Strikeforce Results: Gegard Mousasi Makes a Statement as He Heads to the Octagon

January 12, 2013
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Gegard Mousasi - StrikeforceGegard Mousasi rose to prominence fighting for Pride and Dream in Japan, but proved once again on Saturday night at Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine in Oklahoma City, Okla., that he is a light heavyweight force to be reckoned with.

Unless the sky falls down, Mousasi, after handily defeating UFC veteran Mike Kyle, should be making his way to the Octagon for his next fight.

He had little trouble with Kyle on Saturday night.

Both men spent the early minutes of the fight testing each other out on the feet, but it didn’t take long for Mousasi to clinch and take Kyle to the mat.

Working from inside Kyle’s full guard, Mousasi opened up his ground and pound attack. Kyle turned to try and get away from the punishment, but giving up his back in doing so, Mousasi took full advantage.

Mousasi kept punching for a time, but then swiftly sank a rear naked choke that Kyle could not escape.

He tapped out, but it took the referee a little longer than it should have to call a halt to the bout; apparently he didn’t see the initial tapout. Mousasi didn’t release the hold until the referee eventually stepped in, stopping the fight just over four minutes into the first round.

Mousasi’s motivation has been questioned in the past, but he showed a renewed vigor and well roundedness on Saturday night that he says is indicative of his newfound commitment to proper training.

“I got more professional, I think,” he said after the fight. “I got out of my comfort zone and stepped up my training.”

Mousasi’s renewed sense of professionalism couldn’t have come at a better time, as he’ll soon be stepping into the Octagon across from the top 205-pound fighters in the world.

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  • Mousasi vs Gustafsson.

    • shakejunt

      maybe eventually. perhaps debut against davis?

    • Joey

      Gustafsson was just in a “number one contenders” fight last time out. I use that term loosely as we all know that Dana uses it far to much and the number one contenders usually have to end up waiting or fighting again.

      That being said, I think Mousasi would need one or two wins before he gets to fight someone that high up on the totem pole. I say he should fight the winner of James Te Huna/Ryan Jimmo or even Vinny Magalhaes would be a really fun debut fight for him. Or even the loser of the Rashad Evans/ Lil Nog fight.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Mousasi vs Machida!

    • Triangler

      You guys are all hilarious lmao – I know he is good and has even more potential but he has to fight some mid level guys first….. I like the Ryan Jimmo idea, or maybe Diabate or an w or get fired fight for Kingsbury…

      • Gary Fredericks

        That is true, but ultimately I would like to see that fight.