one fluid motion, the former UFC champion locked up a head and arm choke and the tap out came almost as quickly as the hold was applied.

“I fight to entertain the crowd. I bring death so you guys can all cheer. Are you not entertained?” Barnett shouted after picking up the quick submission win.

The more interesting part of the fight came afterwards when Barnett was posed with the million-dollar question of the evening – will he end up in the UFC after tonight?

“So you’re asking me if I’m going to go over to the UFC like every other schmuck-jabroni reporter has been asking me this whole time. Am I going to go to the UFC? I have no idea where I’m going to end up at this point. But you know what there are a lot of heavyweights out there in the world, sacked away in their little organizations, and all I’ve got to say to them is run cowards!” said Barnett.

“You can hide behind any fence you want, any ring in the world, but eventually I will find you, and I will take your head.”

Barnett would be a good addition to the UFC heavyweight division, but it remains to be seen if he will end up there or in another promotion after Strikeforce shutters its doors.


  • Barnett vs Mir.

  • cholokoned

    I think Barnett feels after his many failed drug tests thatvtheres a good chance Dana won’t bring him over. Bit if like yo see him in the octagon again. I doubt he would ever hold the belt again but he’d certainly be a good gatekeeper for up and coming talent. If he’s still using rounds though, he may know his vest chance to fight and make a little money is over seas where no testing is done. Good luck Barnett wherever you land. Good guy and tough fighter.

  • Very interesting character

  • Gary Fredericks

    his interviews sound like WWE soundbytes. Taking heads and bringing death. Although I respect his talent and the fact that he is a fighter, I didn’t like him much the first time he was in the UFC and the feeling’s still the same. Toss in all the times he’s been popped for shooting ‘roids, as a fan I say let him go “take heads” in the little shows.

    • Joey

      He’s ALWAYS interviewes like that. Thats why he has such a fan base in Japan and pretty much everywhere he goes. He has been cutting Chael Sonnen promos before Chael Sonnen was. Lord knows Chael can sell a fight like no one else, so why would you not want another guy like that?

      Granted he failed some drug tests but its been years since that.

      Dana would be foolish to not scoop Barnett up with how shallow the heavyweight division is. A fight with him against Roy Nelson would be awesome and lead to some very humorous verbal confrontations.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Chael Sonnen promos are wwwwaaaaaaaaayyyy better than The Roidmaster’s ANY DAY of the week dude! Barnet always sounds like he is trying to screen test for the next “straight to video” sequel to The Highlander movie! LOL

        As far as Barnet vs Nelson, no. I’d rather see him fight Mir. Outside that, he can go back to that Japan Real Pro Wrestling thingy and take heads and fight dragons in the small shows. He missed his chance and screwed himself past his prime. Only the hardcore fans even know who he is and even a portion of them have been watching MMA long enough to remember seeing him in the UFC while he was there.

  • pee-dubya

    Barnett a gatekeeper- how high are your standards?

  • Milosc

    The elephant in the room, is why people have to ‘wonder’ if a top 5 Hwt is going to be accepted to the UFC

    No professional athlete should have to pass a scrotum test to compete (what happened to Todd Duffee was atrocious). Dana White’s ego is making UFC look like WWE, and I hope it stops. Especially before the general public notices

  • damonmarcus

    Didn’t Josh just get thrown around like a school girl by Daniel Cormier a few month’s back??? Quiet down Josh….