Strikeforce Post Fight: Josh Thomson – ‘You Guys Will Never See Me Fight Like That Again’

March 4, 2012
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Josh Thomson Strikeforce

Fighters are generally their own worst critics and despite a win on Saturday, Josh Thomson was highly critical of his own performance.

While he won a clear cut decision over KJ Noons, Thomson says that the tweaks he made to his training camp to stay healthy obviously backfired when it came to his cardio and conditioning.

He also points out adamantly that the fans pay their hard earned money to see a show, and he simply didn’t show up.

Check out what else Thomson had to say after his win in Strikeforce

  • Booker T

    That stupid ref should of stood them up more. KJ would have knocked him out. Ref had money on Josh. Pretty obvious.

  • and now he’s gonna probably get a title shot… what a joke.

    SF #1 contender is a guy that isn’t even ranked in the top 20…

  • maddawgmar

    It was pretty obvious that Thompson didnt want anything to do wit KJ’s stand up. So take him down, fine. But don’t jus lay and pray. The ref dropped the ball the fight should have been stood up like five times. A more experienced ref would have. I gave Rd 2 to Noons for his strikes, cuz Thompson did nothing with his two takedowns.

  • D-rail

    Lessons learned. KJ should learn to be a well rounded fighter then, instead of acting like he’s in a kickboxing tournament every fight. UFC lightweights would school him with their wrestling. He already got a stand up beating from Masvidal, so how is he evolving as a fighter?? I don’t get what he’s trying to do.