Strikeforce Post-Fight Video: Alistair Overeem, “I Apologize to the Fans”

June 19, 2011
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Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, with his victory over Fabricio Werdum in Dallas on Saturday night, moves on in the Heavyweight Grand Prix, although he wasn’t very happy with the way the fight went.

“Fabricio is the best grappler in MMA. I can consider myself, with the K-1 title, the best striker in MMA,” Overeem told Strikeforce Sports reporter Heidi Androl after the fight.

As such, Overeem wanted to keep the fight standing, while Overeem made every attempt to get it to the ground, which ended up being a frustrating night for both fighters and the fans watching. Overeem was never able to inflict the damage that he is known for with his striking prowess, although he easily won a unanimous decision.

He now moves on to the semifinal round of the tournament to face Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, while Josh Barnett and Sergei Kharitonov square off in the other half of the bracket, sometime this fall.

Overeem broke down the fight with Androl and talked about facing Silva in his next Grand Prix bout.

  • MrAdidas

    BAHAHAA and he thinks the winner of this Circus Act should be considered the #1 HW in the world?!? After what I seen in the first two rounds of this tournament, I dont know if the winner of this should get a “guaranteed” shot @ the UFC champ, b/c neither one of the fighter who have made it to the Quarters would stand much of a chance sparring Vs. Cain, let alone in a real 5 Round fight!

    I’d like to see the winner of this Tournament fight the 3rd & 2nd best HW in the UFC b4 he fights the Champ. Overeem barely looked impressive Vs. Werdum, I cant even imagine what would have happened if Overeem if he tried that shit with Cain or Dos Santos. I Honestly think (I cant believe I’m going to say this) Barnett could actually win this, or even Big Foot, I dont see Overeem beating big Foot, let alone the tournament!

    Oh well – time will tell!!!

    • armendo420

      lol ok i dont like sf,but ur wrong bud!!!! there is way better heavyweight fighters in sf!!!! there is only like 3 or 4 fights in the ufcs heavyweight divison that could beat the top sf heavyweights cain jds and carwin!!!! maybe brock but he cant take a punch so he doesnt count!! try next time to just no start talkin shit till ya no what ur talkin about there budddddddY

    • masterless

      “I cant even imagine what would have happened if Overeem if he tried that shit with Cain or Dos Santos.” You seem to be forgetting the insane amount of times Werdum flopped on the floor after almost all of Overeems barrages. Its hard to fight someone whos there to grapple but since they cant take you down they fall on the floor waiting for you to enter their guard. Overeem learned to avoid being suckerd in like Fedor was. SO, Overeems lack of impression is directly attributed to Werdums lameness and fear of trading strikes in the first 2 rounds. In fact, Werdum was doing well actually landed some shots but he wasnt confident enough in his striking to finish the fight against a gassed Reem. Cain/JDS would put up a much better fight, in turn bringing out a much better Overeem versus the lame flopping we saw from Werdum.

  • Again, who cares. Whoever wins would still not make it in the UFC. Like being crowned the prettiest fat girl.

    • masterless

      @studiokaiser- You sound like an ignorant UFC fanboy or maybe youre just new to MMA. Strikeforce HW’s are some of the top competitors from around the world. Just because you havent heard of them doesnt make them bad fighters. I wouldnt even call them second string. Fighters like Fedor, Overeem, and Antonio Silva would wreck the likes of Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, and Brock Lesnar. Cain/JDS not so much but hopefully you get my point.

  • wonggfan

    You have no idea.

    Every SF tourney participant would be a contender in the UFC, except for Brett Rogers. Sergei, Barnett, BigFoot, Werdum, and Overeem can kill every UFC fighter except for Cain, JDS, Carwin, and Brock.

    Brendan Schaub, Roy Nelson, Rat Rothwell, Cheick Kongo, and other UFC scrubs would get killed like Brett Rogers in the tourney.

    YOu dumbass. Cain/JDS would have looked shitty had Werdum played that game against them. Werdum ruined the fight for Overeem.

    You get easily influenced by fights huh?

  • afk

    what, if anything, SHOULD you be influenced by in the mma game if not fights?

    you base your rankings on twitter chatter or what?

    • wonggfan

      what, if anything, SHOULD you be influenced by in the mma game if not fights?

      fightS…more than one fight….meaning you shouldn’t jump to conclusions after a single incident.

      Werdum killed that fight by pulling Aoki circus. Shouldn’t blame Overeem.

      The tourney is NOT a circus act. However, it will NOT determine #1 fighter, unless Overeem wins the whole thing impressively. If anyone else wins, the more reasonable conclusion is that Overeem was overrated.

  • What is up with these BJJ guys always trying to pullguard? Learn some takedowns. This is mixed martial arts, not a grappling tournament.

    Now we can all be even more sure that Josh Barnett will win this whole thing.

