Strikeforce One-On-One: Nick Diaz Fights for Money, Not Titles (Video)

April 7, 2011
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Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz isn’t too worried about the gold belt around his waist. He’s fighting Paul Daley because that’s his payday.

Check out the exclusive one-on-one video interview with Diaz just days away from his fight with Paul Daley in Strikeforce

  • BigGuy

    I am absolutely convinced that this guy is a fucking moron! Strikeforce has the best technical and standup fighters??? The idea in itself is ridiculous.

    Now he says he is only fighting for money. That sounds like something someone says when they already know they are beaten.

    I was pulling for Nick in this fight, but every time he opens his idiotic, unintelligent, shit-hole of a mouth I realize what a true idiot this guy is.

    Go Daley! Kick this lisping assholes teeth down his hideous horse-face!

    • opposition13

      I agree with you. Not to mention I never like Nick……He has one of those “I hate his Face” look to him…..and for the icing of the cake, his cockiness is out of line. Especially when he tries to compare himself to GSP and other top fighters. I honestly can care less if he wins or looses….its not going to make me like him any better