Brett Rogers Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence; Released from Strikeforce

June 30, 2011
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Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers has been arrested and charged with assault in the third degree, domestic assault by strangulation, and pattern of stalking conduct after assaulting his wife in their Minnesota home on Wednesday.

UFC president Dana White, following the UFC 132 pre-fight press conference, confirmed  that Brett Rogers has been released from his contract with Strikeforce after being arrested and charged.

“Brett Rogers was cut immediately, he’s done,” White said.

A report from states that Rogers was arrested after he reportedly punched his wife repeatedly, strangled her, and she lost a tooth and had a golf ball sized wound on her face.

Apparently his wife blacked out from the strangulation and their daughters were in the home and tried to separate the two from fighting, which resulted in Rogers also being charged with a gross misdemeanor for child endangerment.

The other three charges levied on Rogers are felonies in Dakota County, Minnesota.

Rogers stated when arrested that he had been drinking before the argument that led to the arrest broke out.

According to the police report, Rogers’ children tried to keep their parents from fighting after witnessing their father push their mother. Their elder daughter stated that Rogers had struck her mother in the past, and also struck the children as well.

Bail was set at $100,000 with conditions and he is set to appear back in court on Friday.

(UPDATED on June 30 at 5:15 p.m. ET to note that Strikeforce terminated Rogers’ contract.)

  • Send Josh Barnett over there. This guy needs another beating

  • armendo420

    hitting ur wife and kids? really? what a peice of shit!!!! i hope someone kicks the shit right out of that fat bastard over this if it is true!!

  • lowki

    As a fighter myself… i kind of feel for rogers.. I’m not condoning what he did was right. many people have there inner demons it sucks that he fell into his. but after losing that many times.. can really hurt a person’s spirit.. no one like losing.. a person in real life that compete should know. If i was in roger’s shoes losing to fedor, barnett, and overeem theres no shame. it sad to see people on here making fun of the guy he won’t be known as a pretty decent fighter but now as a wife beater.

    man i feel bad for doing this but this picture made me Lol.. wiki is trying to be funny here.. but it made me Lol. you guys should look at this.

    • wonggfan

      I am not a fighter myself but I can completely understand Rogers, although I can’t agree with what he did.

      I’ve said this over and over but SF threw Rogers in the fire. His down fall started when he KOed Arlovski. Several websites started ranking him in the top 10, he immediately got a shot at Fedor, and SF gave him a ton of money for taking that fight. He took that money and bought a house.

      But everyone knew that SF was fattening this guy to use as a sacrificial lamb. I don’t think the loss to Fedor psychologically damaged this guy. But his pwnage to Alistair and more recently to Barnett definitely made him realize that he will NEVER (no matter how hard he trains) be able to compete at the top of the game. At best he is a gate-keeper.

      And his wife looks like one of those sistas that won’t back away from a fight, a real fiesty one with an authority trip working at the post office.

      Brett, I feel for you man. But you can’t just take it out on your wife! You have to plan ahead. Take that $100k you got from the Fedor fight and go buy a small liquor store. Fight 3 times a year, take the money and get something for yourself. Don’t waste it on your wife/kids/bling-bling!!!

  • somecokehead

    That is some funny stuff. I don’t think you can come down too hard on a wife, kid and alcohol abuser. I mean, does this entitle a drunken Arlovski to beat up some handicap people to gain his confidence back. Nope. Maybe he will enjoy his time out and have more respect in the future

  • Prodigy815

    No excuse for hitting women and children,should send Fedor there to hit him again

  • judo johnson

    he needs his arms removed from his body, what a jerk

  • wonggfan

    A lot of MMA fighters/WWE wrestlers/pro boxers have anger issues.

    I don’t agree with Brett. But his wife does seem like a “sista.”

    Imagine this. After the AA fight, fame got to Brett Rogers’s head. And justfiably so. He KOed a former UFC champ and now has a fight against the last emperor himself. Being a hip-hop generation thug fighter, I am sure Brett Rogers thought he “made it.” So he took that money from the Fedor fight and bought himself a house worth $250k (downpaying his entire fight purse of $100k).

    Now his mortgage payments are due. He has to pay taxes on his house. He has bills to pay. He just bought his baby mama a Yukon XL. He bought himself gold mista T chain.

    And then he gets destroyed silly by the Reem and Barnett. Now he knows that SF beefed him up and used him as a sacrificial lamb.

    So after that embarassing Barnett fight (which was really one-sided and made Rogers look amateur), Brett is having a bottle of Jack Daniels. His wife comes in and says, “Buck! When are you gonna quit that MMgay bullshit and get a real job! You can’t even feed your own family you n*gga! We got bills to pay! The IRS called yesterday again! Get your drunk ass off that table and go find yourself a job at Sam’s Club. I told you when you got into this shit that you are going down the wrong path. And look at you. You let that white boy whoop your ass!”

  • Mario

    Damn. Too bad for Rogers. I mean, yeah what he did was wrong, but the guy HAS had it rough as of recent. He’s basically lost 3 fights, not in a row, but to top guys that he clearly couldn’t compete against. All them loses probably had Brett feeling down.

    Still, no excuse for hitting his ghetto ass wife. No matter how annoying that biatch is!

    Oh, and the wiki thing, hilarious. LOL

    • wonggfan

      I said this back in 2009 when Fedor beat Rogers. I told people that Rogers has been used as a stepping stone.

      Then he got used again as a stepping stone against the Reem but this time he was really stepped on.

      So imagine this. His fight against Fedor (in Rogers’s mind) was the fight to determine the #1 HW fighter in the world. He went from a #1 contender to being exposed.

      But what’s done is done. He beat his wife. And that is illegal even in his hood. So off to jail Brett! Maybe we will see you in the next Felony Fight Video on youtube!

  • Cptmats

    LOL Good for him ! he was due for a big win !

  • BigGuy

    As a fighter, a father, and a human being, I say lock up this scumbag pile of shit! Anyone that can “feel” for this guy is an asshole too! Only a bunch of sister-fucking hillbillies would try to make excuses for beating a woman, let alone the mother of your children…IN FRONT OF THOSE CHILDREN!!! Holy shit!

    • ShockednAwed

      Right on the money, BigGuy! 😀

    • wonggfan

      As a fighter, a father, and a humanbeing, I look down on any hillbilly that jump to conclusions so easily.

      No one here “feels” for Brett’s domestic violence. I “feel” for how his MMA career unfolded. He was used as a sacrificial lamb by SF.

      Obviously, the subtle nuance described above is too complex for a big guy like you to comprehend.

      For some reasons I have a feeling BigGuy is a blue-collar white dude in his 30’s with little or no college education.