Stop Her If You Can: Is Ronda Rousey the Babe Ruth of MMA?

February 20, 2013
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Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman - StrikeforceStop her if you can.

That seems to be the theme that has formulated around UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey each time a fight draws near.

And it’s not without just cause.

Rousey has made six trips to the cage as a professional. And six times she has walked out of the cage following a first-round armbar finish of her opponent. You have to go back to her amateur bouts where, oh, wait, she won all three of her amateur bouts by way of armbar submission as well.

Nine for nine, all by armbar.

If that weren’t stunning enough – and it’s almost unheard of in the combat sports world – Rousey has logged a whopping nine minutes and 23 seconds of fight … in total … for those nine bouts.

Only her fight with Miesha Tate lasted more than a minute. She finished that fight at the 4:27 mark.

Could she be the Anderson Silva of the women’s side of mixed martial arts?

Perhaps, but Ultimate Fighter coach Chael Sonnen likens her more to baseball great Babe Ruth, who famously pointed to the center field seats at Wrigley Field during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series then proceeded to hit a home run – to center field – with his next swing of the bat.

“Ronda Rousey reminds me of an old-school baseball player where she comes out to the mound and points to where she wants to put the ball and that’s what she does with the armbar,” Sonnen noted on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

“She doesn’t hide her strategy. She doesn’t lock cameras out of her training sessions. She says come and look at it, I’m going for the armbar, I’m going to get it, and (nine) straight times she has.”

Rousey, at least in her professional fight career, has never been accused of a lack of confidence. She’s often outspoken, brutally honest, and doesn’t doubt her own abilities, but she doesn’t necessarily go as far as Sonnen in proclaiming that her armbar streak will continue.

She has no doubt that she’ll win; it’s just that there may come a time when the armbar isn’t the weapon available.

“I’m going to win, but I don’t know how,” Rousey commented, also on UFC Tonight. “I don’t have a game plan. We just have some ideas for the first exchanges.”

Count that as her version of modesty… because that’s about all you’re going to get. And who can argue with such a remarkable record of finishes?

In the end, however, Rousey has the mentality of a champion, to win, but win in whatever fashion presents itself.

“I’m interested in winning as quickly and efficiently as possible,” she declared. “If that’s through striking and that’s the first opportunity, then I’m going to go there, but if I see the first opportunity on the ground then I’m going to go there.

“It’s not like I walk in planning an arm bar because I want to have a legacy.”

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(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Strikeforce)

  • Comparing her to Anderson Silva and Babe Ruth just shows your ignorance. Both of those people could do more than one thing.
    She’s a joke.

    • jimbo

      Dude just because your irrelevant in the MMA world you shouldn’t be jealous dog. She probably would armbar you collect the cash and laugh at your ignorant comment fool

  • ogrpo

    Babe? No. Ruth? Maybe.

  • WHAT?!

    This is a real article? or a joke?

    • RondaKenPish

      It is a piece of writing purportedly published as a real article, the substance of which is garbage. If Ken Pishna genuinely considered this as an article, I really feel bad for him and anyone who has to work with him. The guy can’t write and he is making a living off of writing. If Ken Pishna, however, wrote this as a joke (that is, intentionally trying to be humorous, facetious, satirical or comical) then he obviously didn’t do a good job.

      From reading Ken Pishna’s previous articles and other articles written by his co-workers, I would have to say, unfortunately, that this was meant to be a real article.

      FYI, Sherdog has better writers.

  • kennybro

    why is this an article?

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    is this even real? ronda has skills but shes no where close in her career to ever be compared to a babe ruth type character…TBH, it wouldnt shock me if carmouche beats her…ronda is getting far too much hype for her skill set and carmouch is being automatically counted out in this fight…never a smart move…the hype is far exceeding the actual skills proven in the cage…no reason ronda should be a 14-1 favorite…hype has def taken over…

  • Ken Pishna wrote it. No wonder it lacks substance. Ronda is more comparable to Royce Gracie in that she is facing competition that just hasn’t caught up yet, she is driving the evolution of the sport and she will start to appear to be more human as she faces girls that aren’t starstruck by her reputation and are better prepared to defend her judo.I give two years and Ronda will be just another name that slipped into mediocrity.

    • RondaKenPish

      Only reason why I come to this website is because of the rankings and ability to post comments easily.

