Strikeforce Not Immune to Injury Bug, Frank Mir Injured and Out of Daniel Cormier Bout

September 19, 2012
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Frank Mir UFC 107The fight wasn’t slated to take place under the UFC banner, but the UFC injury bug has bitten once again as former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been knocked out of his bout against Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier.

Sources close to the bout confirmed the news to late Tuesday night.

The two were slated to square off in the main event of Strikeforce: Cormier vs. Mir on Nov. 3 in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Strikeforce and the UFC share the same ownership, so it’s no surprise that the injury bug has crawled out of the Octagon on over to Strikeforce cage. It was expected to be the first big crossover fight between the two promotions with Cormier moving over to the UFC after the bout since Strikeforce will be doing away with the heavyweight division.

Cormier (10-0) most recently defeated Josh Barnett in the Grand Prix final back in May. He had been sitting on the sideline, healing up some injuries of his own, before the fight with Mir was announced.

Mir (16-6) also last fought in May, losing via a second-round TKO stoppage at the heavy hands of UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

Mir had been a late replacement for Alistair Overeem when the Dutch fighter was placed on a de facto suspension after displaying an elevated ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone following a surprise drug test at a UFC press conference.

The news of Mir’s injury was first reported by Sports Rage.

Stay tuned to for more Strikeforce news and updates.


  • adice89

    Throw Arlovski in there or Todd Duffee, they both have better hands than Cormier, especially Duffee and hes a brick house who is always motivated. DO IT!

    • Cptmats

      rofl, JDS may have better hand than Cormier and thats a strong maybe, but thats about it for HW’s. Courmier would KO Arlovski and Duffee at the same time !

      • JDS MAY have better hands than Cormier? MAY? You are smoking some kind of fantastic crack

      • dathump

        did you not just reply to my comment below that Cormiers only chance against Hunt would be the mat? Now here you say Cormier could KO every HW except JDS. I dont get it. But i agree that Duffee or Arlovski are not contenders, plus that is counter effective to what Zuffa is trying to do, they are eliminating the strikeforce HW class, and crossing the fighters over. so a fight with a current UFC HW is what they want, not calling back old fighters they long ago got rid if.

  • And just like a brick house adice89, Duffee has no chin.

  • stevemcz11

    its a shame Nelson and Carwin are busy with TUF.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Specifically Carwin would be a great matchup

  • I don’t even know what to say anymore; this is just crazy. A win over Mir would have done a lot of for him. To bad Brock wasn’t around still.

  • Offer the fight to Chael Sonnen.

  • Lesnardo

    Mir is scared!

    He knows that if he loses to DC, his career is over.

    Frank Mir chicken!

    • maddawgmar

      You sir, at every point prove your an idiot. Mir has never turned down a fight because he was scared. The fact that he came back from a career ending injury and still fights at the top level says something about him.

      Put Werdum in for Mir. That is the best fight of the guys that are available.

      • dathump

        I agree, both that Lesnardo is an idiot, and Mir is not scared. Mir’s last fight was for the title vs JDS, so he is a long was from being cut. He has recently faced Lesnar, Carwin, JDS and even Nelson, all of which are more scary than Cormier from a take a beating point of view. It is rare that any fighters from strikeforce live up to the hype once they hit the UFC. (former pride fighters exempt) Cormier should be thankfull, because if he didn’t get past Mir, his career may not have recovered.

      • Lesnardo

        Mir does NOT fight at the TOP level.

        Mir is scared to fight DC.

        • maddawgmar

          Dude your outside your mind. Mir has fought the toughest guys in the world for the last decade, and beat most of them. The only thing you have beaten for that long is your meat. Plus you talk about being afraid then how come your boy Silva can’t fight Weidman.

          • Lesnardo

            fighting top guys and getting arse kicked does not equal fighting AT top level.

            Zulu fought Fedor and Nog. WOW! He must have fought at the top level!!!


  • shaman

    Yes, force him to fight Chael Sonnen, or denounce him for cowardice. Chael is very popular on Twitter

    (Keep Jose Canseco on deck, in case Sonnen gets hurt)

  • phrankthetank

    Well.. He was supposed to fight sylvia, arlovski just ruined Sylvia’s day, I guess let him KO Andrei? Who else is available?

    • Lesnardo

      Dufffee or Sergei Kharitonov.

      I would LOVE to see Sergei vs Duffee.

