Strikeforce Barnett vs Cormier: What a Difference a Year Made for Daniel Cormier (Post Video)

May 20, 2012
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Daniel Cormier StrikeforceDaniel Cormier fought the fight of his life on Saturday night at Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Cormier, fighting a fighter that a year ago he didn’t think that he could probably beat.

What a difference that year made for the former Olympian.

Following his win over Josh Barnett, Cormier spoke with the meida about what carried him to victory and what it means to be the first and only Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion.

Check out’s Daniel Cormier video below…

  • Maine2Alaska

    good fight. was impressed seeing them do 5 rounds.

  • usmahofwebmaster

    It’s a remarkable step for DC. Like to see him fight with Matt Mitrione when he goes over to the UFC.

    • Mario

      Matt Mitrione?

      He just beat Josh Barnett, a top 5 Heavyweight.

      Why should he go back to the bottom? LOL

  • MaritalArtist

    Yeah, maybe someone slightly better than Mitrione. Although people are saying Big Country. Those 2 guys are about the same level, no?

  • The question nobody is asking is will he and Cain Velaszquez fight??? They are both going to be contenders and they both want the title. The past few years the AKA guys would not fight each other but I am wondering what happens when Dana dangles the money in front of them…….

    • Lesnardo

      Only MMA nuthuggers watch MMA for the drama side of the game. UFC is not the jersey shore. we don’t ask if Overeem will hook up with Arianny or will Dana and Chael ever be tennis buddies.

  • markrenton

    Really impressive win for a guy that had his first pro fight under 3 years ago.

    The AKA boys are pretty tight so I can’t see DC fighting Cain unless its for a title shot, similar to a Jon Fitch and Koscheck situation. I’m thinking Werdum, possibly Nelson if he wins big this weekend. Barnett is a bad dude and DC took it to him for 5 rounds.

  • alhmiel

    Daniel is refreshing and a true champion. great job and a role model.