Strikeforce Results: Daniel Cormier Dominates, Calls Out Frank Mir and Jon Jones

January 12, 2013
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Daniel Cormier - Strikeforce Grand Prix ChampionSaturday night was Strikeforce’s final event, and we may also have seen one of Daniel Cormier’s final fights at heavyweight.

Cormier has said he would consider a move to light heavyweight when he steps over into the Octagon, especially now that his training partner, Cain Velasquez, is the UFC heavyweight champion.

There is the chance we’ll see Cormier take one or two more heavyweight bouts while in transition, but after Saturday night’s domination of little known Dion Staring at Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine in Oklahoma City, Okla., Cormier proved no matter what the weight class, he is a fighter to be watching out for when he steps into the Octagon later this year, as soon as April 20 on Fox.

Cormier had to go into the second round to finish Staring, who stepped up when almost no one else would after Frank Mir fell out of the fight.

Cormier continually took Staring to the mat, grinding away with a relentless ground and pound attack. He wore Staring down, finally unloading so many blows in the round two that referee John McCarthy stepped in to stop it at the 4:02 mark.

After the fight, however, was when things really heated up.

Speaking with interview Pat Miletich, Cormier already has the remainder of his 2013 mapped out… if other fighters are willing.

First up, he called out former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, who, as mentioned, was Cormier’s original opponent for the November Strikeforce event that was eventually cancelled.

“I signed my contract, Frank Mir, you and me, let’s do it,” said Cormier, indicating that he intends to fight April 20 at UFC on Fox 7.

He then has his sights set on light heavyweight.

“I’m gonna let Jon (Jones) defend his belt on April 27 and then I’m gonna kick his ass in the fall.”

Stay tuned to for all of your Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine news and fight coverage.

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  • Brook

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    • b-soc

      I have to agree. he didn’t look very good at all about the Stairing guy or whoever he was. To me, it wasn’t much of a statement coming into the UFC.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      He threw Barnett around like a toy and knocked out Bigfoot…it’s not easy to do that every fight but dropping down to 205 will give him an advantage against the entire division. I like Bones but he is in for more than you think!

    • brian stevens

      the easiest answer to this is that he didn’t want to hurt himself. He just came back from a bad broken hand. the other answer is Dion Starling is one tough dude. He’s never been ko’d. this wasn’t an audition he already had his ufc contract. This was just a chance to fulfill an obligation in front of his family and alma mater.

    • Mskels

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  • Timothy Malone

    Kind of weird to call out a heavyweight and then the light heavyweight champion. Why not take a fight against a light heavyweight contender in the meantime if he plans on moving to that division?

    • uncle

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  • Threekids

    Jones has never fought anyone the caliber of Comier, who would beat him pretty easily.

  • DC vs Roy Nelson would be nice.

  • uncle

    Very foolish to think Jones can’t put this guy away
    look at Jones resume he fought dangerous fighters
    and still came out on top he is the only LHW that
    stands a chance against Anderson Silva if Cormier
    defeats Jones then he would be the real deal

  • Sycokatt

    He hasn’t beaten quality HWs…think if that had been Jones or JDS or Reem fighting that can last night…wouldn’t have gone 20 seconds…took Cormier til the second round…no killer instinct

    • Danjitsu

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  • 801diego

    all good fights. Mir can’t fight wrestlers, so win there. i don’t understand why everything is so planned out. one fight at a time bud

  • 801diego

    i wanna see jds vs nelson 2. nelson striking is getting better and this time i wanna see if jds can actually put him away

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