  • dathump

    Be a good fight for Hunt to step up. Not sure if he is at Cormier’s level, but could prove a good fight for either’s career. good door opener for Cormier, and a huge step up in compitition for Hunt, but shouldn’t be a complete onesided fight.

    • Cptmats

      Kinda a dumb thing to say ! Hunt has been around alot longer than Cormier and is among the very best strikers in the game. Cormiers only chance would be on the matt !

      • dathump

        I should have said Hunt isn’t on Cormiers present hype level. However if Hunt is wanting to make a run for the title, he needs to step his game back up, and a win over Cormier would be a great step, and Cormier needs to win over a good UFC fighter to make the jump over.

  • I really wanted to see Mir fight……… damn injuries

  • bajafox

    That sucks, I was actually going to order Showtime for this fight

  • i honestly think frank mir can finish DC, **** me, right?

  • jryan

    they should put in Travis Browne..good step up fight for both fighters..if not Kongo would be nice too

  • julianmoran

    Cormier is Cain Velaskes´s wrestling coach. Maybe the best wretler in mma, as well as a dangerous striker.
    Do not underestimate him.

  • Mario

    Why even look forward to fights anymore.

    This is bad for the sport. VERY bad. If this keeps up, people are going to lose interest in MMA.

    • Booker T


      • KBEsq

        Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they should implement ‘show’ bonuses if you make your originally scheduled fight day. Maybe a 15-20% bonus, so it’s nothing to scoff at.

        I’m trying to encourage fighters fighting hurt, but I think the bonus would encourage fighters to train safer so they don’t get hurt in the first place.

  • BlackDog2009

    I would get injured too if I knew I would be facing Cormier. Good move Mir. Cormier was going to make you look really bad.

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s kind of strange. It seems nowadays if a guy makes a good run outside of the UFC he gets more hype from fans than the guys in the UFC. DC is getting love like jake sheilds did.
    Nothing wrong with being a fan of all the promotions, it just seems like there’s unjust love for the guys elsewhere.
    We really have people saying they’re not sure if junior has better hands than DC? Really? Daniels real strength isn’t his striking, so I guess he might be god if his weakest trait is stronger than the UFC Champion’s strongest trait.

    • BlackDog2009

      The DC love is warranted. Came out of nowhere, substitute fighter for the Strikforce HW Grand Prix, comes in and KNOCKS OUT! the guy that defeated Fedor and then dismantles Josh Barnett one of the most accomplished HWs out there. DC looks better than Cain Velazques and he trains Velazques in wrestling!!

      I don’t know if he’s better than JDS but the argument could be made, JDS was able to put away the likes of Nelson or Carwin. Just saying.

      • dathump

        I am not knocking Cormier, but I agree that the hype is a little early. Barnett, Bigfoot, and Monson are good wins, but not great ones when it comes to the level of compitition in the UFC. It may be other stikefoce fighters have ruined it for me by not performing up to the hype. I wanted to see ho he did against Mir, he’s a great test. If the hype is warranted, he should walk through Mir, but Mir is also a dangerous fight for him.

        • Lesnardo

          You just gotta be realistic about the UFC. UFC doesn’t only have top fighters. it’s a mix. Each division has a champ, and a few contenders, and a number of gate-keepers, stepping stones, journeymen, and tomato cans.

          Dave Herman is better than Josh Barnett since Herman fights in the UFC?

          • dathump

            Yea, but most hyped “top contenders” coming out of strikeforce or bellator end up being gate-keepers and journeymen. I am not saying DC can’t be a top contender in the UFC, I am just saying I won’t believe the hype until he wins a couple in the UFC. If you were saying Cormier is a great up and coming prospect, I agree. but to read people write that he would walk through all but JDS seems a little pre mature, but a win over Werdum, nelson, carwin, overeem would propel him there pretty quick, even a win over Mir would have helped his crossover alot.

    • Lesnardo

      DC beat two good guys at SF though. Assuming that those wins were not a fluke, he should have no problem beating Frank Mir.

      JDS is on a different level, I think. He would be too quick for Cormier to catch.

  • I heard Tim Sylvia could replace Mir, I hope not. Sylvia got destroyed by Arlovski last month. Maybe a Fabricio Werdum or Mark Hunt fight would be entertaining. Of course, the all time favorite, Fedor comes out of retirement to fight Cormier.

  • Booker T

    Maybe Sonnen and Cormier can meet at a catch weight of 215.

    • KBEsq

      Why not? Sonnen wants to fight, and he walks around at 230. When you consider that Cormier is short, and some of his weight is fat, they aren’t ridiculously far off.