Strikeforce Barnett vs. Cormier Official Scorecards: You Scored it How?

May 20, 2012
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  • One judge gave the 5th to Barnett? I could maybe see giving Barnett rd 1 because of that damaging knee he landed toward the end of the round, but the 5th?

    For the Melendez – Thomson fight I scored the first 3 for Gilbert and the 4th and 5th for Josh.

    Good night of fights.

  • sc_c6db7c34fa0b007eee176072a198667f

    I agree with the judge who gave the 5th to Barnett and his 49-46 score. Cormier knew he was ahead in the 5th so he backed away and danced around and let Barnett do more of the striking. In the last 5 seconds of his win Cormier turned his back and ran like a sissy so make sure he did not get caught with a last second punch, and to me that very slightly tarnishes the victory, as a 49-46 score would indicate. Anyway, Cormier had skills that were tough for Barnett to match, but Cormier is 5’11 with a beer gut and I just don’t see him as a likely great champion in the UFC.

    • phrankthetank

      he beat Barnett decisively, how can you not give him his due?

  • 49-46 is correct. Cormier played the 5th smart and stayed out of any potentially trouble but lost the round as a consequence.