Strikeforce Cancels Show After Gilbert Melendez Suffers Training Injury

September 24, 2012
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Gilbert Melendez Strikeforce
The injury bug has now claimed Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, which has led to the promotion canceling Saturday night’s event that was scheduled to air on Showtime from Sacramento.

According to Strikeforce officials, Melendez suffered a training injury that forced him out of his bout with Pat Healy this Saturday night, and Showtime officials opted not to air the remaining portion of the card without the main event in tact.

“When Showtime informed us that it would not be airing the event, we made the difficult decision to cancel Saturday’s card in Sacramento,” Strikeforce CEO Coker said in a press release issued late Sunday night.

“Without a television partner, we simply could not move forward with this event. We wish Gilbert a speedy recovery and will work diligently and quickly to reschedule the fighters affected by this news on upcoming cards.”

The cancellation of the card marks the second Zuffa owned show scrapped in the past month due to injuries.

UFC 151 was cancelled prior to its scheduled Sept 1 date when Dan Henderson suffered an injury, and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones did not accept a late notice replacement fight against Chael Sonnen.

It appears in this case with Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez suffering the injury, there was no secondary option for the promotion to plug in as a new main event.

Refunds for tickets will be given at the point of sale according to Strikeforce officials. will have more information on this cancellation as well as the fighters affected in the coming days.

  • Mario



  • Strikforce has been dead for 2 years now a part the HWGP nothing worth seeing maybe women MMA is having a boom but a part that nothing.

    • Obarmarama

      Yeah, the women’s division is the only good aspect of strikeforce right now, because it is the most elite out of all female fighting forums and you have rousey, Tate and roidborg. The plan was blatantly to wind STRIKEFORCE down, that is clear to see by the fact that the UFC not only took down the HW division (the only SF division that really rivalled the UFC’s roster) but also took the stars of other weight divisions (Nick Diaz, Hendo). Any fight fan can see this. However some dumb ass on the SHowtime team thought he was making a good deal by making a deal with SF based on the stipulation that Melendez has to stay with SF. Poor Melendez is stuck in a division nobody cares about with no relevant competitors and he is a potential number 1 Light weight. The only losers out of the ZUFFA purchase were Showtime and poor Melendez. Showtime got lucky that the beast Ronda Rousey came along and drew big numbers. Now that Melendez pulls out of a fight, Showtime pull out (I think they were waiting for an excuse- Melendez is big but he’s no Anderson Silva, GSP, or Jones- the show could have gone on. I wasn’t even going to download this card for free because it sucked top to bottom in terms of relevance. I presume anyone going to buy it just likes to watch fighting, and would have still watched without Melendez). Anyway, Strikeforce was great, loved the match ups, Fedor, the HW division, any Diaz fight, what they did for womens mma, the commentary shits on the douchey commentary of those annoying UFC pricks Rogan and Goldberg, but sadly it is pathetic to keep it going just because they’ve duped some idiot in Showtime. The women should move to Invicta. Time for a new mma outfit to come in, hire Shamrock and Ronello as commentators, get a tv deal and win the fans over by not selling out like the UFC or treating it’s fighters like livestock (a la UFC).

      • adam1848

        funny, I think Rogan is by far the best commentator in the business and can’t stand Ronello or Shamrock. different strokes for different folks, i guess.

        • triangle choke

          Amen brother. I absolutley cannot stand Ronello as a commentator. He is such a dork. Thank GOD, at least Shamrock “FINALLY” got his braces off after it seemed like 5 years.
          FYI Joe Rogan is outstanding as a commentator. He holds 2 black belts in BJJ and really helps the newer fans understand whats going on.

      • clizzark

        You have to be on some heavy, heavy drugs to think they have better commentating. Shamrock and Ranallo are awful.

      • Ranallo is god awful. I would rather listen to Gilbert Gottfried and Wanda Sykes call the fights than him.

    • BlackDog2009

      Shut the *&^^ up!!! I’ve been watching Strikeforce for the past three years so what the fck are you talking about? Reem vs Werdum, Diaz vs Daley, Rousey vs Tate, Rousey vs Kaufman, Tate vs Kedzie, Melendez vs Thompson III, Hendo vs Feijao, Hendo vs Fedor, Fedor vs Rogers, FEdor vs Bigfoot, Cormier vs Bigfoot, Cormier vs Barnett, Shields vs Hendo, Rockhold vs Kennedy, King Moe vs Mousasi, Mousasi vs Jardine, Larkin vs King Moe, Diaz vs Santos, and countless other great fights have been done by Strikeforce. Get your head out of your a$$ retard. This isn’t about STrikeforce it’s about the ‘injury crisis’ MMA is going thru right now, specifically those under Zuffa employ.

      • Cptmats

        “The injury crisis” lol
        More like the Insurance fraud epidemic !

  • This is worse than the UFC cancellation because at least they had plenty of upcoming events to shuffle the fights to. Strikeforce holds events less often than pre-Zuffa UFC. The undercard fighters are screwed.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Gotta stack the cards so this does not happen any more!

  • I don’t understand, there was really no other main event they could have put together to keep the card running? I know Gilbert is one of their biggest names there and he would have been the big draw for the event but all these guys just lost out. I wonder how this affects their sponsorship deals.

  • phrankthetank

    That really sucks for every fighter on the roster, they already have too many fighters and not enough events. Cancelling an event makes it even more congested.

  • shakejunt

    wait, you mean this won’t somehow be blamed on jon jones?

    • BlackDog2009

      you’re right, it’s Jones fault

  • triangle choke

    Is that picture above the pic of Gilberts training injury? If it is than I believe he got his ass beat in a street fight and is acting like it was a training injury. A training injury would be a bummed knee or ankle or back injury. That looks like a “GRADE A ASS WHOOPING” to me. What do you guys think?

    • somecokehead

      Triangle choke I think you are a moron. Your comment is dumb and the CAPS make you look like a 12 year old.

      • Ememay

        I won’t say what your username makes you look like.

        I thought the same thing, too: how did he get injured like that in training? That’s the result of more than a few well placed strikes.

        • clizzark

          He has a separated shoulder.

          If Showtime doesn’t want to use the fighters, then they should be able to be used for the undercard of a UFC event.

      • triangle choke

        How does me questioning the nature of his injury make me a moron? Let’s take a moment and start with your screen name. Do you ever expect any of us to take you seriously? And then your comment which involved 3 opinions. NONE of which answered my previous question. Again, very immature. Here’s some advice. Log on with a new screen name, and start making adult comments that actually have something to do with the topic at hand.

        • somecokehead

          Actually pecker choker I like my name. It is what many of you sound like to me. I take maybe 5% of these comments seriously, so none of yours. Most of you really have no clue as to what is going on period. So for you to understand anything at all in its entirerty would be a rare instance. Why should my name have anything to do with my comment anyway? You are so ‘adult’. Why don’t you just stop making comments. You are embarrassing yourself.

  • onehitwonder

    yeah, i like Pepsi better then coke anyhow.

    • somecokehead

      better ‘than’ coke. grade 3 english

  • omcclave

    They should make.strikeforce into a k1 promotion. I would love to see America become exposed to k1 style kickboxing. They are stacked with talent world wide. You could have shows world wide and do a reality tv show on showtime much like the contender and tuf. Scott Coker use to run k1 America so he knows the game. Most importantly they could get the BEST ANNOUNCER IN THE WORLD MICHAEL SHIVELLO L!!!!