      The articles here are mostly garbage. Ken Pishna and Damon Martin are two of the worst writers in journalism. In fact, I wouldn’t even call these two journalists. They are, for a lack of a better term, groupies. They write blogs all day on a topic they are obsessed with.


      • You know that Pishna reads these comments and thinks to himself “I get paid though and I’m laughing at these opinionated punks all the way to the bank”. Good for him but his “journalism”(loose usage of that word) is still less than mediocre and I laugh at that daily. Also, as mma continues to grow, the likes of Pishna and company will fade away as more professional journalists become involved .

  • Sir_Roy

    Damn … UFC is marketing Ronda more than Silva & GSP combined.

    Despite pioneering women’s MMA in the UFC , she’s done little of yet to deserve such treatment. She’s wearing a paper belt. Let’s see her defend it once or thrice first. Once done, then we can bestow accolades and call her a true champion of women’s MMA.

  • Cornbred

    They needed to get that cyborg fight to happen… She wins, great, she loses and it sets up a gigantic rematch. But Tito went and f****d it all up.

    • bajafox

      All Tito did was present the offer the UFC made to Cyborg, she denied it. Explain to me how this is Tito’s fault? lol

  • rapidfire

    the writer of this article is really an imbecile.
    not sure if he’s serious about the heading or just being a provocative.
    maybe one day ronday will be remembered as one of the greatest. but in the meantime, let’s watch how she does first few years instead of all these super hypes surrounding her.

    • RondaKenPish

      FYI, Ken Pishna, the writer of this article, and Damon Martin, another MMAweekly writer, are two of the worst writers you will ever see.

      Damon Martin writes like a 7th grader. He doesn’t have a solid grasp on English grammar. You know what? I am not even going to waste my time teaching these two clowns what they are doing wrong in terms of writing.

      One of them writes as if he is high 24/7 and the other writes garbage like this article.

  • bajafox

    The more they promote and hype her up the more and more I’m starting to root for Liz.

  • RondaKenPish

    Another “article” by Ken Pishna that lacks substance.

    First MMAweekly writes an article on how Ronda is not the reason for the creation of the women’s division in UFC.

    Then, an article on how Ronda thinks it is because of her “looks” that she is popular. Ronda may not be hideous but she is not hot. I am sorry. Sharapova is hot. Alex Morgan is hot. Ronda is not hot. She is hot for an MMA fighter.

    Then finally this article, the thesis of which is that Ronda is ??? humble???? Babe Ruth of MMA???? An apology from MMAweekly for the earlier two articles that could be viewed as not good for Ronda??? WTH Kenny boy.

  • Amanda Martinez

    I don’t think anybody can say if she isn’t close to those atheletes. How could you? She has olympic level skill, and skill is not the same as physical power. Could she hit a ball as far as the Babe? Of course not, she’s a 135lb woman, but her skill in fighting matches any great athelete. Look at what Royce did back in the day, Ronda is doing it with more ease.

    I mean if people don’t want to watch her, no problem, I personally don’t watch the 125lb guys because there’s not as many knockouts and not as deep of a roster. Ronda on the other hand finishes w/subs, and according to Lucia Rijker, she can knock people out too. It’s kind of like football. I personally have no interest in it, I only ever watch the huge hits, but I don’t run my mouth to have it shut down.

    Lastly, MMA is not a man’s sport, (this is coming from a man), woman have been fighting for millennia. Don’t take one sliver of time that we live in and define what a gender should be, if a woman can kick some butt why not let her?. There is a part of me that is protective towards woman yes, and I am glad that woman don’t have the power of JDS, but we shouldn’t let our emotions bully others. It wasn’t long ago that people were saying men’s MMA was brutal and wrong. How short the memories of some are.

  • T Johnson

    Babe Ruth?……MMA Weekly!, you should no better than to make that comparison or even print that as a headline…….Women, although may be entertaining in their own realm, will not deliver highlight reel knockouts, legendary slams or, bloodbaths where the opponent shows all the heart in the world that they are not ready to quit……Why? #1 Women at 135 lb deliver less power than men at 135lb and you RARELY see a KO at the lightweight division. #2 I have yet to see any women be caught in a triangle choke and say, NO NO, and pick them over their head and slam them A LA Rampage. # 3 The ref will stop the fight before it gets too much for the fans to endure………So, do women have talent? Heck yes….Can they do what men do? Sort of……..Will it be entertaining? Yeah, it can be……….Will it be worth paying $60.00 to see women fight as a headliner? Absolutely not, not unless they have 2 GREAT fights below them.