Strikeforce Results: Cyborg Obliterates Yamanaka In Just 16 Seconds

December 18, 2011
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After an 18-month layoff, Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg needed just 16 seconds to obliterate Hiroko Yamanaka.

The Brazilian had been on the shelf after a lengthy contract negotiation with Strikeforce, but even after signing the new deal there was still the matter of finding her an opponent.

In stepped Japanese fighter Hiroko Yamanaka, who on paper had the credentials to step into the cage with Cyborg, but unfortunately her walkout lasted longer than her actual fight.

Cyborg came out charging like a bull, blasting Yamanaka with a big right hook that dropped her to the mat. The Chute Boxe fighter followed up and looked to finish, but Yamanaka survived the initial onslaught.

In only mattered for a few more seconds however because once they got back on their feet, Cyborg against moved forward with a flurry of punches. A left straight rattled Yamanaka, and another right hand put her down.

That was all the referee needed to see as he stepped in to stop the carnage.

The win now moves Cyborg to a perfect 5-0 in Strikeforce as she puts a strangle hold on the top of the women’s division.

“This is amazing, I love fighting, I love training, I want to fight more. Thanks to Strikeforce for the opportunity, this is a Christmas present for you guys,” Cyborg said after the fight.

With that dominance also comes the problem. Cyborg has literally destroyed every single opponent that’s stepped into the cage with her at 145lbs. The only challenger still standing in that weight class is former Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey.

Rousey is a perfect 4-0 as a professional, but still seems light years away from being ready to challenge someone the likes of Cris Cyborg. The champion however is ready for the challenge if that’s what happens.

“I think she speaks too much,” Cyborg said about Rousey. “I’ll be ready, anywhere.”

The Strikeforce featherweight champion has also hinted at a possible move to 135lbs, where the talent in the women’s division gets much thicker. She seems open to the possibility, but it’s unclear right now if she’ll make that move or not.

“I like 145,” said Cyborg. “But 135, it’s possible I’d go.”

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  • She should fight Aldo next.

    • KBEsq

      lol I thought the same thing. I actually think this girl could beat a guy. Her shoulders and arms are crazy huge; no wonder she has trouble cutting to 145.

  • Mario

    She is just TOO MUCH!

    (I) wouldn’t fuck with her 🙂

  • Zero chance she makes the cut to 135lbs, I wish they’d stop bringing that up.

    Even if they pressured her into dropping and she some how was able to make the weight, I think it would take a tremendous toll on her strength and stamina and her performance would suffer greatly. James Irvin thinks Santos cutting to 135lbs is a ridiculous idea…

    • Obarmarama

      Not really, she can cut ten pounds, and then eat horsemeat after the weigh in, and walk in at 155. I’m not sure if she cuts to 145, or how much she has to cut, but if it’s not that much, another 10 pounds should be achievable (although not easy- she is all muscle). If Kenflo could cut from middleweight to 145, i’m sure she could do it. I’d love to see it for the fact that every good female fighter that has ever fought her, has dropped down to 135. So if she goes to 135, it would be funny to see that division become baron as every woman cuts to 125 lol.

      • Although she seems to have it under control right now, she’s had issues making 145lbs in the past.

  • Obarmarama

    I would love to see her, or should I say Him, fight a guy, but it would not end very well for Cyborg. I think it can probably take a punch, but would get shown up for lack of technique. If you watch the fight against Carano, it was just chaos. No technique, no balance. If I was an mma trainer, I would train that hottie Carano specifically for Cyborg, and then just pick her apart. Her style is to bulldoze right from the start, which is easy to negate, you just stay out of range and frustrate it a bit, and pick your shots. Why does every woman try to slug it out with him from the bell? What crappy gameplans do they have? Not to say that Yamanoko or whatever her name is would have had any chance, her striking absolutely sucks.

  • Prodigy815

    Needs a gender test. No way that thing is a chick.

    • MikeMc1983

      You want to fulfill that fantasy, and be the one who checks?

  • Iamrozylo

    That chick has eaten so many steroids and so much testosterone, it is completely unfair for her to be competing against other women. Its like a guy eating estrogen so he an be a ring card girl. Women’s Mma doesn’t interest me at all.

  • MikeMc1983

    We’re you saying that men taking estrogen to be a ring card girl would interest you? J/k

    • Obarmarama

      Mike you crack me up with your J/K’s! Especially the one on the Junie Browning article to that totally serious dude going on about his wife stealing his kid, and prostitutes and youth gangs in his hotel. What happened in Romania? Hahahahahaha I just wanted to let you know that someone out there appreciates your work!

      • MikeMc1983

        Thanks, I usually don’t joke around like that on here, but I was bored today. People on here can get pretty anal, and sensitive so We’ll see if I keep it up.

  • browill70

    Just who in the hell named Hiroko Yamanaka as the #2 fighter in the world anyway? Those rankings are a joke.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I think you are both wrong. Nobody’s saying she can cut 10lbs of fat off her frame and make 135. She would have to lose muscle and if you don’t think that is possible then you must believe she’s naturally that muscular to begin with. Please! There’s nothing natural about that body. She lays off the horse testosterone and throwing weights around and she can make 135. Hell, she could loose 10lbs in her neck and traps alone.

    • She could lose 45 pounds if she really wanted to… I’m saying there’s no way she makes the cut without compromising her greatest assets.

  • MuayThaiFood

    oops….that last comment was supposed to be a reply to ShortBus and Obarmarama