Strikeforce Post-Fight Video: Josh Barnett ‘The Warmaster’ Expects Tougher Fight From Kharitonov

June 19, 2011
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Josh Barnett systematically dismantled Brett Rogers in the quarterfinal round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix in Dallas on Saturday night. Following his game plan, everything went accordingly, despite a near year-long layoff.

Now he moves on to face Sergei Kharitonov in the semifinal round sometime later this year. Barnett expects a much tougher fight from Kharitonov, whom he deems an all around better fighter than Rogers, but still feels he has the tools to defeat the Russian heavyweight.

Barnett spoke with Showtime Sports after the fight, breaking down his victory in extreme detail, and announcing and explaining his name change from “The Baby-Face Assassin” to “The Warmaster.”

  • bdono554

    lets wait until the drug test results before we anounce his return.

  • Who cares. Wouldn’t last in UFC.

    • wonggfan

      U r one ignorant mofo.

      This is June 2011 and NOT Feb 2011. It’s post-UFC buy out of SF. And yet you are still spewing that Dana nonsense. Btw, your idol Dana has changed his opinions on SF fighters.

      Barnett would do well in the UFC. In fact, all participants of the SF tourney, except Rogers, would beat everyone in the UFC except Cain, JDS, Carwin, and Brock. And I would love to see Carwin vs Sergei or Brock vs Big Foot/Barnett.

      Barnett or any other fighter (except Rogers) would destroy the likes of Schaub, Nelson, Rothwell, or Cheick Kongo.

      UFC knows that it lacks HW talent in the contender level. From Mir to Schaub, there is a hugge drop in talent. UFC has the top 3 HWs. But SF has rest of the top 10.

      U r a moron.

    • armendo420

      listen to this guy wouldnt last!!!!!!!!!!1 lolololol r u new? or just a dumass????? when sf contracts r up watch and c how many sf fights come to the ufc and do good!!! lol ufc fighters and sf fighters are like night and day!!!!!!!!!!!! ufc ppl seam more scared and causious when sf fighters are there to fight!! they are there to win!!!!!! u see more ppl just lay on one another in the ufc!!! SO THERE STUDIOKAISER UR A DUM ASS OK

  • wonggfan

    The real HW ranking:

    1. Cain
    2. JDS
    3. Brock/Overeem
    4. Overeem/Brock
    5. Carwin
    6. Mir/Barnett
    7/ Barnett/Mir
    8. Werdum
    9. Big Foot/Sergei
    10. Sergei/Big Foot

  • Meet me in the playground after school.

  • wonggfan

    Sorry dude. I don’t go to school. Good luck with your school.

  • Wow. Some of you take this really seriously and personally. I voice an opinion about fighters you don’t even know and I’m called a mofo, moron, ignorant and dumb ass. Get over yourselves and get a life.