  • br0knhalo

    Having a K-1 Title these days doesn’t mean you are the best striker in MMA. It means you’re the best striker outside of MMA. There are plenty of guys that have much better striking than Overeem in the UFC. It would be like the best QB’s in the NFL going over to Japan for the QB1 Throwing accuracy title. Overeem is decent. In fact, he’s good, but he is light years behind Cain, JDS, Nelson, Shaub, Nogueira, and CroCop. CroCop has 3 wins against Overeem, and overeem has never fought another striker nearly as good as CroCop. You sir, are not even close to the best striker in MMA. Nice try though.

    • masterless

      “he’s good, but he is light years behind Cain, JDS, Nelson, Shaub, Nogueira, and CroCop.”

      WTF is wrong with you fanboys? The guy is an MMA champ who transitioned into K1 and became a fucking K1 champ. Out of all the fighters you mentioned none of them can say they did that. So, technically he can say it because he has the credintials to back it up.

      “CroCop has 3 wins against Overeem, and overeem has never fought another striker nearly as good as CroCop.”

      Crocops 1 MMA fight with Overeem was a No Contest due to groin strikes dumbass. And thats after Overeem was beating the shit outtta him. Get outta here, you have no idea what youre talking about. You are dismissed.

      • wonggfan

        He must be trolling cuz otherwise it’s toooo funny.

        He named Shaub, Nog, and CC as top UFC fighters. LOL! At least get the nuthugging right.

        CC has 3 wins against Overeem??????? Wat??????

        Remember this loser brOkenhalo. Let’s laugh at him!

  • RealmmaFan

    @UFC fan boys.

    Overeem is best striker in mma peroid.
    Whens the last time a mma fighter fought 3 of the best strikers in the world and beat them.. on the SAME DAY……….. its really the ref fault for letting werdum recover on the ground and waste time I mean who wouldnt rather have a lack luster performance than a brutal ko and possible fat hospital bill? and yes the SF tournament where any top level fighter in it can win it I’d say who ever comes outs on top is the 1# HW in the world while Junior Dos Santos or Cain being the 2#

    • jared499


      Don’t you think that your statement is a little arbitrary. Overeem may be the best k-1 striker in MMA, but if you are talking about the best MMA Striker, you probably still have to give that to Anderson Silva. With his combination of standing, Clinch, Cage, and grounds strikes, I would think that he surpasses Overeem. Not to mention that Overeem has more Submissions then KO/TKO’s.

      Also there is no way that whoever comes out of this tourney is the #1 HW in the world. Just look at the contestants:

      Overeem- Highly rated but lacking tough opponents since 2008

      Werdum- Highly rated due to a win versus a declining Fedor(best HW in history, but declining) and a decison against Bigfoot Silva. Plus we can not forget that he was released from the u

      Bigfoot Silva- Highly rated due to wins over Andrei Arlovski (again on a rapid decline) and Fedor (refer to above statement)

      Barnett- Last top fighter he fought was in 2006 since he cant stay off the juice and continue to work

      Fedor – Lets face the reality, Fedor is the greatest fighter ever in MMA, but that was then this is now, now he is a mid-level HW at best and is not goig to do well agaist big HW’s like he use to because now these guys are skilled too. Should and will drop to LHW, to get the remainder out of his career, I want Fedor v Randy at LHW.

      Sergei Kharitonov – Who I personally think will do well in the HW division but again not fighting top-level guys since 2007

      • jared499

        Rodgers – Highly overrated in general, all top level fighters he faced he got destroyed. Only close fight was Fedor and it was not that close.

        Andrei Arlovski – Should retire, he is seriously going to get hurt. Last few fights have been bad KO’s

        Whoever wins this tourney is definately a top HW, don’t get me wrong. But if they transition the winner to the UFC, then I think that they should have to run the same Gauntlet, one fight versus someone on the cusp of title, like Mir or Brock. Peronally I think that a Mir/Overeem fight would be a great match up, Mir has better stand-up then Werdum and in my opinion on the same level JJ, just not using it for some reason lately. Overeem beats Mir, automatic title shot.

  • Cptmats

    Ok two things have been said in here that are absolutely rediculous: #1 Oveream is the best striker in MMA LMAO #2 Mir’s bjj is on the same level as Werdume’s ROFLMAO !

    • jared499


      Ok I agree, in the overall scheme of things, Werdum has better BJJ. What I meant to say was that Mir and Werdum are on the same level of MMA practical BJJ. Meaning if it were a straight up BJJ match, I have no doubt that Werdum would prevail. But in the context of the Octagon, I still fell that Werdum does not use his BJJ as well as some of the other BJJ practioners. If you even say, what about the triangle on Fedor, please Fedor had no defense what so ever and bscially fell into that.

  • omcclave

    Theres one major factor people are missing ans that is overeem is not the same fighter when off ghe juice. Just look how much he thinned out since the k1 and he doesnt have the power or stamina he had in japan. I know there are some good possibly great fighters outside the ufc but until your in the thick of the premier organization you cannot lay claim to top 5 statues.