Strikeforce Post Fight: King Mo Lawal Says His Next Challenge Is To Win and Get Paid

September 11, 2011
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Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal knew he was going to beat Roger Gracie as soon as the ink hit the bout agreement.

The always confident Lawal had to wait more than a year to finally get back in action, but when he did he made the most of it with a first round knockout of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace.

Following the fight, Lawal spoke to and admits that he’s happy with the win, but still disappointed by the amount of attention paid to Strikeforce this week.

Nevertheless, he’s got a paycheck in his pocket and as long as the fights keep coming and the checks don’t bounce, Lawal is happy to fight in Strikeforce or the UFC. He also gives his thoughts on his teammates at AKA also winning on Saturday and pays homage to a pro wrestling legend.

Check out this exclusive one on one interview with King Mo Lawal:

  • Right after he complained about the Strikeforce event not getting hype, you should have asked him his thoughts on Velasquez vs dos Santos on Fox, Lesnar vs Overeem, and the GSP/Diaz/Condit controversy.

  • wonggfan

    @ uncanny390

    What would be the point? To let him know that the departures of Overeem, Diaz, and Hendo indicate the end of SF?

    I think he wants to be in the UFC too. But he is not going to bash on SF or admit that he is fighting in a second league. Pretty much the four legit SF LHWs are Mo, Mousasi, Feijao, and Gracie. (Well, Gracie is probably not one of the top guys anymore but he still has a shot.). And those are enough people to keep him busy for the time being. I only see one or two of them making it to the UFC. So the UFC should try to match those guys up ASAP. Throw Mousasi vs Feijao/Gracie!!!

    The top three in SF is as good as the top 10 in the UFC. Mousasi and King Mo could walk through guys like Tito and maybe Forrest.

  • devine22

    I agree wong i would love to see Mo fight rashad or Rampage! An would love to see Mousasi fight anyone in the UFC!!

  • DesertRat

    If he moves up to the big show- the UFC, he may have to show some class and lose the silly plastic tiara. Burger King may not even take it back now that they have retired their wierd mascot.