Strikeforce Results: Barnett Submits His Way to Tournament Semi-Finals

June 19, 2011
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Josh Barnett advances to the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix by submitting Brett Rogers.

In the first Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix quarter-final match-up on Saturday in Dallas, Josh Barnett put on a ground clinic against Brett Rogers, submitting the heavy handed heavyweight on his way to a showdown with Sergei Kharitonov.

Barnett quickly closed the distance off of a Rogers’ leg kick in the first round, elevated his opponent, and slammed him to the canvas. Before long, Barnett had his adversary mounted. After some ground and pound, Rogers momentarily got out of the mount only to be placed right back in.

Early in the second stanza, Barnett landed a left hook and Rogers went for a takedown. On the way to the ground, Barnett turned him and landed in full mount. Barnett quickly secured an arm triangle choke that forced Rogers to tap out.

Following the fight, Barnett snatched the microphone out of broadcaster Gus Johnson’s hand and addressed those in attendance and watching worldwide.

“Gus, I love you. I know you have a job to do, but then again, so do I,” said Barnett. “I think the people want to hear what I have to say right now.

“Now, I could talk about calling people out. We already know I’m fighting Sergei Kharitonov. We could talk about fighting in the UFC and doing all this different stuff, combining the organizations, and challenging this guy and challenging that guy. But I still have a tournament to fight,” he said.

“Bit by bit, inch by inch, one by one. I’m going to take them down, each one, one by one. One skull to the collection and then the next and the next until I’m standing on top of a pile of bodies with a pile of gold in my hand.”

Barnett will face Sergei Kharitonov in the semi-finals of the Heavyweight Tournament later this year.

  • Mario

    “pile of bodies with a pile of gold in my hand.”

    When he said that, he paused and thought about it. Cause it made no sense!

    Haha. A pile of gold?

  • wonggfan

    That pro-wrestling shit he pulled was weak. In WWE such a low level of acting will not be enough.

    Anyyway, Barnett did a good job retiring Fat Rogers. Feel bad for Rogers. He got fed to the wolves waaay too early in his career. Fedor, Overeem, and then Barnett, back-to-back…that is pretty crazy.

    Werdum ruined the fight because he knows that his broken jaw cannot handle the Reem’s punches.But what he did was fair. Hopefully, MMAweekly will stop ranking Werdum at #2. The real HW ranking is as follows:

    1. Cain -UFC
    2. JDS -UFC
    3. Brock -UFC
    4. Overeem -SF
    5. Carwin -UFC
    6. MIr -UFC
    7. Werdum -SF
    8. Barnett -SF
    9. Big Foot -SF
    10. Sergei -SF

  • wonggfan


  • omcclave

    did anyone tell barnet that pride ended a few years ago and that Americans are not into that cheesy speech stuff after the fight. You beat a tin can for god sake dont act like you smashed brock lesnar up or something. you fought a guy who doesnt know how to get out of being mounted. The reem off steriods sucked balls to so let me break down the real mma rankings

    1. cain
    2. jds
    3. brock
    4. carwin
    5. mir
    6. big country(yes he deserves this. gave jds his tuffest fight by far(saw it live) and broke mirs jaw and ribs)
    10.) big foot
    honorable mention
    chieck kongo
    sergie(could be top ten but doesnt give a shit enough about mma)
    mike russow
    travis browne
    shane del a rosa
    matt mitrione
    chad griggs (why not, everyone always thinks hes going to get his ass handed to him and he ends up tko them)

  • afk

    what a terrible justification for a terrible ranking

    • omcclave

      why do you think thats a terrible ranking? I really would love to hear why. especially why my justifications are wrong too, i though they were spot on.